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Chapter 14

Percy was lying in his bed gazing thoughtfully up at the ceiling. He'd been home for two days, which eased his mind greatly. There was always something soothing about coming home and being able to sleep in his own bed and spending time with his family. His mom has welcomed him with open arms, and of course made blue food as soon as they got home.

Now, the night before his birthday, Percy was growing anxious (for more than one reason). First, Apollo was finally going to meet his mom and Paul, which was going to be interesting. On the way home, Percy had told his mom that he was seeing someone, to which Sally replied that she couldn't wait to meet his new boyfriend. But, Percy neglected to tell her that said boyfriend was actually the god of the sun.

"So what's his name?" Sally had asked on the drive home.

Percy's mind blanked for a moment before blurting out the first name that came to his mind, "Fred."

Percy cringed for a moment, thinking of the time when Apollo has disguised himself as a homeless man named Fred when they were searching for Artemis. 'Fred' looked so different from Apollo that it took a haiku for Percy to know who it was.

"Well, Fred is a lucky guy," Sally had said. "I really can't wait to meet him. I can tell by the look on your face right now that he makes you happy."

Sally then insisted that Percy's new boyfriend come to dinner with them for his birthday. Percy swallowed thickly but decided that it would be a good idea. Though Percy knew his mom would know something was different about 'Fred' (she could see through the Mist after all). He felt a little bad lying to his mom about Apollo's identity, but he wasn't ready to argue with his mom about it after not seeing her for months. He wanted to the next few days to be as peaceful as possible.

Now Percy's mind had drifted to Apollo, and he couldn't help but wonder when the god would fulfill his promise. Though it had only been a few days without him, Percy had felt like it had been weeks. He really wanted to know what Apollo had in store for him. It had been on his mind for days and he was finding it difficult to focus on anything else. Percy was still amazed at how Apollo had managed to capture all of his senses, making it had to focus on anything that didn't involved the god. He was completely hooked.

As the time passed by Percy found himself growing more and more fatigued. Normally he would have got up and changed into his pajamas, but he was just too comfortable. Absently he glanced over at his alarm clock, noticing the bright blue display now read exactly 12:00. He was officially 18.

'Happy birthday to me,' thought Percy tiredly.

No matter how hard he fought it, sleep seemed to be taking over. Percy closed his eyes and felt himself drifting to sleep. Just as Percy was pulled into dreamland, he was awoken when he felt something shift on the side of his bed like a weight had been placed on it. He rolled over in bed, his blurry eyes trying to focus on the image before him.

"Hey there," said a familiar, soothing voice.

Percy rubbed his eyes, trying to clear his vision. He was in that strange stage between waking and sleeping and he couldn't tell if he was dreaming or not. Everything seemed fuzzy for a moment before his brain kicked in a put everything back into focus. Percy smiled as Apollo came into view, his beauty was almost too much for him to handle.

"No, you're not dreaming," said Apollo, knowing what Percy was about to ask.

Apollo leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Percy's lips. Even the most miniscule contact sent sparks through Percy's body; feeling Apollo's lips on his again was like a breath of fresh air. The demigod kissed Apollo back softly, wrapping his arms around the god's neck. Soon their kiss grew more heated and needy, and Percy found himself pulling Apollo on top of him. It felt like a dam had broken open as they kissed, their feelings and emotions pouring out of them through their mouths.

"I missed you, Percy," Apollo said tenderly against Percy's lips.

"I missed you too," Percy replied as he cupped the god's face in his hands.

Their lips met over and over in kiss after searing kiss. Percy and Apollo couldn't keep their hands off each other. They kissed deeply for a long time, savoring the feeling of their lips and bodies pressed so closely together. Every so often a tiny moan would escape Percy's throat, driving Apollo crazy each time he heard it. His mind was slowly being taken over by lust, and he had to feel Percy's skin against his fingers now.

Apollo's hands traveled underneath Percy's shirt, feeling the hot, toned skin underneath. He pinched Percy's nipples painfully, and then lowered slightly to lick them with his long tongue. Percy moaned deeply, his body aching for Apollo. Suddenly Apollo surged up and kissed him once more, grinding his large erection into Percy's. Both of them groaned at the contact and Percy gripped at Apollo's hips to increase the friction.

"I believe I owe you a birthday present," said Apollo with a playful gleam in his eyes. "Close your eyes and don't open them until I say so."

Percy did as he was told, and for a moment he felt a strange, swirling sensation throughout his entire body. It was almost as though he had been swept up in a really strong gust of wind. The swirling feeling stopped, and Percy could tell that he was standing up now. His eyes were still closed, but he could feel Apollo's presence behind him. He shivered as the god ran his hands over his shoulders and down his back.

"Open your eyes," Apollo said as he pressed a kiss to Percy's neck.

Percy did as he is told and nearly gasped at the sight. Before him was a large bed with a wrought iron headboard, which looked ridiculously comfortable with its dark red comforter. On the two nightstands next to the bed were a bunch of candles, encasing the room in a warm, sensual glow. Above the bed was a large window that over looked the night sky and a sandy beach.

"Do you like it?" asked the god, slowly turning Percy to face him.

No matter how many times Percy looked at Apollo, he was always taken aback by how amazingly gorgeous he was. He was shirtless (a sight Percy would never get tired of), and the light from the candles turned his skin a deep bronze color. His blonde hair looked more like a golden halo and his eyes were as bright as ever. Percy knew he was practically gawking but he couldn't help himself. But, Apollo seemed to be enjoying it judging by the smile on his face.

"I love it," Percy replied, racking his eyes up and down the beautiful form in front of him. "It's perfect." As much as Percy loved the room, that wasn't what he was talking about.

Apollo reached out and pulled Percy toward him, their bodies melding together perfectly. He kissed Percy passionately, slanting his mouth, beckoning Percy to open his with his tongue. Percy's mind went blissfully blank, his mouth opening into the kiss to allow Apollo's tongue to slide and roll within his mouth. He felt the god's hands travel down the sides of his body so he could wrap his arms around Percy's waist. The kiss grew even hotter. Their hunger scorching each of them with its violent heat. Lips bruised as their tongues battled for dominance.

Slowly Apollo pulled away from Percy and took a few steps back. He gazed at his lover, noticing that he had way too many clothes on. Normally he would have removed Percy's clothes himself, but he had another idea.

"Take them off," the god said.

Percy blushed prettily at the command (Apollo was still amazed the boy could blush). He smiled mischievously then, slowly pulling his dark blue t-shirt over his head and throwing it aside. Apollo couldn't help but lick his lips as Percy's body was revealed to him. Percy kicked off his socks and shoes before unbuttoning his jeans. Once the denim was slipped from his legs, Percy locked eyes with Apollo. He sensually hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and oh so slowly pulled them down. Apollo loved that fact that Percy liked to tease him this way. The demigod before him had become quite the vixen that past few months, and Apollo wouldn't have it any other way.

Once Percy was completely nude, Apollo went over to his lover and gripped his shoulders tightly. He swiftly turned Percy around again so he was facing the bed, and he could tell by Percy's tensing muscles that he was confused. Apollo smiled, knowing it was time to put his plan into action. He still had a little bone to pick with Percy about Athena's daughter. In an instant a long, silk scarf appeared in the god's hands. Apollo admired the softness of it for a moment for reaching up and covering Percy's eyes with it.

"What-"Percy began as Apollo began tying the fabric behind his head.

"We're doing this my way tonight," the god said hotly against Percy's ear. "I think I deserve it after what happened with Annabeth. Am I right?"

Percy paled. He tried to turn around but the god's grip on his arms was too strong, "Apollo…I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away. She kissed me-"

Apollo laughed at the flurry of words coming out of Percy's mouth, "Relax, love. I'm not angry with you…I just think you need a little reminder. A reminder that I'm the only one who gets to touch you."

Percy swallowed thickly. He wished he could see the look on Apollo's face, but the cloth covering his eyes completely blocked out his vision. Again Percy was turned around and was pushed roughly on his back onto the bed. Apollo crawled onto the bed and looked down at Percy for a moment. He admired the stark contrast between Percy's pale skin against the deep red blanket beneath him. Then, Apollo took Percy wrists in his hands and pulled Percy's arms above his head. Before Percy could break his arms away, Apollo quickly tied the demigod's wrists to the headboard. Apollo sat on his knees again to admire the sight before him.

Apollo brushed his lips over Percy's, just barley touching. Gently he kissed his way to Percy's neck, kisses so soft Percy can only feel them against the hairs on his neck. Apollo smiled and whispered against Percy's skin, "Tonight is about touch. And I'm going to make you feel everything." The quiver that runs through Percy is nothing compared to what Apollo wants to make him feel.

Percy whimpered as Apollo continued to just barely touch him. With his eyes covered, sensation was intensified tenfold. Apollo sat up, trailing his finger across Percy's chest as he does. He wants to taste him, run his tongue over his body, but not yet. He needed Percy to beg for more.

Always, barley touching he ran a finger along Percy's collar bone, up his neck and across his jaw line. The slowly trailed his finger over the demigod's lips, letting Percy run his tongue over it only for a brief moment. Back across his jaw line, over his ears, down his neck he continued. Percy moaned with every touch, feeling like every nerve in his body was going to burst.

"Please," Percy says softly, not really sure what he's asking for. He just needs more of what ever Apollo is going to give him.

"I will, Percy. Just enjoy this."

Apollo then ran his finger back across Percy's collar bone, down his chest, around his nipple. Always so softly, Percy feeling more from the touch of the hairs on his skin than his skin itself. Percy was constantly moaning, wanting more and more. When Apollo pinched Percy's nipple he jumps, not expecting such a hard touch. Loving the sound, Apollo runs a finger across to his other nipple to do the same. His mouth suddenly replaced his fingers as he lapped around the tight nub. Percy arched his back, moaning louder than before. Apollo worried the nub between his teeth before biting down…hard.

"Ahh!" Percy cried out. "Please more…just…anything, please."

Apollo smirked, and Percy knew it despite not being able to see. Percy couldn't take the slow teasing anymore. His cock was throbbing painfully, and he could feel the pre come leaking out of it profusely. He wanted to feel Apollo's skin and wanted to run his hands down the god's muscular back.

"Please untie me," Percy begged. "I want to touch you."

"Not yet," said the god deeply. "Not until I say so."

To help ease Percy's tensions, Apollo began pumping his hand up and down on his lover's cock, feeling every vein pulsing with life. Percy arched his hips up, meeting Apollo's hand with his own thrusts. Apollo could not keep his eyes away from Percy's face. Even though the demigod's eyes were covered, Apollo could see the look of pure bliss spread across his gorgeous face.

Percy whined when Apollo removed his hand from his aching hardness. Apollo smiled lustfully down at Percy, capturing his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. As he kissed his young lover, Apollo sneakily slide a slick finger over his lover's tight entrance. Percy moaned against the god's mouth when he felt the slick digit slide inside of him fully. It felt so amazingly good that Percy could have come right there. Quickly Apollo slid another finger inside, thrusting deeply and slowly.

"Oh gods!" Percy gasped suddenly when the god reached his prostate. "Oh, right there! Ohh right there, Apollo. Shit!"

Percy spreads his legs wider, giving the god more room to work. Apollo gazed down at Percy, loving how much Percy was enjoying what he was doing to him. Percy was beside himself with hazy lust and it was driving him crazy. He needed Apollo to fuck him so badly and he didn't care how needy he sounded.

"Fuck me," Percy said in a husky whisper.

"Fuck me what?" Apollo grinned as he worked a third finger into Percy, pressing against his prostate again.

"Fuck me... please, Apollo," Percy bit his lip in desperate need.

"That's it slut, beg for it," the god said with an authority that made Percy shiver.

Percy had no words left, just whimpers and moans as he wantonly moved against Apollo's teasing. He gasped when Apollo quickly removed his fingers. Percy heard the familiar sound of a zipper being undone. He heard Apollo's jeans land somewhere on the floor, and before he knew it he felt the head of Apollo's cock pressing into him.

"You want it?" Apollo

"Yes," Percy rasped. "Please, I need you to fuck me."

Apollo didn't think it was possible for him to get any harder than he already was, but seeing Percy this way proved him wrong. He quickly prepped himself, and without delay, pushed all the way into Percy's waiting body. Percy cried out in ecstasy and again fought against the cloth holding his wrists to the headboard.

Percy mewled, his toes curled and back arched in pleasure as he was filled by Apollo's length. Apollo pulled out again, a bit quicker before pressing in again, meeting Percy's arching backside. The pace slowly increased, Percy meeting each thrust of Apollo's dick with his rear as Apollo gripped the smaller man's hips, pulling him to meet his cock with each thrust.

"Tell me, baby," Apollo said, "Does it feel good?"

"Yes, Apollo, yes," Percy moaned. He knew that this was only stroking Apollo's ego, but he didn't care.

Apollo laughed softly, "How good is it, Percy?"

Percy didn't have time to answer as Apollo thrust towards his prostate, hitting the bundle of nerves dead on. Percy threw his head back and cried out as searing electric heat soared through his body. Apollo smirked and kept on thrusting at that angle, loving the fact that Percy was crying out so loudly for him.

Apollo chuckled again, continuing to slam into Percy's prostate, "Come on, baby, I asked you a question. Tell me how good it is." Apollo demanded as he picked up his speed.

"So, so good," Percy practically gasped. "I love the way you feel inside me…feels so good. I love it when take me."

Apollo was in heaven, his cock being gripped by Percy tight ring of muscles and the sound of Percy's voice was driving him wild, "That's it," Apollo moaned, head thrown back in ecstasy with his eyes closed as he was reaching his top speed.

Apollo began stroking Percy's unattended dick. Percy's bangs are plastered to his forehead with sweat, and Apollo could feel the same slickness all over both of their skins. They're grunting and gasping so much at this point they can barely get in more than a kiss or two before having to break back apart.

"Yes!" Percy cried out as Apollo thrust into him even faster.

"That's what you want huh? A good, hard fuck." Apollo thrust hard again, making Percy thrash against his restraints.

"Oh fuck.. yes...hard, fast. Fuck me till we can barely stand."

Apollo groaned and snatched Percy's hair, wrapping it around his fist as he fucked him. Hard, deep, and fast, just like Percy wanted. So close to the edge, Percy gripped at the wrought iron he was tied to so hard that his knuckles turned white. Apollo grabbed Percy's right leg and tossed it over his shoulder and thrust into his willing body all the way to the hilt. Both men cried out loudly at the feeling of being this complete with one another.

Ramming into Percy's tight body, Apollo forced a moan from him with each thrust. The world around them seemed to vanish. Apollo straightened his back and wrapped an arm around each of Percy's thighs, pulling both legs over his shoulders. Percy howled lustfully, writhing beneath the god's strong body. The new angle drove Percy absolutely wild.

Apollo growled, pulling Percy's body toward him as he shoved forward. Then he held himself still, deep inside only for a moment before continuing his brutal thrusts. The pleasure and pain Percy was experiencing was almost too much. This is exactly what he wanted and was thrilled Apollo was giving him exactly what he wanted. Neither wanted the feelings coursing through their bodies to end.

"Apollo…I'm so close," Percy rasped. "Gonna come."

"Me too," Apollo said through labored breath. "Wait for me."

After a few more thrusts, Apollo could hold back no longer and with a loud cry of Percy's name, released hard into the demigod's willing body. Stream after stream coated Percy's insides, bring Percy to his own orgasm. He wished he could see the look on Apollo's face as he came, because it always looked so beautiful. The thought of it alone made Percy moan. Crying out Apollo's name in a loud shriek, Percy came, coating both of their chests with his release.

Apollo collapsed atop Percy's body, and the only sound that could be heard was heavy breathing. After a few moments, Percy's blind fold was removed and his wrists were untied. He immediately wrapped his arms around the god's back, pressing up against him and feeling their heartbeats pounding together. They kissed softly for awhile, basking in the afterglow.

"Happy birthday," said Apollo through their kisses.

Percy smiled and was thoroughly convinced that this was the best birthday he ever had.

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