As requested by sgiambra22. Also kind of inspired by Vanamo's "Playdate".

Guidelines that were given to me: Established Camteen. 13 gets the flu and Cam takes care of her.
A little different from how I usually write Camteen.

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"Yes mommy?"

"Come here sweetie, we need to go downstairs for a while!"

A seven-year-old Allison Cameron, clad in a plaid skirt and a spaghetti strap top, hopped down the stairs and proceeded to the kitchen to find her mother pouring soup into a tupperware. She sat herself on one of the stools at the island and watched curiously as her mother paced back and forth, packing the container into into a tote bag.

"Why do we need to go downstairs?"

"Do you remember that little girl who lives on the fourth floor?"

Allison jumped off of her seat and walked to the counter to grab a cup. "Hmmm... You mean the one we met at the playground one time?" She headed over to the fridge to pour herself a cup of orange juice.

"Yes. That cute little girl with the wavy brown hair. Remy. Remember?"

Allison gulped down her drink, then set her cup in the sink after licking her lips. "Uh huh." She paused for a while then looked up at her mother. "Are we babysitting?"

Mrs. Cameron smiled at her. "Kind of. She's got a fever and a cold, the poor thing... But her dad needs to go to work, and her mom had an appointment today that she couldn't cancel. So we're going down there to take care of her."

She watched as a smile slowly formed on her daughter's face. She knew that her little girl loved to play doctor, and this time, they had someone close to a real patient. "What things do I need to bring? Should I bring my stethoscope? And my thermometer? And those tongue thingies... And...and..." Actually, she had no idea what she else needed to bring for a fever and a cold. "Medicine?"

Mrs. Cameron chuckled. "I already packed a real thermometer, and I'm sure they've already got medicine for Remy. All we need to do is feed her some soup, keep her temperature down, and keep her company. Maybe you can bring some of your books to read to her? Or a movie to watch?" she suggested. At the mention of books, Allison's eyes sparkled. She spun around and ran up to her room. laughed again and went back to having everything prepared for their little trip down to the fourth floor.

"Mommy!" she soon heard a voice call.

"Yes, dear?"

"Bring her some orange juice!"

With everything prepared, the mother and daughter duo left their apartment and headed downstairs. Eagerly, Allison beat her mom to it and knocked on the door. Sounds shuffling inside, and a few moments later, a pleasant-looking man opened the door.

"Mrs. Cameron, come in, come in! Oh, I can't thank you enough for doing this... My wife is off at the doctors and I–"

"Please, Mr. Hadley. Don't worry about it. It's no trouble at all," Allison's mother insisted with a warm smile. She and her daughter stepped into the house.

Mr. Hadley then looked down and smiled at the little blonde girl. "Good morning Allison. Thank you so much for coming down to take care of Remy..."

She smiled back at him. "It's no problem! We'll make sure she's okay. Don't worry." The way she said it, with so much confidence, was absolutely endearing.

Mr. Hadley then took a peak at his watch and gasped. "Oh I'm late! I have to get going..." He put on his coat and picked up his suitcase. "Feel free to scour the kitchen. Call me if you need anything! And I just... Thank you so much again." He waved them goodbye and stepped out the door, only to spin around again all of a sudden, as if he had forgotten something. And forget he did. He rushed back into the apartment and down a hallway, turning left into a room. Smiling, Mrs. Cameron followed him, with Allison tagging along behind her. They entered the room and found that it was Remy's bedroom. The poor thing was in bed with the blanket up to her nose and a towel over her forehead. They watched as tenderly kissed his child on the cheek. "Daddy has to go to work now, but I'll be back soon, okay Rem? Mommy will come back this evening. In the mean time, Mrs. Cameron and Allison have come to take care of you." The sick one whimpered a little as her father stood up from the bed. Even though her fever had died down quite a bit and she was showing signs of recovery already, it was obvious that she was still feeling miserable, and it broke his heart to have to leave her in such a state. But bills have been piling up and he really couldn't afford to take a day off, especially in the middle of the week. Taking note of his look of conflict, Mrs. Cameron went over to Remy's bedside.

"Hey there, Remy. I'm Mrs. Cameron. I made you some soup. And my daughter Allie here," she gestured her to come over, "she brought over some books that you could read together, and a movie to watch. We're going to make you all better, okay sweetie?" The way she spoke was so comforting, and the woman's gently caress of Remy's tiny hands made her feel less worried about her dad leaving. The little brunette coughed and nodded lightly, having decided that she would be a big girl, as well as realizing that she would be in good hands while her father was away at work.

Mr. Hadley then checked the time again, and really needed to go. "Alright then, I'll see you all later. Bye bye, Rems. And thank you again!" And he quickly rushed out of the apartment, closing the door behind him softly.

The first thing Mrs. Cameron did as soon as he left was ask his daughter if she was hungry. When she received a timid nod as a confirmation, she headed straight towards the kitchen to find a bowl and a spoon. With her mother gone, Allison sat at the edge of the sick child's bed and took a good look at her. The way Remy was pouting ever so slightly tugged at her little heartstrings. Reaching out, she felt the damp towel on the girl's forehead, discovering that it had warmed up already.

"Here. Let me rinse the towel for you so we can cool you off." She gently lifted the towel and rinsed it with cold water in the bathroom. When she came back, she folded it up neatly and slowly set it atop of little Remy's head. The brunette sighed at the cooling comfort she received. "Thank you..." she peeped.

Allison smiled at how adorable she was, even in her worst. She then remembered her backpack and went to bring it up to the bed. Unzipping it, she carefully laid out a number of picture books that she thought a three-year-old might like. "Look Remy, here are the books I brought." She watched as Remy's eyes widened with delight. She nearly laughed when she saw Remy try to sit herself up, but was a little too weak to do so. The poor toddler looked as if she was about to cry, when Allison quickly went to her aid, propping up a pillow for her even. Her smile broke into a grin when she saw how Remy continued holding on to the towel with both hands in order to keep it from falling. Reaching over, the blonde chose a random book and hopped onto the bed, sitting next to the sick child, but still being mindful to keep a little distance between them. Wouldn't want to get herself sick too, now. "Okay, so let's start with this one." She opened it on Remy's lap and two sets of blue eyes immediately wandered through the double-page spread excitedly, looking at colors, lines, and shapes. Tired of holding the towel, the little brunette settled for putting it aside, as it was interfering with her reading. Remy kept doing this cute little thing where she points to every funny-looking character or a figure and giggled, mumbling "So silly" in that baby voice of hers. Laughter being contagious, Allison found it easy to join along.

Very soon, Mrs. Cameron interrupted with a tray containing a bowl of soup and a little plastic spoon. Smiling, she set it down at the bedside table and brought over a chair. Remy eyed the soup hungrily; its smell was enough to make her mouth water. Grinning, with her tiny set of white teeth and all, she watched as kind brought a spoon of soup to her mouth. The toddler sipped and gulped down a big spoonful in half a second. Allison patiently waited for her to finish eating before continuing on with their storybook. All of a sudden though, a ringtone could be heard from the living room, and had to get up. "Oh dear, that's my cellphone. Here, Allie, could you take care of her for now while I get that?"

The blonde willingly took the spoon and began feeding Remy. She's never actually taken care of a real person before. It was kinda fun, and satisfying in a strange sense, with that knowledge that you are helping others in some way. But having the unsteady hand of a seven-year-old, Allison had to try extra hard not to spill anything. By the time they were done though, Mrs. Cameron had re-entered the bedroom. "All done," her daughter announced.

Remy, the sweet thing, shot a smile at the older woman. "Thank you, Msssus Cammrn."

The two girls then resumed their reading. Even after two more books, Remy was willing to find something else to do, despite her state of health. She only had the attention span of a three-year-old. "We could watch the Disney movie I brought over," her young caretaker suggested. "Okay." Mrs. Cameron carried the toddler over to the living room couch and the two children snuggled up in blankets while she put in the disc and turned on the television. Before it started though, Allison insisted that her mother bring Remy a cup of orange juice, because, "it always made me feel better when I was sick. Besides vitamin C, it also has that other thing that's found in bananas... Puh...Pots...what's the word for it again..." "Potassium, dear?" "Yeah, Potassium." As she was tidying up the kitchen, the woman was very much amused by the 'ooh's, 'aah's, and giggles that accompanied the scenes of the movie. However, by the time the credits rolled, both were fast asleep. Remy, (who was snoring a little), was carried back to her bedroom, while Allison got to stay on the couch.

It was very late in the afternoon when Allison woke up to a door closing and soft voices around her. She blinked open her eyes to see that had come home from work. She heard him say something to her mom about being let off early.

"Hey, Allie, baby. We should head home and start cooking dinner before papa get's back," she heard her mother say. Allison saw that her books and things have already been packed up for her.

"Thank you so much again for your help. We really appreciate it," Mr. Hadley told them sincerely.

A little groggy, Allison picked up her bag and followed her mother to the door. But just as they reached it, she stopped. "Wait, I want to say goodbye to Remy."

"Baby, I think she's sleeping."

"I'll go check."

"Alright, but be quiet in case she is."

"I will."

She left the two adults talking and made her way to the girl's bedroom, slowly opening the door. When she peeked inside, she saw that Remy was indeed, in bed, but her eyes snapped open as soon as she entered. The toddler smiled sleepily. "Hi."

Allison reciprocated. "I just came to say bye. Mom and I are going home now."

"Okay..." Remy paused for a while. "Thank you Allie."

The blonde smiled widely. This girl was just too cute to handle. With a grin, she approached the sick child at her bedside. She then leaned over and gently cupped Remy's cheek, then kissed her own hand. "Get better soon."

Smiling, Allison left Remy's bedroom and made sure to wash her hands in the kitchen, knowing fully well that she should always take precautions when dealing with those who are ill. But even if she knew that something as simple as breathing the same air with a sick person could be risky, she really couldn't stop herself from giving cute little Remy a parting kiss.