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"Stop! Step away from the girl with your hands raised." Kate screamed to the crying girl next to the dead girl.

The dead girl was a missing 6 year old since October. She was taken on Halloween. Her name was Katherine O'Connor.

After the girl attempted to slide away from the body, Kate slowly approached the crying girl. "Stand up."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, I swear. I didn't. I'm sorry. So so so sorry."

"Come on. Stand up." Kate grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her to her feet. She looked familiar but Kate dismissed it.

Walking back to the car turned out to be a struggle when the blonde girl insisted on falling to the ground and crying. Eventually Kate got her to the car and into the back seat. She didn't even bother making sure the girl was buckled. Kate couldn't even imagine that nightmare. She just let the girl curl into a ball. She called in the body and waited for the detectives to arrive on scene, listening to the sobbing girl in the back. She wouldn't stop mumbling I'm sorry. She was no serial killer that's for sure. It was most likely an accident but if she didn't kidnap Katherine then who did?

Once Kate had left the scene and gotten the girl to the station for questioning, the blonde had stopped sobbing I'm sorry. Now that would have been great if she hadn't decided to become a mute instead.

The only question she answered was what's your name. And Kate was pretty sure it wasn't Giles even though that was her answer every time they asked. Walking over to the girl she decided to ask a new question.

"Do you want to talk to Giles?" Kate asked The girls head shot up as she stared hopefully at Kate.

"Giles?" The girl asked. Kate almost felt bad for the girl. She was obviously scared.

Kate nodded. "Do you know how i can reach..him?"

"Yes." She whimpered looking like she was going to start crying again.

"Ok, great." Kate smiled hoping the girl would keep talking. "Can I call him? Where is he?"

The blonde took a deep breath. "England. London, England."

Kate was careful to keep a smile on her face but hearing where this guy Giles was made her want to frown at the girl. Of course the only person she would talk to was across an ocean on a different continent.

"Alright. Is there a number I can reach him at?"


Kate was surprised the girl knew the entire number including US long distance code, country code, and the area code.

"I'll go call him. Do you want to come?" Kate asked on impulse.


"Alright. Let's go." Kate stood up and gestured to the long hallway behind the girl. "That way."

Kate sat at her desk with the young blonde across from her. Picking up the phone she dialed the number she'd had the blonde write on a sticky note when she sat down. The phone rang a couple times and she was sure no one would answer but on the last ring a man's irritated voice said, "Hello?"

"Hello, this is Kate Lockley. I'm a police officer in Los Angeles. I have a girl here and she seems to know you." Kate kept eye contact with the girl across from her. The girl looked like she was itching to snatch the phone out of her hand and speak to the man on the line.

Sighing the man waited a second before asking the girls name. "I'm not sure. I was hoping you would know."

"How the bloody hell am I suppose know? I can't very well see her can I?"

"Maybe you'd like to talk to her?" Kate asked calmly despite the mans angry tone.

"Fine." He said impatiently.

Kate held out the phone for the girl to take. She gave her a small smile when she saw the girl hesitate. Finally the girl took the phone and held it up to her ear.

"Giles?" She asked, her breathe catching.

"My god. Buffy?"

"Giles." Buffy sobbed into the phone happy to finally hear a familiar voice.

"Buffy? Is everything alright? Why are you in LA? Is it Angel?" When he'd left a few weeks ago everything had seemed under control. He'd only gone back to London to pack up all his things so he could move to Sunnydale now that she was back from the dead.

"No. I don't know. Angel's fine I think." The girl continued to talk on the phone but Kate stopped listening when she heard the girl say Angel. This girl looked a lot like the one in the picture Kate had given Angel all those years ago after his apartment blew up. She'd almost forgotten all about it. The girl in the picture had been younger. Kate would even go so far as to say happier but then again the girl had been terrified since Kate met her so she couldn't really say.

Was it possible this was the girl from the picture? Could this be Buffy Summers, Angel's ex-girlfriend?