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Kurt Wagner, more commonly known by his codename Nightcrawler, stood before his peers, the X-Men (and women), in mild confusion. The leader of the facility, Charles Xavier, had just assigned him a mission, but the aspect he was confused about was why he had been chosen for it. Normally he wasn't the one to go on the missions. That was usually Logan, or Ororo. Even Jean or Scott would have been a better choice than him. He typically stayed on the sidelines and supported the others. He was, if he had to admit it to himself, a cheerleader.

So he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Er, Professor... excuse me, but... vhy am I ze vone going? Vouldn't Logan be better suited to zis misson?"

Xavier tilted his head, a contemplative expression briefly crossing his face as he spread his hands. "Ah, well. It's true, Logan would be, or any of the others, except for the fact that..."

"This girl is fucking insane!" Logan burst out, unable to contain it any longer as Xavier searched for a more polite alternative. "She won't even let us get near her!"

"Logan," Jean chastised. "Watch your language, will you?"

Kurt looked over at the young lady with two-toned hair. "Have you already tried zis, Rouge?"

She nodded, brushing her white bangs back, then shrugged. "Yeah, I gave it a shot."

"And she is immune to your touch? It doesn't cause her any pain vhatsoever?"

Rogue blew her bangs back. "Well, I wouldn't say that."

"Vhat vould you say?"

"I wouldn't know what to say," she answered a bit sheepishly, looking down at her feet. "She kept getting away from me. I never got the chance to actually touch her. It was like she knew exactly which move I was going to make next, but... for God's sake, Kurt, she never even opened her eyes! She just kept screaming at me, asking who I was and telling me to get out."

"You have more an element of surprise than the rest of us," Ororo explained, putting a hand on Kurt's shoulder. "She won't be able to predict where you're coming from or where you're headed. You're our last shot to bring her here."

"Who is zis girl anyvay? Vhy do ve vant her here?"

"I heard her thoughts. Using Cerebro." Xavier looked down. "She's alone, Kurt. She's alone and she's scared. She's terrified because she has only encountered people who hate her. She's some sort of... hybrid mutant I think. One of her parents was a mutant while the other was completely and utterly human. I don't know what her powers are, or even if she has any. While I know there are many mutants out there who feel the way she does, it's rare that I sense one as close to us as she is. Everyone has tried. Kurt, you're our last hope. If we bring her here she might be able to get some help. Please try."

Kurt looked around to each one of the X-Men in turn, and gave a deep sigh, nodding. "Alright. I vill give it a try. I can't promise zat I vill return vith ze girl, but I vill do ze best I can."

Ororo gave him a smile. "Don't worry, Kurt. We all know you can do it. Even if you can't physically get her, we know you can talk to her. You're good with people."

He smiled, flashing his pointed teeth at her. "I'm glad somevone thinks so, Ororo." All business once more, he turned back to Xavier. "Vhere is she located, Professor?"

"A small church." The older man handed Kurt a map. "It's been abandoned for years and set for several renovations. That's also one of the reasons I wanted you to get her. She might be hurt during the renovations. Worse, she might be discovered - and if she's afraid of people, she might get scared and lash out."

"And if she lashes out," Kurt finished, "ze others could become frightened and hurt her."

"Not to mention," Xavier sighed, "that much as I hate to admit it, not everyone's intentions are as pure as ours. They might hurt her on purpose because she is half-mutant. May even try to kill her. We can't let that happen."

"I see your point, Professor. As normal, I vill do my best.. I cannot promise vith any certainty zat I vill return vith ze girl in tow, but I vill try my hardest."

"We know you can do it, Kurt," Kitty finally spoke up.

"You must leave as soon as possible," Xavier concluded. "The map will show you the fastest route, but I've no idea when the renovations are scheduled to take place. We need to remove her from the premises as soon as we can."

Kurt nodded. "I vill leave at vonce."

"Good luck," Ororo called after him.

Kurt stood in front of the old church, feeling utterly awestruck. A beautiful structure, holier than any other place in the world. God's presence was truly strong and resonant here. He could feel it so very easily, a palpable sensation that permeated the very air around the church.

He paused at the back doors to soak up what spirituality he was able, praying to God for the young woman's cooperation and safety. He then entered the church through these doors, making as little noise as he possibly could. He didn't want to frighten her so that she would run away and block every angle he came from.

He saw her there, sitting near the altar. She sat on the steps of the pulpit, dressed in a thin white gown. Straps went over her shoulders, and the fabric reached her knees. Her hair was blonde, but her bangs covered her eyes so he couldn't see them. Her hands grasped the step beside her, and she was looking skyward.

If he listened very carefully, he could hear what she was saying.

"It's all right and good of course," she commented. "With the world and all? But I just... I just wanna know why, God. Why did You choose me? Out of all the other people? That's all I want to know. Then maybe I'll leave."

Kurt felt a sadness pass over his features. What had she been chosen for? It sounded as if she thought whatever it was, it was a bad thing. He couldn't believe that God had given anyone some chosen quest or something that wasn't a good thing. Perhaps he could learn what her "quest" was, and convince her that it was not a bad thing.

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