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The inspiraton of this one was when Miss Martian told us that she and Superboy lived at Mount Justice, meaning the other three didn't. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Enjoy!

Summary: In Wally's opinion, sleepovers at Mount Justice were the best.

"Red Tornado?"

Their hero-in-resident turned his head to look down on the five of them. "You do realize the meaning of 'dismissed for the night,' Kid Flash," he said, addressing the speaker of the group.

"Yeah, I do," Kid answered carefully. He looked down at his uniform, streaked with dirt, and then back up pleadingly. "The thing is, it's really late, and I don't want to run home in the dark, so…I was kinda wondering if I could stay the night here and go home in the morning." He put on his best me'm-just-a-little-sidekick eyes, hoping that all his companions behind him were doing the same.

Red Tornado looked around at all of them before back to Kid Flash. "Mount Justice is only supposed to be used as a sleeping location after missions in case of injury or Justice League intervention."

Kid yawned for good show did his best to look extremely tired. "I know, and I don't want to get you in trouble, but I'm so tired I'm afraid I might trip over my own feet."

He couldn't quite tell if the hero's gaze was suspicious or sympathizing- probably a mix, but in the end he answered, "Then it might be a good idea if I called the Flash and told him you were staying the night, then, due to exhaustion."

Wally's face broke into a beam before he remembered to look as tired as he was claiming. "Thank you, sir," he ended up saying, lowering his voice. A light kick to the back of his ankle-Robin- told him somebody thought he was laying it on a bit too thick, so he shuffled out of the way.

He listened as Kaldur and Robin explained that if Kid Flash was staying, they should stay, too, for team uniformity and all that.

That was when the real fun began.

Wally had three reasons that sleepovers were his favorite:

1. He got to spend hours with his four best friends unsupervised.

2. Snacking all night was totally normal.

3. As no one else seemed to know what a sleepover entailed (seeing as three of them weren't from around here and Robin was antisocial), Wally was leader of all the activities. Not that he resented Kaldur or Robin for "leading," he was just competitive by nature. Plus teaching the others how to have fun rocked.

It had taken a little while to convince everyone to ask Red Tornado for a sleepover, and then a while longer to explain the proper etiquette for such events. While the opportunities were endless, he described a few: pillow fights, Twister (it took a little while to convince them the game wasn't created by a super-villain), rocking out to music, video games, burping contests (Megan had sat out), obnoxiously large and unhealthy desserts, and prank calls (oh, the look on everyone's face when he suggested Batman. That was hilarious).

Kaldur, Megan, and Superboy had each rolled their eyes at strange human American customs, but participated anyways. Hey, it was the Justice League of America. They should know something about the people they protect. Robin, feeling as he was the only other representative present, started talking about responsibility and all that, but Wally shut him down with a quick, "If I was irresponsible, I would have taught them Spin the Bottle."

Yep. That shut him up.

But by the end of the night, he could tell the others loved it to. After all, they were having fun, and they had each other. Who knew that Kaldur could create really awesome light shows with his electricity sticks, made even better with Megan's tricks? Who knew Superboy was the best at imitating voices? Who knew Robin was such a great storyteller? Wally could barely believe he'd managed to come up with all he did about a circus on the spot.

Of course, the next morning he really was exhausted (they'd all gotten about two hours of sleep) and the entire team received a firm talking-to from the Red Tornado when he found them asleep on various pieces of furniture in the den.

But really, who knew how much fun it was to be on a team? These people were better than best friends. They were super-best friends. Which is at least twice as awesome. If not to the tenth. Wally screwed up his eyes as the Flash walked him out of Mount Justice, trying to remember if he'd told the others or not.

Nah, it didn't really matter. He was sure they knew.