Chapter 1 of Finding Raw Love

(AN: This was originally posted on Kinley's page, but we decided to take it down and do some modifications to the story. Hope you like it! ~ Krista and Kinley)

Co Written by Krista Hardy & Kinley Orton

Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy

Beth Hardy (Jeff's wife)

Gilbert Hardy

Kinley Hardy

Krista Hardy

Randy Orton

John Cena

Many more to come

Being the younger sisters of the Hardy Boyz wasn't easy. How will Matt and Jeff adjust to having them on the road with them will the girls frind they belong or not. Will they also find love?


Matt and Jeff's Thoughts and Relfections

As the age of four I was happy to just have a little brother but now adding a sister to the mix so not what I wanted. Kinley Renee Hardy was now here and stuck in my life, I didn't want a sister only a brother. I have my best friend and a tag along as the years go by. Jeff and I are always together but thats what brother are to be close friends. Now we have Kinley who tags along everywhere and always in the way. Mom and Dad were killing us here with one little sister but now bringing home another one to the family so not fair and it doesn't help any its a girl. Krista Marie Hardy.


This isn't fair by far we just lost our mom to cancer and she fought the battle hard but lost in the end. Before mom died she talked to Jeff and I and made the two of us promise to always take care of each other and our little sisters, who we have grown to love. We both made the promise to love our sisters and always protect them.


We finally made our dreams come true. Jeff and I are in the WWE doing what we love wrestling. Walking into the crowded arena night after night doing our thing either as a tag team or singles we love it. The arena full of screaming fans is a total rush. We did it.


Kinley's POV in third person

Kinley was waking up alone and it sucks to no end. Having one of the worst dreams and sitting up in bed only to have your big brother come in to comfort you and finally gets you back to sleep and you wake up alone the ass could have stayed and been here when waking up. Kinley rolls over to find her smokes and they are gone. They were right there on the night stand but they weren't there now Jeff was the only other person who smoked and it was him.

"Jeffrey Nero your dead" Kinley yelled "Where did they go?"

"Looking for these?" Jeff asked "Sorry had to have one"

"Put them back you ass. Hiding them from Matt is hard enough" Kinley told him and she smirked in his direction

"I know doll I know" Jeff told her "You should quit"

"Only if you do" Kinley responded.

"Not going to happen anytime soon" Jeff told her

"Same here" Kinley told him and stuck her tounge out at him

"That was lady like Kinley" Gil told his oldest daughter as he stood in the door way to her bedroom "I think you both should quit its not healthy"

"We know dad we know" Jeff and Kinley stated together

"Are you home for long Jeff?" Gil asked as he sat down next to him on Kinley's bed

"Only for the weekend dad. I leave again on Sunday hoping to take doll here with me" Jeff said as he looked at Kinley who knew the plan and it was also her return after being out nearly for 8 weeks after her wreck.

"I'm going hello I can't standing being gone from the ring for all that long...although it will suck not being able to wrestle" Kinley stated and stood up and laughed at Jeff who was giving her a look.

"You had better keep any eye on her young man" Gil told his son and stood up and hugged Kinley "Stay safe and don't get hurt again darlin"

"You know what sucks Jeff" Kinely stated

"Whats that doll?" Jeff questioned

"You and Matty not being on the same brand is what sucks along with Krista and I not being on the same brand" Kinley stated

"Do you really think that Vince will let all four of us Hardy's on the same team honey?" Jeff asked and Kinely thought for a minute and shook her head no to the question pending

As Jeff left her room so she could pack she was thinking about the Red Team and how much fun she had on it. The Blue team was great but nothing like the red team. She had more family on the red team and all she loved being able to travel and also get intot he modeling shoots she was doing and all that fun stuff. As she was packing her clothes she was also texting back and forth with a close friend of hers on the red team

I hear your coming back honey RKO

You know it babe I can't wait to be back KRH

I bet doll see ya tomorrow night text me when you get in love and miss ya RKO

I can do that rooming alone thank god JNH is about to drive me nuts love and miss ya too KRH

Ah I'm sorry baby see ya when you get in RKO

Jeff didn't think that anything would happen on this tour with Kinley besides being thrown into a huge storyline that he knew some of the basics on but that was it. It wasn't till a few years back when the girls traveled with Matt and Jeff and they found out they loved this life style of never being home and being able to travel and all. The boys then trained the girls and they then trained at OVW for the last two years and both Kinley and Krista loved being gone and wrestling they both dominated in the ring as either tag team or singles and loved it. Krista went back to school to finish her nursing degree while Kinley pushed her body to the extereme with training and then becoming a model in the process and in the end she ended up injured pretty bad when she was in a major wreck and had to have her left knee completely reconstructed.

Flashback to 6 weeks ago

Kinley and Randy Orton just arrived back in Raliegh after being gone from home for nearly 6 weeks straight and between working with wrestling and modeling she had been pretty busy but she loved it. It was raining hard when she arrived in Raliegh and down right pouring out when she pulled out of the airport. She nursed it the first few minutes out of the airport and out of the city but by the time she was on the outskirts of town the rain had slowed down to a drizzle. Randy was following her home as they were spending some time together before the next tour started. He had his own rental car and followed Kinley out of the airport as he was staying at her apartment.

Kinley didn't see it coming but was it on the drivers side by another car which sent her spining and by the time she stopped spinning she was knocked out cold by the force of the impact. Kinley was just happy to be alive and able to walk again. Since Randy was behind her he saw everything and thought his world ended when he saw the love of his life spinning like that and not moving as he ran to check on her in the rain he had tears streaming down his face as he called 911 and followed them after pulling Kinley out of her car to the hospital. Gil was thankful to Randy for what he had done. Jeff was so upset he was clinging to his wife and Matt was holding Krista who was in tears and shaking. Randy was able to stay with Kinley that night in the hospital and stay by her side for the few days she was in trying to recover but no sooner did Matt ask why he was there shit hit the fan and he was gone due to Matt threating to expose him to his wife...

After being in rehab for nearly 4 weeks she was happy be walking under her own will and no brace she had pushed herself hard to be where she is today with no brace but when she traveled she took her brace incase her knee would give her problems. She couldn't wait to be back in the ring where she belonged.

Sunday Morning

"Would you hurry it up Kinley" Jeff yelled as normal he was waiting on someone and this time it wasn't Matt for once

"Oh hold on" Kinley yelled back

"No I don't want to miss my flight and I dont' think you want to either now get the lead out and lets go" Jeff stated from the doorway to his sister bedroom

"Fine I'm ready bye Daddy see ya when we get back and yes I know stay out of trouble" Kinley said to spare him the talk that he usually gave when she left with Jeff to go out on tour.

As their flight took off Kinley quickly fell asleep and all and Jeff while his sister was sleeping he read and finally began to draw for a while before having to wake her up before landing.

"I hate flying Jeffro" Kinley stated as they walked down to grab their luggage

"I know babygirl but we have to" Jeff told her and hugged her

After getting to their hotel in downtown Houston and after getting checked in and settled Kinley needed to go and smoke and to clear her head after telling Jeff that she was going on a walk she was happy to be out of the hotel and all. After walking across to the park she finaly lit a smoke.

"Hey Cody" Kinley stated

"Bout time you came back. I have missed you" Cody told her

"I bet. Who do we have here? Hi Elena" Kinley stated while hugging Cody

"We have our daughter Riley with us this time" Cody said as he pulled Elena into his arms and held her

"Well its finally nice to meet you Miss Riley how are you?" Kinley asked as she bent down to her level and hugged her and Riley just smiled and hugged her back. "How long are you here for Elena?"

"Just this week honey we should do lunch is Krista with?" Elena asked

"Nope just Jeff and I" Kinley stated

"Oh well I will get your number from Cody and all and I will call you hows that and we can go from there" Elena stated and hugged Kinley

"Thats fine with me see you three later" Kinley stated and turned on her heel and walked out of the park and down the street.

"You are one hard person to keep track of you know that Kinley?" Randy stated

"I know that honey." Kinley stated "I always have been or are you now just learning that?"

"Smartass" Randy stated "come here honey I have missed you so much l love you" as he wrapped his arms around Kinley and held her

"I have missed you too I love you too Randy" Kinley stated and allowed Randy to have his arms around her and titled her face up and Randy placed a sweet tender kiss on her lips.

Randy Orton is an untouchable and very unpredictable in the WWE and the first time he and Kinley met she broke right through that barrier. Randy is married to Sam for a little over 5 years during the last two years Randy's heart has been torn between Sam who he loves but with Kinley who he is in love with. His heart has been torn for the last two years on what to do as he loves Sam but is in love with Kinley.

"What room are you in or are you with Jeff?" Randy asked

"315 alone" Kinley answered "I need to head back Randy I am not feeling good right now"

"Whats wrong?" Randy questioned

"Massive migraine again. I have been getting them more since the wreck" Kinley told him

"Not good baby have you taken anything for it?" Randy asked as he pulled Kinley to him

Kinley went to answer him when her phone rang and it was Vince who wanted to see her now not later. After hanging up with him Randy's phone rang and it was Vince who wanted to meet with him now as well.

"In an answer to your question no I haven't taken anything yet. Vince wants to meet now not later, something about a new storyline" Kinley told him

Randy and Kinley head towards Vince's office at the arena as they waited they made plans to meet up after the show and all.

"Welcome Randy and Kinley" Vince said as he opened his office door "I know the two of you are wondering why your here"

"Sorta Vince" Randy stated

"Well we have a new storyline starting tonight between the two of you. Randy you will also be starting your feud with Adam tonight as well" Vince stated

"Okay where do I fit into all of this?" Kinely asked

"Since your not able to get back in to the ring to wrestle I have you as Randy's onscreen girlfriend. The two of you will now room and travel together. I hope this wont cause a problem with Sam?" Vince said

"No sir it wont. I am still sorry about the other times Vince" Randy told him

As they went over the details of the storyline there was romance with Randy, kissing, cheering, and flirting going on. Jeff would kill Kinley then Randy if he found out and Vince was able to tell by the look on Kinley's face before telling her that he had spoken to Jeff about this and that he was okay with it. Kinely was happy to know that Jeff knew and wouldn't kill her or Randy. Kinley was happy to know this would be easier than sneaking around as they were already hiding their relationship. Everyone on the Red team knew how close Randy and Kinley were as they had always teamed up together in pulling pranks mix gender tag teams and a few other things. Between the two of them they were constantly getting into trouble with someone or about something.

"Its good to be back Vince thanks for everything." Kinley told him

"Your welcome hon. If you need anything let me know. We are building up to your return in September since its only January" Vince told her "Now go rest Kinley I know you have been having massive migraines and all Randy I need to talk to you about one more thing'

"How is she really Randy?" Vince asked after the door closed behind Kinley. Vince knew of the relationship between Randy and Kinley and was worried about her.

"Not good Vince her migraines are worse, she pushed herself too hard to be walking without a brace now I am worried about her. But since Matt hates every fiber in my body we havn't talked much in person since the wreck. I was behind her when it happened. Vince it should have been me not her. I feel so bad. Yes thats how much I love and how much I care about her" Randy told him thankfully he could talk to Vince about anything "Also so you know I have filed for divorce from Sam, we have been having problems more and more I can't deal with her anymore."

"I'm sorry son. If you need anything let me know. I know your going through a rough time at home and all. I know that you and Sam are having your if you need anything let me know" Vince told him

"Thanks Vince" Randy stated "I need to go and find Kinley and make sure she is okay"

"I will come with I know she is in pain and wont admit it yet." Vince responed

As the two of them walked out and towards Jeff's dressing room as he was sharing with Kinley for the night. Kinley just received a shot for the pain and was laying down on the trainer's table and Jeff was rubbing her back and trying to comfort his sister.

"How is she Jeff?" Vince asked

"Out like a light she just got a shot, she needs a dark room and my room is too bright as is hers" Jeff stated

"I have a dark room man, she can crash in there if that's cool. I will even stay with her and once its show time bring her back" Randy offered

"Thanks Randy I owe you" Jeff stated since it was about 6 hours till show time they took her back to the hotel and Jeff who had carried her up and laid her down on the bed and brushed a kiss across her sisters forehead and looked at Randy "You hurt her you are dead got it I know the two of you are best friends just keep her safe and not a word to Matt."