Coffee Issues

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Spoilers: Promo from Concentrate and Ask Again

Olivia walked into her office to find a box on her desk, she shed her coat before picking up the envelope on the box that held her name.

She smiled upon reading the inside of the card.

To A Coffee-holic Who Takes It With Only One Sugar

She opened the box to find single sugar packets, about fifty of them. With them was a bag of coffee blend she loved but rarely bought due to the expensiveness at coffee shops, beside it was a stainless steel mug with the FBI Logo on it.

A post-it note was attached to the cup and she read it, smiling as she did.

Permission to shoot if I forget again -Peter

It made her chuckle and she put the top on the box, setting it aside as she walked out at the sound of Peter and Walter's voices.

Walter was going on about something and Peter was rubbing his eyes as if tired. "Walter please, I didn't get sleep last night."

"Were you out again?"

"No, you were singing so loud I could hear it through my door before deciding to cook and set off the alarm...I'll hear about what Roscoe said tomorrow after I get some sleep." He walked over to the coffee pot and began to start it. "Morning Liv."

"Morning," she leaned against the counter, "I'd put 'good' in there but I doubt it has been a good morning for you. What was the song this time?"

"The equation to this point if he started counting sheep I'd be happy. Sheep I can handle, the four hundred decimal to pi...not so much. Coffee or did you pick some up?"

"I got some already, thank you." She placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in, kissing his cheek. "For the coffee...and remembering. Go get some rest on the couch, I'll handle Walter till Astrid gets here."

Peter turned and watched Olivia walk over to Walter, he chuckled and put the cup aside, heading into the office and laid down on the couch...his dreams full of a certain blond agent who had just kissed his cheek and looked sexy as hell in the evening gown she had worn the night before.

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