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Annabeth POV

When I got to the bottom of the hill, Sally crashed into me, gripping me tightly as if I might disintegrate.

"Annabeth, oh, I'm so happy you're okay." She whispered. I patted her back. I had to be strong. I had to continue believing he would come home.

"Don't worry so much for me. Are you okay, Sally?" I asked her, pulling her away at arm's length.

She smiled sadly, tears in her eyes. "You know, it's nothing really new to me. Percy leaves unannounced, Annabeth gets to deal with all the major questions, Percy gets in more trouble with a god, they save the world. I just have to have hope."

"We all do." Paul said, reaching out to me for a hug.

I pulled away and Leo cleared his throat looking everywhere but us.

"Oh, Paul, this is Leo Valdez and Piper McLean. They are both fifteen." I gestured to them. Leo reached out his hand to Paul and Piper hugged Sally. Piper didn't seem used to motherly affection. She'd have to get used to it.

"Nice to meet you," Piper said politely.

"Likewise," Paul smiled.

"Let's go." I suggested. I had to move on, I had to be strong and lead. I couldn't be feeling sorry for myself. I couldn't be thinking of Percy 24/7.

We climbed into the blue Prius and drove the hour and a half to the new apartment. It was two blocks away from my school and on the fifth floor of a very nice-looking building. Piper's dad was certainly helping with the funding.

"Nice." Leo whistled. Piper looked at it respectively. Surely she has seen bigger, better places.

Paul smiled. "We would be able to afford this because of my raise, but it would be tight. Piper, your father is a very generous man."

Piper seemed proud. "He has his moments." She shrugged.

"Leo, dear," Sally smiled. "I was told you don't have many belongings, so I went out and bought a lot of clothes and sneakers and such for you. Aphrodite must have been helping me, because I seemed to know what style you liked."

Leo gaped. "Aw, you shouldn't have. Thank you, Mrs Blowfis. I-oh, wow. Thanks. I never really, you know, had stuff like, um-"

"You're welcome." She smiled. "And Piper, your father sent your wardrobe over. It's all put away in your room."


We walked up the stairs and walked down a light green hallway. When we came to 5C Paul unlocked the door.

"I'm going to make this dramatic. Go see your new house!" He was grinning stupidly. I rolled my eyes playfully at him and walked in. The apartment was three times the size of the old one.

"I love it!" I told them. "The layout is ideal for a typical city family. The design of the bedrooms is a newer design. Someone from Jersey must have designed it, because these placements of the appliances-"

"Annabeth," Leo laughed. "Don't kill me before Gaea can."

Piper paled a little before realizing he was joking. I laughed. "Alright."

"Okay," Sally started, taking flour and chocolate chips out of the cabinets. "I have to ask, Piper, Leo, are you in a relationship?"

Piper and Leo laughed as if the idea was ridiculous. "No, ma'am." Leo said in a Texas accent. Piper stifled her giggles and shook her head.

"Okay, good. Less awkwardness for us. Leo, your room is to the left of mine and Percy's is at the end of that hallway. Annabeth, Piper, yours is to the right of mine. All good?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yep." Leo nodded.

"Okay," Sally sighed, collecting herself. She was obviously stressed. "Now who wants some chocolate cookies?"

"I love you already." Leo called from the hallway. We laughed.

"Why are they blue?" Leo wondered.

Piper and Leo were acting as exchange students from the west. I was acting as a happy girl, who is proud of her boyfriend for volunteering himself.

It was three months since we came to the city.

I still missed Percy, and he'd message me at least once every two weeks. I could notice some changes in his mannerisms but mostly he was there. I was nervous though.

He seemed to be struggling with acting as the Percy I knew.

However, I'm not going to ponder over it and get hurt.

I am strong now. Or at least I try to be.

The time goes by so fast when you're asleep. That would be my case, if I ever got to sleep. I would wake up, nightmares were haunting me. I knew they were sent by Gaea.

I had thrown myself into my studies. When I wasn't hitting the books, I would be at camp, drawing plans for the Argo II.

My life has become scheduled, repeating, empty. I laugh only when the time is appropriate, yet I never truly find anything worth laughing over.

Leo and Piper are great. They are funny, nice and laid-back. I love them. They are apart of my family now.

I think back often to the War, to the Labyrinth, to anything I once struggled with. I remind myself that one day, my struggle now will be looked back upon.

Because I know Percy will come back. The Percy I know.

And I know my family will get through this.

It's not like its the end of the world or anything, right?

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