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Percy hated waiting for things. Usually his ADHD would go into random fits if he was kept waiting too long; he was fidgety and his moods usually would sour in a matter of seconds. Though as time passed the thing (more like person) Percy was waiting for wasn't showing up. Three long weeks and not a word…

You see, Percy sort of fell for the charms of a certain Olympian God…a certain God of the sun. Percy remembered the night clearly; how Apollo had just shown up at the camp beach right in front of Percy. He said he wanted to take Percy for a ride (how could Percy say no? Apollo had an awesome car). They cruised around the sky for awhile, and Apollo let Percy drive for awhile. Eventually they parked on a far off hillside; it was then that Percy noticed the way Apollo was acting around him. The way he was looking at Percy was how a predator would eye its prey. He flashed that cocky grin of his, and Percy knew he was in trouble. Percy never thought he would experience firsthand how charming the God of the sun could be…

Needless to say, Apollo made love to Percy in the back of his car for hours.

Since that night almost five months ago, Apollo would come to camp quite often during the night. He and Percy would slip away and spend long hours exploring each others' bodies. Percy had never felt so good his whole life. But, he found himself wondering how long this fling with Apollo would last.

Percy sort of knew his answer though. He had not seen or heard from Apollo in three weeks. Three long, damn weeks. At first it almost saddened him, but the more he thought about it the more angry he became. He felt used by the God and figured Apollo had found another conquest to go after. Yeah…Percy definitely felt like used goods. But, Percy couldn't calm his body down. Just thinking of Apollo made him hard and during free time he would lock himself in his cabin and finger himself till he couldn't move. He was so damn angry, but he wanted Apollo so much more.

After a long day of training other campers, Percy once again found himself at the beach. It was almost dark, but there was just a bit of light left from the setting sun. Seeing the light made Percy think of Apollo, but he shook his head to rid himself of the thought. He couldn't help picture Apollo's sandy hair, bright smile, and chiseled physique. 'Damn him,' Percy thought, feeling himself harden.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light from behind him. Percy spun around, and was met by the object of his desires. He must have had an amusing look his face, because Apollo was laughing slightly.

"Surprised?" said the sun God casually; his eyes bright even in the darkness.

Percy wasn't quite sure what to say. Apollo had been gone for weeks, and now here he was acting as though nothing was wrong. Despite Apollo's handsome appearance, Percy's anger rose. He turned away from the God angrily, focusing on the sea. Then, he felt Apollo's warm hand on his shoulder. He immediately shrugged it away.

"Didn't miss me much, I see," said Apollo. Percy could almost see the smirk on the sun God's face.

"I was half expecting you not to show up at all," Percy finally said. He then turned to face Apollo. "Three weeks and no word from you, what was I supposed to think?"

Apollo smiled again, placing his hand on the right side of Percy's face. Percy kept his eye averted, knowing that he would be completely undone if he looked into Apollo's beautiful eyes. "Don't be angry with me, Percy. I am a God after all, business keeps me pretty busy."

"I'm sure," Percy said, still not looking at the God. He winced as Apollo's grip on his face tightened.

"What's that supposed to mean?" said Apollo with an angered tone. He gripped Percy's chin tightly and forced the demigod to look at him. "And what's with the attitude?"

Percy smirked right back at Apollo, "Please, you don't scare me."

Apollo's gaze looked positively dangerous. He gripped Percy's by the arms tightly and pushed him roughly up against a nearby tree. The sun God covered Percy's body with his own, his lips practically touching the demigod's as the spoke.

"I didn't mean to leave you so long," Apollo said against Percy's lips.

"Yeah…that 'business' must have been pretty important," Percy said. "What was her name?"

Apollo looked positively enraged by Percy's statement. Percy tried to keep his composure; he didn't want Apollo to know that he was actually intimidated. Apollo was a God after all; he could destroy Percy in an instant if he wanted. But, Percy pressed on, despite Apollo's anger.

"You were finished with me and moved on to someone else, did I get that right? I thought that's what Gods do," Percy said angrily.

Apollo's fingernails dug into Percy's arms, drawing blood from them, "How dare you think of me that way, Jackson? You think I'd throw you out like yesterday's trash?"

"Yeah, I do," Percy said defiantly.

At first Percy though Apollo was going to hit him, but instead the God's lips crashed onto his own. His whole body burned at the sensation of feelings Apollo's lips against his own. He moaned loudly when Apollo's hands began wondering over his hips and chest. Apollo's fingers traveled to Percy's black hair, grabbing a fist full and pulling his head back. Apollo took the opportunity to kiss and bite the exposed flesh. Percy wrapped his arm around Apollo's back as the sun God bit and sucked on the soft flesh of his neck. He was sure there would be a purple mark now.

"Don't you know that I wish you had accepted immortality?" said Apollo softly against Percy's neck. So softly that Percy strained to hear him. "I could have had you to myself for all time…no other mortal has made me feel the way you do, Percy Jackson."

"You'd probably get bored of me real fast," said Percy, gasping for air.

Apollo looked up from Percy's neck, his gazed darkened. He kissed Percy deeply then, tangling his fingers in Percy's hair, bringing their mouths closer together. Percy's eyes fluttered closed as Apollo kissed him as though his life depended on it. When Percy opened his eyes, he found himself standing in a large room that almost resembled a really expensive hotel room. Apollo must have transported them…just one of the many perks of being a God.

Before Percy could get his bearings, he was pushed roughly to the bed by Apollo, who immediately covered Percy's body with his own. "If you think so little of me…I'll just have to show you my feelings in a different way."

Percy was in a lustful daze, and before he knew it his clothes were practically ripped from his body. Apollo was quickly nude as well; the skin to skin contact driving them both crazy. "Do you have any idea how much I desire you? How much I think about you when you are not with me? I'm addicted to you, Percy."

"Show me, please," Percy gasped, his anger now long gone. "I need you inside me. It's been too long…I've been fingering myself just thinking about you."

Apollo wasted no time and flipped Percy onto his stomach. He kissed down Percy's spine, relishing the soft sounds Percy was making. Suddenly, Percy felt warm breath billowing over his backside as Apollo kissed him, pressing his lips gently down, down, down. Apollo slid his tongue out and ran it within Percy's crevice. The moment the thick, moist tongue touches his entrance, Percy threw his head back and cried out loudly. He never dreamed of anything like feeling so good. The feeling, the sensation of Apollo's tongue flicking over him there is exquisite, sending ripples of arousal to his sex.

Apollo licks again, slowly. He did it again. And again. And again. He was licking, lapping like cat laps up milk. Each slither of his tongue was teasing, as if he relished the taste of Percy like he would a sweet, succulent desert. Percy cried out again when Apollo's fingers joined his tongue. His whole body was in sensory overload. Apollo was unyielding as he added a second finger, fucking Percy's entrance almost brutally. Percy didn't care that it was hurting a little; the pleasure greatly overruled the pain.

"Apollo! More, please," Percy begged.

Percy's moans and whimpers were some of the sweetest, most erotic sounds Apollo had ever heard in his long life. He wanted to explore every inch of Percy's body, releasing more moans from the boy. Writhing beneath Apollo's ministrations, Percy cried out for more as the sun God exploited every sweet spot with his lips and fingers. Abruptly, Apollo turned Percy around so he was lying on his back, all while Apollo added a third finger to Percy's willing body. Apollo then placed Percy's thighs over his shoulder, and leaned forward. He was now face to face with Percy's large, dripping cock. He gazed back up at Percy, who was watching him with very intent eyes. Then, with a lecherous grin, Apollo gripped the boy's hip firmly with his free hand, swallowing Percy down to the root.

"Apollo!" Percy cried out, the stimulation was almost too much to bear.

Apollo pulled his lips back to the tip, sucking just the head while flicking his tongue inside the tender slit. He then drove back down, burying the shaft deep within his throat and swallowed. He began bobbing his head quickly from base to tip, swirling his tongue in an intricate pattern along the large vein. Percy writhed beneath Apollo's ministrations, moaning loudly and begging for more.

Percy thrashed his upper body wildly as his hips were immobilized by Apollo's strong hands. He wailed and whimpered, tossing his head from side to side. Molten lava coursed throughout his veins, his heart raced, his stomach began coiling in on itself as liquid fire reached higher and higher. As Apollo continued to gently toy with the tight ring of muscle, trying to loosen it, Percy's moans escalated to cries of ecstasy. From Apollo sucking his cock expertly and sliding three hot fingers inside of him, the pleasure was almost too much. He felt his inside burning as his orgasm was creeping up on him.

"Oh my Gods! Fuck!" Percy cried as he erupted into Apollo's mouth.

Even after Percy reached orgasm, Apollo continued to shove his fingers into Percy's channel. Percy's face was red and he was covered in sweat. Apollo's erection ached for Percy; seeing him this way was almost too much.

"Are you ready for me, Percy?" said Apollo, lust radiating from his eyes.

"Yes…I need you to fuck me," was Percy's reply. Apollo didn't need to hear anything else.

Apollo covered Percy's body with his again, placing his right forearm on the opposite side of Percy's. Coating his erection with warm oil (Percy had no idea it had come from, but he wasn't complaining), Apollo slowly pushed himself into Percy's entrance. Apollo was shaking in his attempt to not pound the boy into the mattress. Percy was so tight, so hot, so willing. Apollo's body temperature was at a feverish level, his breathing was coming in short pants as perspiration dotted his flesh, yet, he waited for Percy to give him permission to continue.

The slight burning Percy felt as Apollo breeched his entrance was quickly replaced by overwhelming pleasure as Apollo's large cock filled him. As his anal walls molded around Apollo's shaft, he could feel every vein pulsing with life against his inner flesh. All the teen could think of was that he wanted more, needed more.

Percy wrapped his long legs around Apollo's waist, hinting subtly that he wanted more. Pulling almost all the way out leaving only the tip in, Apollo plunged back in hard, hitting Percy's sweet spot dead on the first time. At Percy's wail of pleasure, Apollo began fucking the boy with fast, deep strokes, groaning himself from the tight friction as Percy's inner walls gripped him like a vice, pulling him in deeper and deeper, forcing the head of his cock to hit the boy's prostate over and over again. Apollo's thrust grew faster and more brutal; he wanted to fuck Percy so hard the young demigod wouldn't be able think (or walk) straight.

Percy writhed underneath the other man. The term euphoria would be a gross understatement of what he was experiencing. Percy's blood boiled, his thighs ached, and his cock throbbed, dribbling pre cum over his stomach. His mind was no more than a hazy fog of lust; his bones melting long ago. As Apollo's own orgasm began to overtake his resistance and wanting his lover to cum with him, he began fisting Percy's newly rigid flesh in time with his thrusting.

With his cock being jacked off and his prostate relentlessly assaulted, liquid fire began to flow throughout Percy's body, seeking out the apex of the boy's pleasure. As the scorching fire within found its target, his cock pulsed and his body stiffened. With a wailing cry, Percy shouted Apollo's name as his cock erupted once again, spilling his seed in torrent thick streams, climaxing harder then had before.

Percy's cock pulsed within Apollo's hand just seconds before the boy cried out his name and Percy's inner walls clamped down around his shaft. Apollo bit into his lower lip thrusting once more deep inside Percy's body, burying himself to the hilt. Apollo allowed the boy's convulsing inner walls to pull his orgasm from his body, milking his shaft relentlessly. With a carnal roar of pleasure, Apollo's seed sprayed forth in thick ribbons, spilling out of Percy's cavity, and dripping down his thighs.

Apollo collapsed atop Percy, who in turn wrapped his arms around the God's back. They were both panting hard, trying to get the air to return to their lungs. Many moments passed, both Percy and Apollo unable to speak. Finally, Apollo lifted himself on his elbows and looked down at Percy. His face with flushed and his lips swollen from kissing earlier. His inky black hair was matted by sweat, yet Apollo thought that Percy was perhaps the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He lowered his lips to capture Percy's in slow, deep kiss. Percy's wrapped his arms around Apollo's neck, pulling the sun God closer to him. When Apollo pulled his lips away, he placed his forehead against Percy's, noticing the cute smile that spread across the son of Poseidon's face.

"Do you still doubt the way I feel for you?" asked Apollo, looking into Percy's sea green eyes.

"No…and I'll never doubt you again," said Percy. He thought back to what Apollo said about immorality, and he found himself sort of wishing he had accepted the Gods' gift. Maybe he still could…

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