Polar Parallels

A Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Fanfiction

©- Rick Riordan

By: xXxDaughteroftheKingxXx

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They were so, so different, yet so, so similar.

She was Greek, while he was Roman.

She was new to this life; he'd known about it practically all his life.

She was a daughter of Aphrodite; he was a son of Jupiter.

But it was their differences that made them, them. Their differences brought them together; the Fates brought them together.

So, it didn't matter that she was a Greek, and he was a Roman, because Hera(or Juno) took care of that problem.

It didn't matter that she was new to this demigod life, because he could show her about it.

It didn't matter that she was a daughter of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, and he was a son of Jupiter, Roman god of the sky, because love doesn't care about who you are or where you've been.

It's love: Two people that care, so, so much about each other and couldn't live with out each other.


They were polar opposites.

He was a son of Poseidon while she was a daughter of Athena. Their parents were rivals, so naturally, they wouldn't get along.

He was impulsive and rash; she was cautious and guarded.

He was a rebel, a rule breaker; she carefully followed the rules and earned the title as "Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes".

But in their world, none of those things mattered.

So what, if Poseidon and Athena disapproved of their relationship? There was nothing their parents could to stop them, and they could look past their clashing personalities.

And so what, if he was impulsive, stubborn, and one of those people who jumped headfirst into everything while she was a careful, guarded girl who studied everything before jumping into it? He could teach her to be impulsive sometimes, because everyone is at some points.

And so freaking what, if he'd always been labeled a rebel, whereas she'd always been labeled a goody two-shoes? He would make her into a rebel. He would break down all those barriers she'd put up. He'd find the real her.

And guess what?

He already did.

So, it didn't matter that they were polar opposites because…

Sometimes, opposites attract.


They were a match made in Hades.

He was the immortal god of the sun whereas she was the mortal Oracle of Delphi.

He had so many girls after his heart whereas she had sworn to be a maiden for as long as she lived.

He was arrogant, rude, and boastful whereas she was kind-hearted, spunky, and impetuous.

But both of them were rule breakers, so who cared?

Who cares, if he was immortal, and she was mortal? Because he could make her immortal if he really wanted to.

And who cares about the dumb, dumb rule that Gaia created about the Oracle of Delphi? She's asleep, again for eons and eons more. Besides, rules were meant to be broken.

At least in their worlds.

And who cares if he was "arrogant" or "rude", and she was "kind-hearted"?

Because deep down inside, he was too.

So, who cares if they were a match made in Hades?

Because true love is strong, even in the midst of Hades.