Tony had finally done it.

He finally found the courage to ask Ziva David to go on a date with him; and what was even more surprising than that was she actually said yes.

The plans were set, on Friday night after work; they were going out to dinner at Zentan. It was probably going to cost Tony his entire paycheck but he didn't care. He wanted this night to be special.

When Friday finally came Tony could hardly contain his happiness; he had no idea if she felt the same way but she kept looking up from her desk, as soon as he would look up and meet her gaze she would quickly look back down at the file on her desk.

At 7:30 McGee was the first to stand up and place his report on Gibbs' desk before picking up his jacket and leaving the bullpen after saying goodbye to everyone.

It wasn't too long before Tony received an IM from Ziva.

I will wait outside for you. Tony just looked up and nodded slightly. Ziva stood up and handed her report to Gibbs. She left and Tony brought his finished report to Gibbs.

He was about to leave when Gibbs stopped him.

"DiNozzo," He barked before Tony left the bullpen.

"Yeah, boss?" Tony asked mid-stride.

Gibbs didn't know why but his gut was doing flip-flops which usually only happened when somebody on his team was in trouble; especially Tony.

"Be careful tonight, watch your six." He said; Tony's countenance was one of confusion.

"Always do." Tony replied. Gibbs merely nodded and Tony left. As soon as the elevator pinged open and Tony stepped inside Gibbs' phone started ringing.

"Gibbs." Gibbs answered.

"Gibbs!" It was Abby.

"What is it, Abbs?" Gibbs asked the usually cheerful Goth; however at the moment she sounded kind of freaked.

"Gibbs I'm freaking out! I feel asleep at my computer, and I know that's kind of strange especially for me, but I was waiting for AFIS to find a match for some fingerprints and that can take a long time and I haven't been able to sleep that much lately, so I did. I fell asleep and I had a really weird dream about Tony and Ziva. They were covered in blood in an ally and I woke up crying. I haven't had a dream like that since before Kate died."

Gibbs honestly didn't know what to think about that. For one thing, it was just a dream; on the other, his gut usually wasn't wrong and it was definitely telling him something "hinky" as Abby put it.

"They'll be fine, Abby." Gibbs said; he wasn't sure who he was trying to convince though.


The dinner went just as Tony had hoped it would. They didn't have time to change before they went to the restaurant but that didn't matter.

They had parked down the road from where the restaurant was so they decided to walk. It was dark as they walked the few blocks and the area was pretty much deserted which was strange for that time of night. They had just been coming up with a genius prank to play on McGee the following Monday when all hell broke loose.

Tony could hear footsteps coming up from behind them. It sounded like there were enough footsteps for several people to be behind them. He felt something slam into the back of his head and he pitched forward.

He could hear Ziva yelling but he didn't know why. When he was able to draw himself to his full height, he turned around to find two men dragging Ziva into the ally. She was fighting fiercely but she was outnumbered and taken by surprise.

His ears were ringing, and his vision was slightly blurred but he knew what they were going to do to her if they were able to get her into that ally so he lunged at them. As soon as he barreled into the first guy it through everyone off balance and they fell to the ground. Tony and one of the men, the taller of the two, stood up. The second man stayed on the ground, pinning Ziva to the ground. Tony figured she must have hit her head on the pavement when they fell because she looked dazed as she stayed on the ground.

As soon as they were standing the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. It looked similar to the one Gibbs always carried, Tony thought to himself. The man lunged at Tony, Tony heard Ziva yell his name, but his concussed brain slowed his reaction time considerably and he was too slow to dodge the man's attack.

As soon as the man tackled him he felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his stomach. The man hadn't tackled him hard enough to send them crashing to the ground again. He had his arm wrapped around Tony's back as he shoved the knife into his stomach. Tony could feel the man breathing in his ear before the pain intensified when the man pulled the knife out and stabbed him again a couple of inches above the first one. With a jerk of his hands he twisted the knife before pulled it out a second time. Tony could hear Ziva screaming his name as he felt something that tasted like copper run out of the corner of his mouth.

Somehow Ziva was able to find the strength to gain the upper hand with the man pinning her down after watching the other man stab Tony, twice. After affectively knocking her captor unconscious by bashing his head into the pavement she advanced towards Tony's attacker. She pulled him away from Tony, noticing how Tony clutched his stomach as he dropped to the ground, and without even thinking about it snapped his neck. She let the now dead man fall to the ground before kneeling down next to Tony.

She looked at his pale face and almost gagged as the smell of blood hit her nose. She looked down at his abdomen and couldn't believe how much of it there was already on the ground. She reached in her pocket and quickly dialed 911. As soon as she was done giving the dispatcher the information they needed she let the phone drop to the ground and begun applying pressure to the wounds.

Tony groaned at the pain but his eyes remained tightly closed. His mouth was pinched together in pain and she could see a steady trickle of blood cascading down from the corner of his mouth onto the cold pavement under him.

"Tony, look at me." She said desperately. When his eyes opened they were a brilliant green, much darker then she had ever seen them. They held a look of pure agony she never wanted to see in them.

"Zi…Ziva?" He asked carefully.

"Yes, Tony. I'm here." She said, not realizing she had let a tear slid down her face.

"H...Hurts." Tony gasped as he tried to turn away from Ziva's hands and the pressure they were applying to his abdomen.

"I know; the ambulance will be here soon. Just hang on a little bit longer."

"Any…anything for you." Tony coughed. Ziva was about to reply when she heard the sirens approaching. Before she knew what was happening they were swarmed with paramedics. They quickly placed pressure bandages over the wounds but they were soaked through almost immediately. They hastily secured Tony to a gurney before loading him into the ambulance. Ziva was assisted through the backdoors of the ambulance as well due to her head injury and seemingly closeness with their critical patient.


Once aboard the ambulance, one of the paramedics closed the doors. The driver turned on the sirens and they were off so quickly everyone on-board almost lost their balance.

The paramedics set Tony up with an IV to replace the fluids he was rapidly losing. They replaced the already soaked bandages with new, clean ones.

Ziva felt completely helpless as those too were quickly soaked with blood. She had no idea how such a perfect night could be ruined so quickly. It was something she had been waiting for, for years. Throughout her time at NCIS they had both found others they thought they were in love with. Usually those relationships turned out to be disasters and when that happened, the other one was always there; even if it wasn't in the way they had thought they would be. Too much time had been wasted as they danced around each other too afraid to admit to themselves how they truly felt. Now, as soon as they finally acted upon those feelings, this had to happen. If Tony died, Ziva didn't know how she was going to handle this one. There had been too much death, and this one would be, by far, the worst one.


Rick Jacobs had been a paramedic for seven years. As soon as he had made it through medical school he realized where his calling was. He had seen some of the worst injuries in the DC area so he knew as he saw his patient it was bad. The placement of the stab wounds and the amount of blood loss pointed to a ruptured abdominal aorta. The problem was; most cases like this usually ended in death.

To Be Continued.

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