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Chapter 6- All was well

The night before the start of the term, Teddy felt he needed to have a talk with his godfather. He waited until he was sure his parents were sound asleep, knowing Harry would be up late that night filling out yet more paperwork. He had learned by now that he could come to his parents with any problem, but this was something he needed to ask his godfather.

"Harry, can I talk to you about something?"

Harry put down his quill and turned to Teddy with a smile.

"Anytime, Cub. You know that."

Teddy grinned for a moment. Ever since that night he'd kept his father company in the attic, Remus had started affectionately calling him his cub. The rest of the family had picked up the habit, and Teddy had come to like it.

"Well, it's just, Mom and Dad both have jobs now. They've been talking about saving up and having their-our- own home by Christmas. And of course, well, naturally I'll be going with them."

Harry gave a half smile. "You've been worrying how we'll all feel when you're gone?"

Teddy nodded. "They're my parents and I've come to love them. You and Ginny were practically my parents for as long as I can remember, but now, having them back just feels so perfect."

"Teddy," Harry said gently and fondly. "You know Ginny and I love you as much as if you were our own son. And James, Al and Lily will always think of you as their brother. But we never even wanted to try to take your mom and dad's place. Nobody could ever do that. Your dad is the closest thing to a father I ever knew, and your mom's always been a close friend. With her humor and kindness I don't think anybody could help liking her. But if by some miracle I got my parents back, I would have wanted to be with them, the same as you want your parents."

"You know, at first it felt so strange having them back," Teddy mused. "I wasn't sure how to react. I mean I called them Mom and Dad and all that, but in the beginning it was more just because I knew I should. But now that I know them, it's completely different. I can't believe now at first I even wondered if it was too late for us to get used to each other after twelve years."

"My first memory of your dad was when I was thirteen, and I didn't meet your mom until two years later, but I took an almost instant liking to both of them. And I met my godfather, a cousin to you, the same year I met your father, and we were close for what little time we had before-" Harry couldn't finish the sentence. "I've wondered sometimes what my life would have been like if I'd always had people like them in it. I'm just glad you'll have the kind of childhood I never had the chance at. Love isn't measured by how little or how much time people have together or how long it took to get to know them. Hey wait a minute. I don't know why I haven't done this before."

Harry quickly led his godson to the Pensieve he'd started using lately. He'd found it useful for work, but now he had a different purpose for it. He removed a bluish swirl of smoke from his head, and added it to the Pensieve. Teddy knew what it was, but had never been inside a memory before. Harry showed him what to do, and soon Teddy was standing beside his godfather in what looked like a small but extremely pleasant cottage. He recognized it in a moment.

"Uncle Bill and aunt Fleur's place?"

Harry nodded. "Just watch. I think you'll like this."

A fairly large group was gathered, talking about something to do with a tiara, when there was a knock at the door. Everyone looked terrified until Remus identified himself and Bill let him in.

"It's a boy! We've named him Ted, after Dora's father!"

Teddy almost jumped. He was actually seeing his father's reaction on the day he was born. The look on Remus' face wasn't pure happiness. It was infinitely more. He was so overwhelmed with his own joy he seemed delirious. It was as if all the joy that had ever happened to anyone was suddenly brought together and happening to Remus a million fold. The love that was in his eyes every time he looked at Teddy had been there from the moment Teddy was born.

"Wow. I mean, I knew he loved me, but I never thought he'd been that happy."

"I've never seen him happier. He and your mom went through hard times nobody should have to suffer through, and they knew from the moment they fell in love what problems they'd face, besides the war."

"Bigots like Flint," Teddy said quietly. He had learned quickly how the rest of the world viewed werewolves.

"Yes. But they were willing to face that together. Well, at first your dad wanted to keep his distance from your mom. He wanted to protect her. I can still remember him saying he was too old, too poor, and too dangerous for her." Teddy remembered how his dad had been afraid to let him see him once he'd transformed. "But their love was strong enough to overcome that. They loved each other that much then, and I can tell they've only grown closer. And they love you too." They left the memory.

"Over the years I've come to see so much of both of them in you," Harry continued. "Your dad once said the same thing to me about my parents. He said in time I'd come to see how much I'm like them, and I have. And in time you'll see how much like your parents you are."

"I guess there's no doubt where I belong," Teddy said, understanding. Harry smiled.

"And don't worry about Ginny and me. After all, we can floo to see each other any time in just seconds. And I'm sure Talbot will love being useful."

Teddy nodded, feeling relief.

"I'm so glad Mom, Dad, and I are a family again. I just didn't want to hurt you."

Now Teddy could finally look forward to his new life. He no longer had to worry about hurting someone he loved. And the more he thought about it, the more he realized there had never been a need to worry after all. The Lupins, Potters, and of course Weasleys, were really all one family, whether or not they were all related by blood, and nothing would ever change that.

The next morning, it looked like a small army was entering King's Cross Station. The Lupins, Potters, Hermione, Ron, and their two young children Rose and Hugo were all there. Everyone wanted to see Teddy and Remus off. With so many there it took a little time to get them all through the barrier, and once they were all through it seemed like there were more friends to greet than Teddy could count, and as always the reporters who wanted a word with Harry. Just then Teddy saw Emma a short ways off and took the chance to make himself scarce by loading his belonging on the train. He was pulling his trunk towards the Hogwarts Express, when he tripped, and to his dismay stumbled right into Flint.

"Watch yourself Mudblood," Flint shouted loud enough for Remus and Tonks to overhear. They both walked over as quickly as they could through the crowd.

"Problem?" Remus asked with forced calm.

Flint glared daggers at Remus, but said only "No Professor Lupin." He spat out the word "professor" as if it were a disgusting swear word.

"Remember, you don't have to take any crud off him," Tonks said, and Teddy wondered if his mother was going to hex Flint as the Slytherin walked around to the other side of the train. He thought of hexing Flint himself, but decided against it. Just then what looked like a ball flew through the sky to the other side of the train where Flint had disappeared, and a second later there was a splash and a yell. Flint came running from the other side of the train, his formerly expensive looking robes soaked and filthy.

"James," Ginny said, doing an excellent imitation of her mother when she'd been angry with Fred or George. "Was that a portable swamp from George's shop?"

"Miniature portable swamp." James said, not the least bit sorry. Ginny narrowed her eyes at her oldest son. "Oh come on. Just because Teddy has to be the good boy doesn't mean I have to. And if someone messes with the Lupins, they mess with the Potters, right?"

The corners of Harry's mouth turned up, and he suppressed a laugh. "Right."

James looked as if he were suddenly remembering something, and Teddy felt a piece of paper shoved into his hand.

"Er, what's this James?" Teddy whispered, understanding that James had wanted to hide the paper from the adults.

"I can't say yet. Just ask your dad when you get to Hogwarts. He knows what it is. Er, I sortve took it from Dad's desk. But I think he already knows." Over the noise of so many people gathered together James was sure he hadn't been overheard, but Remus turned to them at that moment, and his eyes lit on what looked like a spare bit of parchment. He leaned over and said quietly to the two boys.

"You know, as a teacher I should confiscate that." He winked. "But as your father Teddy, I'll give you permission to use it." Both boys grinned.

"The only thing to worry about now is if the others kids will give me any grief over having my dad as a teacher if my Defense grades get too high," Teddy said with a laugh.

"After you passed your exam last year with two hundred and ten percent, I think they'll know your grades are the result of talent. Although having the best Defense teacher Hogwarts ever had sure can't hurt," Harry said, ruffling Teddy's hair and smiling at Remus.

"Now remember, you promised you'd come for Christmas. And when holidays start you're expected to come to dinner four times a week. All of you." Ginny said.

"Just so you don't get sick of me," Tonks said, joking. She would be staying with the Potters, after a long visit to her mother's, until her family had saved up some money toward a house. Everyone giggled, the children especially. They could never get sick of Tonks, especially with her using her metamorphmagus abilities.

"We won't forget," Remus said smiling. "And remember you'll be coming to guest lecture in my class Harry. Well, I suppose we'd best get on board. Take care of yourselves."

"You too Moony, Teddy."

Harry's children ran up, Lily giving Remus a hug.

"We'll miss you, Uncle Remus." Lily said, almost crying. Albus was quiet, and even James looked like he wished his favorite uncle didn't have to leave, even if it would only be a few months until they saw each other again.

"Don't worry. We'll be seeing you soon. And Teddy and I will both write often."

Tonks gave her son a tight hug, and Remus gave his wife a kiss, and for a moment they looked like they'd never let each other go. Then the whistle blew and Remus pulled away as he and Teddy headed toward the train. Then suddenly Teddy stopped, and turned aiming his wand at the group. He'd waited for this surprise for weeks. He was sure he could do it this time. The only question left was what form would it take? He thought of his joy at having his parents back, this time a warmth filling him.

"Expecto Patronum."

A silver lion leapt from the wand, looking majestic, proud, and powerful. It let out a roar, but since there were no dementors or dark magic around it disappeared quickly. Yet the few seconds the patronus was there were enough to earn oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Teddy's family, both immediate and extended, all let looked astounded before erupting into a cheer that filled the air.

Remus pulled his son into a tight hug, proud and happy tears glittering in his amber eyes. Never before had a twelve year old cast a patronus, and to think his son had just done exactly that. Remus couldn't believe now he had ever doubted his decision to come back. He would have to readjust to life in a new time, and he would have to face the monthly transformations again for the rest of his life, but he wouldn't trade one moment with his son for anything. The others were all letting out a whistle and Tonks was jumping up and down shouting

"That's my son who just did that."

"And my Godson," Harry called.

"Bloody brilliant Teddy!" James yelled.

Remus laughed. "He's my son too, Nymphadora."

"Don't call me that," she shouted, but was interrupted by her own laughter.

Then father and son finally got on the train and waved goodbye.

Harry watched as the train pulled out of sight. The friends he had thought he would never see again were alive, safe, and happy. A family was whole again. All was well at last.

The End

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