Disclaimer: I do not own the people from this they are from Pandora Hearts. An there is yaoi in this story.

Notes: Xerxes Break and Cheshire are from Pandora Hearts. If you don't know it then you don't matter. So suck my balls. If you are familiar with Pandora Hearts then I'll explain some things to you. This would be taking place shortly after the last episode. BUT, Cheshire doesn't get killed by Xerxes or cut up into bits. ...Instead he lives but is forced to give Xerxes his bell. (Which Xerxes still destroys in exchange for Sharon's health.) Xerxes just takes pity/sympathy on Cheshire and lets him live. How sweet of him, right? Right. So... Cheshire has decided to stay by Alice's side (as opposed to the WIll of the Abyss Alice) instead of his crumbled dimension from which he came. Alice, however, never pays Cheshire any mind and neglects him. So, they're still on the hunt for the truth, even though they may not find it since the bell was destroyed. But Alice and Oz still search for Alice's memories. Xerxes, Sharon and what's his face help. What's his name... Gil.

It wasn't the pure white hair, or the single crimson eye that snagged his attention- no, he was familiar to the man's strange, yet alluring features. It was those words. Maybe he had heard them incorrectly, "Wh-what did you say?" the black haired neko asked.

"You heard right, Cheshire," the white haired man responded, an amused grin stretching onto his lips. The look in his eye Cheshire knew all too well. That damned, patronizing stare, like he knew all there was to know. What pissed Cheshire off more, was that he did know all there was to know.

"What is it with you?" Cheshire snapped, "Do you get off on making others feel uncomfortable?"

"What if I do?" Break asked, grinning.

Cheshire was at a loss for words. A blush tinted his nose and cheeks and he had to force his eyes away from the man that stood before him. Pretentious prick, he thought to himself as he studied the mahogany floor boards.

Break absentmindedly rummaged through a small sweets tin, eying the blushing chain that stood before him. Nothing pleased him more than to see Cheshire at his mercy. Even if in such a way as this. Xerxes slowly unwrapped the piece of candy, smiling as Cheshire's ears twitched, knowing that the noise annoyed him.

"You've frightened the cat!" Emily squealed, giggling.

A dark look dawned in Xerxes' eye as he sucked on the bit of sweetness in his mouth. His grin turned devious paired with the dangerous look in his eye. "It appears I have," he said slowly, his voice taunting, "Maybe it would do some good to help soothe the poor thing, hmm?"

Cheshire quickly threw his gaze back onto the white haired demon, the disbelief apparent on his face. Emily cackled, which only added to Cheshire's discomfort. The cat-eared boy began to back away as Break advanced on him. It wasn't long before Cheshire's back was to the wall.

Xerxes' grin was no longer some thing that stretched across his face. It had shrunk into a sly, knowing smirk. He left Cheshire captivated under his gaze and therefore deemed him unable to look for an escape- the cat boy's gaze locked on his. He was absolutely and indefinitely terror stricken.

As Xerxes extended his hand, Cheshire flinched, expecting some thing more than what he received- a simple stroke under his chin, Xerxes fingernails ever so lightly grazing against Cheshire's soft skin. Break held his two fingertips in place when it was under the tip of Cheshire's chin, he slightly tilted the chain's head back, exposing more of his neck as he did.

Cheshire swallowed hard, his eye forced to meet the gaze of Xerxes'. "I'll ask once more," Xerxes softly murmured, "Accept me as your master." Cheshire couldn't help but be mesmerized by the unwavering gaze that Break cast upon him. And the voice, some thing he had never heard from Xerxes' lips- tender, yet authoritative and firm.

"No!" Cheshire refused without a thought, "I belong to Alice." Cheshire saw no reason to abandon his master for another, especially if Break was the master in question. Alice had always been his master and he had never even entertained the thought of finding a new master.

"Then give me back what is rightfully mine," the white haired demon commanded, his voice firm and slightly louder than normal. He held his hand out expectantly, even though he knew the chain would never remove the object from himself and place it in his palm.

"Wha...? No, i-it's mine!" Cheshire exclaimed. Xerxes suddenly slammed the cat-eared boy against the wall. Xerxes rarely acted so forcefully, only when he really wanted some thing. Panic flashed in Cheshire's eye. Why is he acting like this? What use would he have for me? the thoughts raced through Cheshire's head.

"Surrender it to me or I will be forced to take it from you," Xerxes growled, causing Cheshire's ears to flatten against his head. "I'm giving you your options, now choose before I tire of this," he warned the frightened boy.

"You can't do that!" Cheshire cried out, struggling against Break's secure grip. Break slammed Cheshire against the wall again for good measure, but this time pushed his body against Cheshire's pinning him between himself and the wall. Xerxes reached up, his fingertips placing themselves around Cheshire's eye socket.

Cheshire hissed, scratching Break across the cheek with his claws. A vicious smile spread across the white haired man's face. "Looks like this kitten needs to be tamed!" Emily screeched, laughing at the same time.

"So it would appear," Xerxes agreed, he stepped back, the cruelest smile ever seen upon his lips. He wiped at his now blood stained cheek with the back of his hand. His eye was covered by his hair, hiding the dark sinister look in them.

A thick, black funnel appeared behind Break, the grin on his face only growing crueler as it swallowed him whole. The thick chain with the single skull link appeared next. Break's empty eye socket glowed red behind his hair as the plum purple roses appeared, then the playing cards and feathers- all decorating a large, velvet black top hat. Paired with the hat was a cape, the thick chain stretching out across the neck of the cape. And then the large eye began to flicker open, directly above Break.

Cheshire's eyes widened and he tried to back as far away as possible. He scuttled into the corner, trying to sink as far back into it as he could. He had seen the Mad Hatter before, but it was a terrifying experience. Pure fear painted Cheshire's facial features and he slowly sank down to the floor. "So do we have ourselves a deal or not?" Break calmly asked, though the cruel tone laced his voice.

"W-why?" Cheshire stuttered, mentally cursing himself for the weakness. Why would Break want to be Cheshire's master? What could possibly come from that? The two detested each other, they would never get along so... why? This couldn't possibly all be for his eye, could it? He had been fine without it so far, why so suddenly?

A strange spark flashed in Xerxes' eye at the neko's question. "Because you're not happy serving Alice," he blatantly stated, his voice still cold, "She doesn't even acknowledge your existence." Cheshire then recalled words Xerxes had told him before: One thing you should know... I simply hate irresponsible words like, "I did it all for someone else!" Xerxes continued, "I won't ask again."

Cheshire looked away from the demon, his frame shaking from the fright Xerxes had given him. "Fine," he stubbornly spat, "I... I accept."

The smile returned to Break's lips, "Accept what?" Xerxes antagonized him.

Cheshire's eyebrows furrowed at the fact that Xerxes was making him do this. "I accept..." he paused, looking away from Break, "I accept you as my master." Break's smile grew bigger.

"The cat should be collared," Emily taunted the broken-willed Cheshire. Cheshire glared at the doll, his eyes practically throwing daggers.

"Why are you doing this, though?" Cheshire asked, refusing to look up at Break. He couldn't comprehend why his rival would want to own him. Maybe to make his life a living Hell... He pouted at the prospect of that.

"Like I said," Xerxes said, "You're not happy. You do every thing for Alice, why not do some thing for yourself once in awhile?"

"How the Hell does this-" Cheshire was interrupted. Break had reached out and caressed the cat-eared boy's neck with his fingertips. A blush automatically fell upon his facial features. He was silenced by the tender touch and astounded by his own strange feelings in response to it.

"A collar would be fitting," Break mumbled, "Perhaps a bell would suit you well?" Cheshire met Break's gaze, the blush still clearly evident on his features. He was slightly befuddled with Break's tone of voice.

Still though, he wasn't finished with his rebelling. He'd be damned if Break got away with this too easily. He looked away, "I will play no part in picking out these trinkets," he quietly growled.

"Still needs to be tamed!" Emily giggled.

"Mmm," Break murmured, nodding his head in agreement, "All in due time," he quietly said, "After all, we don't want to frighten him off. He always has been known to be a fraidy cat." Cheshire shot the white haired man a glare. "Oh, there, there, kitten," Break said, his amused expression upon his face. "Let's be on our way then, shall we? After all, I have much to teach you seeing as Alice neglected her duties as your master," Break said, turning and exiting the room. Cheshire sighed and followed, hanging his head as he did.