What Happens in Vegas

Prologue: Vegas

Max POV:

I stared out the huge window in our hotel room, feeling the tears sliding off of my cheeks. Not even the amazing view of Las Vegas's blinking multicolored lights made me feel better. How could they kick me out? After everything I had done for them! I…it was just…I could feel my thoughts getting hysterical, and my sobs were mimicking. Strong arms wound around my waist, and callused hands gently brushed away my tears. He didn't say anything, which was better. I just needed to let it all out.

"H-h-how could they do this to m-me? To us?" I sobbed uncontrollably into Fang's shoulder. "At l-l-least you didn't b-betray me."

"Shhh, baby. I know. How could I leave you?" Fang's hands rubbed soothing circles between my wings. He knew just how to calm me down. His rough but gentle hands ran up and down my back. My hands shot out like lightning to grab his wrists when his hands began to slide too low. Fang grinned sheepishly.

When my sobs finally subsided to small hiccups, I pulled back. Fang's obsidian eyes bored into mine. I smiled as best I could, letting him know I felt better. "Want to go gamble?" Fang asked, his eyes turning to stare longingly out the window. I frowned.

"We don't have any money."

"Who does that stop? The whole point of Las Vegas is to gamble with money you don't have."

I smacked his shoulder. "That doesn't mean it should be encouraged!" He smirked, and my heartbeat went all mushy. I looked over at the glowing red clock display next to the bed. 7:47. I pulled away from Fang, going to get in the shower so I could relax. "Maybe tomorrow." Fang gave a disappointed sigh before grabbing my arm and pulling me back to him.

"Fang, what do you-" His perfect lips found mine, wasting no time opening my mouth and French-kissing me. I sighed in utter bliss as Fang pulled us onto the fluffy double bed. "What do you think I want?" he murmured. I just moaned in response. Fang's hands started to get adventurous, so I grabbed his wrists-again! What was with him? I pulled away, coming to my senses. "I'm getting in the shower." I said firmly.

His eyes got a devilish light in them. "Can I come?" He barely ducked in time to dodge my fist. "Sorry!" He held his hands up in surrender.

Now kind of irritated and a little confused, I went into the bathroom and shut the door. What on earth had gotten into Fang today? He wasn't normally like this. Maybe it was because we were alone. Maybe because we were in Las Vegas, aka Sin City.

I pulled my clothes off as the shower warmed up. Then I let the hot water wash away all of my scrambled thoughts.

Fang POV:

I leaned back on the bed, letting my thoughts wander while I waited for Max to get out of the shower. I tried to focus on something other than a mental picture of her naked and wet which, believe me, was harder than it sounds. I was just a teenage guy, for God's sake! At least Max didn't take long in the shower. Nudge took forever, so Max always forced her to go last.

I rolled over. I missed the Flock almost more than I could bare, but I couldn't let Max know that. I was her emotional rock, her support. Stupid Dylan could never have that position.

I gritted my teeth. Damn Dylan. He had shown up all blond-haired and blue-eyed, claiming that he was Max's true love. Well tough luck, buddy! That spot's been taken. I felt my eyebrows scrunch up with worry, something Max told me was incredibly cute, as doubt wormed into my mind. What if Dylan did end up winning over Max? I don't think I could take it. Max was everything to me.

I sighed. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a fifteen-year-old boy. I only have so much self control, no matter what anyone else thinks. Yes, even I, the great, emotionless Fang, feel horny sometimes. Or most of the time. I couldn't help it! Max was just so…so…Max.

I don't think she noticed what a great body she had. I mean, that definitely isn't the only reason I love her, but it doesn't hurt. If Iggy wasn't blind, he would probably be fighting for her too. Which would be bad, because then I would have to bash his skull in. But Max was worth it, even if she drove me insane in more ways than one. She even has a suggestive name! I bet she is the maximum ride….

"Your turn." I looked up, and immediately regretted it. Max…towel…not helping self-control. Her shoulders, bare and wet, were all that showed; I couldn't decide if that was good or bad. Her legs were showing though, and man did that girl have some stems! Her wings closed in front of her body interrupting my ogling. Thank God. "Fang," she said flatly, "Quit thinking dirty thoughts about me and get in the shower." Well, I would do one of those things. I mutely stood up, using all of my self control to not ask her to join me.

I pulled off my jeans and T-shirt, letting the hot water relax my knotted muscles. I needed to stop thinking like this, or might accidentally rape Max. Which would be bad. I rested my head against the shower wall, relaxing myself. What could I do?

Max POV:

As soon as Fang got into the shower, I realized that I hadn't brought any pajamas. I didn't want to sleep in my clothes, and I definitely had to wear something, what with Fang being hormonal and all. I pulled on some random clothes and headed downstairs to see if they had anything to wear in the gift shop. Fang looked like he needed some time to think, so I figured I had about fifteen to twenty minutes.

I waited for the elevator, thinking about my super-sexy boyfriend. I can't honestly say I've never been turned on during a make-out session with Fang, but he normally seemed so…in control. The elevator dinged and I stepped on.

I asked myself the million-dollar question: Did I want to make love to Fang? Was I honestly ready? Shoot…million-dollar questions. Plural. Fang seemed ready, but how much of that was hormones? I knew the hormonal, teenager side of me was totally ready. Um, duh! What girl would say no to Fang if her hormones were in charge?

I walked into the hotel lobby, still thinking. I looked around the gift store and realized I had overlooked something very obvious. We were in Las Vegas. That meant that all of the clothes were ranged from revealing to practically naked. Damn.

I looked at a rack of little black nightgowns that were probably the most modest thing there. My mind started generating random profanities, and I thanked my lucky stars that Angel wasn't there to read my mind. I was more glad that she wasn't here to read Fang's mind, or she would have been scarred forever and ever. Thinking of Angel set my teeth on edge, so I put her out of my mind.

A voice behind me asked, "Ya got a man waitin' for ya honey?" I twirled around to see a drunk, smoking man about thirty looking hungrily at me. It wasn't nearly as flattering as when Fang did it. The checking me out, not the smoking and drinking. I don't think Fang has ever done either of those things. Hopefully.

I nodded to answer the question. He leaned in and grabbed my upper arm. "Why don't you forge' bou' him and come to my room 'nstead? And grab one o' dem nightgowns." Hs breath smelled awful, worse than most Dumpsters I've raided. I struggled to pull away, trying to not use my bird-kid super strength and cause a scene. I didn't want to get Fang and I kicked out. The creeper pulled me into the lobby, towards the elevator.

Suddenly the man was yanked off of me with serious force. Guess Fang didn't need as long in the shower as I thought. He must have come to look for me. Or gamble while I was gone. I think I'll go with option number one. Fang black eyes stared furiously into the rapist's. "Hands off."

"Why should I?" The man slurred, swinging at Fang, who dodged easily. "I t'ink she wan's to come w' me." Then Fang caught the man's foot as he kicked and shoved him onto the floor. The drunkard got up, cussing at the top of his lungs. People started turning in our direction. Fang crouched protectively in front of me, ready for any lame attack from this son of a b****.

"She disagrees." I said. Now, I didn't need protecting, but something in Fang's eyes told me he needed to blow off some steam. I heard the sound of skin hitting skin, and I looked up in shock to see Fang falling. What? No way that guy actually managed to hit Fang! I thought. How? The horrendous male lunged forward, but something stopped him. I looked up to see police. Oh. Fang was acting. My boyfriend is so smart.

"I'm getting tired of kicking you out Horace." A deep but female voice complained. I looked behind the police to see a middle-aged woman with a cigarette in her mouth. "You are banned from the premises." The man who had tried to rape me swore at her, but the police kept him from doing anything else. One policeman reached out and grabbed Fang, who had just stood up, and started to cuff him too.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"I'm with the girl Carl. Leave the boy alone."

The policeman, who I guess must have been Carl, turned to the smoking lady. "He was fighting too. We have to take him."

"For God's sake, he was trying to save his girlfriend from getting raped! I'm not pressing charges." Carl grumbled and unlocked Fang's handcuffs. Fang turned the lady and nodded, his way of saying thanks. The policemen put Horace in a police car and drove off. The woman who had called the police turned and went back to stand behind the cash register.

Fang gave me a quick kiss. "You okay?" I nodded.

"What were you doing downstairs? Planning to gamble while I was away?"

"A little trust, please! I think I've earned it." He rolled his eyes. "I was going to go look around the lobby. We're in Vegas, and there's lots to see."

I sighed. "One hint that you've been gambling and we're leaving." He smiled, but it faded. His eyes scrunched together in that adorable way they do when he's worried.

"I'm scared to leave you alone now." He admitted. I told him I could take care of myself, and that he better keep away from any sluts that tried to paw him. He kissed me again and walked off. Suddenly, I felt that I had the answer to my million-dollar questions. Yes, I was ready to have sex with Fang. Hormonally or not, I knew it was true. He always put me first, and I needed to assure him that Dylan wasn't even being considered. Plus, I needed something to distract me from the backstabbers that used to be my family. Why not something we both wanted?

I bought one of the nightgowns I had been looking at earlier, thanked the cashier again for her help, and headed upstairs. This was going to be fun.

Fang POV:

I kept my promise to Max, only admiring the décor and turning away all eighty-million of the girls that tried to convince me to hook up with them. There was only one girl I wanted to do the nasty with, but she was totally against it. I sighed and headed back across the street to our hotel. (I had gone across the street to check out the other hotels nearby.) Maybe I should sleep on the couch or something. Stupid plan to get a room with only one double bed.

I stopped and found a Chinese food place to buy dinner for myself and Max. I convinced the cash register guy that I was picking up food for my whole family of five, and headed into our hotel/casino. I know what you're thinking, we were in Vegas and eating Chinese take-out food, but I don't think either me nor Max wanted to go anywhere tonight.

"Baby, I've got dinner," I called, pushing open the door, "It's Chinese." I froze. Max was laying across the bed, wearing one of the skimpy black nightgowns from the giftstore downstairs. I couldn't stop staring. I literally couldn't. My eyes raked over her body again and again, hungrily taking it in. Whoa.

"Enjoying yourself?" Max asked dryly. I blushed furiously, dropping my eyes to the floor. To my surprise, she didn't yell or hit me. She just laughed and said, "It's okay. I thought you could use some eye candy." She walked over to me and grabbed my arms, pulling me to the bed. My heart kicked into overdrive.

"Yay, food." She said, grinning, "I'm sorry Fang, but I think that's really my true love. Food." Max grabbed a box of sweet-and-sour chicken, digging in. I chose some sort of beef. She moaned in hungry pleasure, leaning her head against my shoulder. How much self control does this girl think I have? Not this much, I can tell you. "You're the best." She kissed my jaw. Focus on your dinner Fang.

"Tell me something I don't know." She punched me playfully, and I focused on keeping my hands on my take-out box and chopsticks. It's a good thing Max didn't expect me to talk much, because I was completely tongue-tied. "What are we watching?"

Max shrugged, and I found myself watching her breasts move. "I'm not really sure. I think it might be Grey's Anatomy?" I nodded, tearing my eyes away from her well-developed cleavage. What the Hell is wrong with me?

After we finished eating, I went into the bathroom and changed into my black boxers and an old black T-shirt. I came back out and got under the covers next to Max. My ability to leave her alone was quickly leaving me. She was telling me about some movie she had found to watch, but I wasn't listening. My eyes were once again locked on her boobs. Suddenly a soft but strong grabbed my chin and yanked it upwards.

"My eyes are up here Fang." Max said, glaring furiously at me. I turned bright red, stammering and apologizing. Damn hormones. I turned my eyes to the screen. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was on.

I managed to get about one-third of the way through the movie with Max right next to me, her smell all around and her mostly-bare skin brushing against me, before I lost control. If she didn't want me like that, she should cover up.

Max had kicked the sheets down to her ankles to cool off. Now she stretched, her long limbs spreading and her body twisting in a way that was so, so, so sexy. I groaned and crashed my lips against hers lustfully and hungrily. Max gasped and pulled back. I just moved my lips down to kiss her neck and jaw. Get a grip Fang! A tiny part of me yelled. I pushed it away.

Max moaned then pushed me off. "Whoa. Slow down."

"I can't. I'll sleep on the couch, but I can't lay next you wearing that and control myself. Even mutants have hormones." I looked her in the eye.

"Fang…I just don't know. Mom will kill us." Dr. M was totally pro-abstinence, and had threatened to kill me if she ever found out that I had slept with Max.

"She won't know." I murmured seductively. My hands had wandered up under her dress and were exploring thoroughly. I nipped her neck. "Please?" She moaned a gentle protest. I gently sucked on her lower jaw. "Please?"

"Fine." I grinned and yanked her dress over her head as she pulled my lips back to hers. She pulled of my T-shirt and wrapped her legs around my torso, using her hips to roll herself on top of me. "I love you," I groaned before she tugged my boxers off. I pulled off her…thong. Maybe she really did want this. Say hello to the best night of my messed-up life.

*This Be A Line*

I woke up with Max's warm and mostly bare frame across my chest. I grinned. It hadn't been a dream. I was wearing nothing but my boxers, and Max only had on a black thong. She lifted her head and grinned, "Your finally up."

"Yep. Lay off the chocolate-chip cookies, you're crushing me." Max gasped and punched my shoulder, then we both winced. Soreness was a b****. Max kissed me. "Admit it, you did want to have sex with me last night." I accused. She smiled.

"Maybe a little." She admitted. We climbed out of bed, ready to head into our first day of not being virgins.

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