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Chapter Two

We ended up at Ty's apartment. It was a good thing too, because I didn't feel up to seeing anyone from Heartland. No doubt they would bombard me with questions that I probably didn't have the answers to. Ty and I only exchanged a few words during the drive and even now he wandered around the apartment aimlessly. I stood awkwardly by the door, unsure of what to do with myself.

"Are you having second thoughts?" I asked the question that's been on my mind since we were on the road.

"No, Amy," Ty stopped what he was doing and came over to me. "No, I—I love you."

"But you must have loved her too?" I said as he took both my hands in his. "I mean, you were going to marry her."

Ty was silent for a moment and I started to pull away, but he stopped me and pulled me over to the couch. He sat down, but I remained standing. "Yes, I did love Heather and I do regret that she got hurt. But Amy the love I felt for her is nothing compared to how I feel for you right now." Ty took my hand and pulled me down next to him.

We stared at each other for a moment, those familiar emerald eyes searching mine. We were being pulled together like two magnets until our lips were only inches apart. And then we were pressed together in a searing and passionate kiss. Ty shrugged out of his jacket and I started unbuttoning his shirt, trailing kisses down his chest as I went. His hands were in my hair and he was breathing heavy. He flung the shirt off and I pulled my sweatshirt up over my head.

Ty stared at me for a moment. He had only ever seen me wearing t-shirts, not anything like this camisole. His fingers played with the straps, sending shivers down my spine. "You're beautiful," he murmured and then our mouths came back together in another passionate kiss.

Somewhere faraway a ringing commenced, slipping through the fogginess in my head. Something inside me told me it was my cell phone and to answer it, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I wanted Ty, needed him now and nothing was going to stop me.

"Just ignore it," I whispered against his lips, willing the phone to be quiet already. And then it did, but a second later a voice echoed through the room.

"Amy, where are you?" came the voice, laced with worry and a hint of anger. Ty and I pulled away from each other and stared at phone on the floor, where it had fallen out of my sweatshirt. "The plane is about to take off, where are you? Did something happen? I can't miss this flight, so please call me as soon as you get this. I'll be back in about a week, I'll see you then, I guess. I love you, Amy."

The phone clicked off and we sat in silence, the moment shattered. I closed my eyes, trying to think of a way to explain this to Ty. But what could I say? He had just heard Alfredo call and ask where I was and he told me he loved me. After I just broke up his wedding, claiming that I still loved him. I put my head in my hands, sighing to myself. This wasn't going to end well.

I got my answer when I felt Ty get up from the couch and heard his footsteps leave the room. I sat there for another minute before getting up and following him. He was in the kitchen when I found him, leaning over the sink and staring out the window.

I hesitated in the doorway, suddenly unsure of myself. "Ty, I can explain," I started. He didn't say anything, didn't even acknowledge I had spoken. "We were heading to England, Alfredo and I, Alfredo is building a polo stable over there and we would rescue horses on the side. We were leaving today and I just wanted to—to see you before—I left."

"Do you love him?" Ty asked suddenly, catching me off-guard.


"Because Alfredo loves you," Ty said turning around to face me. "Amy, you must have felt something towards the guy, you were planning on moving to another country and start a new life with him. Do you love him?"

"I thought I did," I admitted.

"But you're still with him," Ty replied. "Amy, you came to my wedding and told me you still loved me. I walked away from someone I was happy with. Someone I care for very deeply, whom I just hurt for you. And then I find out you're still with him. Were you just going to sleep with me and then go to England and be with him?"

"No, no it wasn't like that!" I protested, shaking my head fiercely and reaching for him.

Ty pulled his hand out of my grasp. "Then what?" Ty retorted. "Amy, I didn't hear from you in months and then you just show up at my wedding. What was I supposed to think?"

There was a silence as we both looked at the other. Then Ty brushed past me and walked out of the room. Blinking back the tears that had been forming in my eyes, I hurried after him.

"Ty, wait!" I grabbed his arm.

Ty looked at me. "I have to go to Heather and apologize," he told her. "She didn't deserve to be hurt like that."

"Do you love her?" I asked, my voice low, I could barely get the words out.

"Amy, don't," Ty said, twisting out of my grasp and heading towards the door.

"Just answer the question!" I exclaimed as he opened the front door. "I mean you had to have loved her, right? You were going to marry her!"

Ty didn't say anything, he just shook his head and walked outside. I stayed where I was until I heard Ty's truck drive away. I let out a scream and swung my arm, sending the contents of a nearby table to the floor. Glass shattered and I looked down to see a broken picture frame at me feet.

A smiling Ty and Heather looked up at me, mocking me. I knelt down and carefully picked up the photograph. It was of the two of them on some sort of dance floor, laughing and dancing as someone took their picture. I tossed the photo far away from me and I glanced down at the broken remains of the picture frame. There was another photo lying there, one that had been hidden behind the other one.

I gasped a little when I saw myself in the picture, with Ty. I was riding Sundance and Ty was riding a bay mare who had been rehomed. Someone must have taken it when we didn't know because we were looking at each other, our hands clasped together and smiling.

The tears that I had been holding back came in sudden sobs and I was on the floor with my back against the wall. Everything was all messed up and I didn't know what to do. I pulled my legs to my chest and cried.

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