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Chapter 3

Bickering and Bantering

Blue., that was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes. Pure blue. Not a single cloud in the sky. Ciel sat up and stretched. It was a warm spring day, he must've fallen asleep under the shady tree that he was sitting near. He couldn't remember how he got there, so he took a quick glance around the area. Blanket, picnic baskets, and the outerwear tea set. A picnic? With who? The tea set was set for two. Ciel was confused at the absence of the second person.

He was now standing looking around the area. Trees, and lots of them. He gathered he must've been in the woods near his manor. There was nothing but silence that greeted him as he eyed the picnic laid out before him. He felt that something about the picnic was odd. Something was off, and he couldn't quite place it. He gingerly examined the tea pot, it was still warm, he sniffed it, it smelt fine. He replaced the tea pot on the wooden surface and examined other things that occupied the blanket.

Nothing was out-of-place, none of it smelled weird. The only place he had yet to examine was the picnic basket. Seeing as how nothing was out-of-place, or odd, he thought nothing of the picnic basket. As he came closer to the basket a strange scent wafted through the air, Ciel recognized the scent, but couldn't place it. As he reached out his hand to open the basket the stench became stronger and he came to a realization as to what exactly that stench was; burnt, rotting flesh.

He forced him self not to gag at the smell and steeled him self for what he could possibly find inside the basket. Upon opening the lid he saw nothing but clean white table cloth with something long and slightly bulbous at the end underneath it.

The boy steeled himself once again and pulled back the cloth to reveal a charred severed arm. What was worse, was it was that of a woman's, the wedding ring still on her dainty finger. Ciel immediately recognized this ring as his mothers and gagged. He kicked the repulsive basket away, when the basket went flying away from him there was a sharp blood curdling scream from just behind him.

He claps his hands over his ears in a futile attempt to block out the screams to no avail. The screams get louder and more pitiful. He runs, runs as fast as his legs allow. Anywhere, he runs away from the picnic in attempt to escape the almost child like screams.

As he nears the creek that is close by his mansion he slows, his asthma slowly taking hold. His tiny form shook with such force he wondered if he was to break apart. He came to a halt at the creek's edge. The screaming had stopped, but the sky exchanged it's pure blue colour for a more foul gray colour with red streaks. It was an angry sky, it seemed like it would start pouring at any moment. He hears soft footfalls behind him, he spins around quickly as his asthma subsides but no one is there. His heart begins to race, sweat forms on his brow. Someone was following him, he just knows it.

He takes deep calming breaths. He tries to reason that he is only paranoid. He slowly turns back around to the creek wondering who was it that was following him. As he looks at the creek he is forced to make a double take. The creek is no longer a creek, it is instead a pool, a red pool. Ciel is confused by the sudden change. A pool of what? He wonders, he crouches to investigate further and tentatively touches the liquid. It was lukewarm, and sticky, when he looked at the red liquid closed is noted it metallic scent. He shut his eyes quickly and whipped the liquid off on the ground.

As he stood up his head was struck with something hard, a metallic taste formed in his mouth almost immediately. He sat on the ground quickly and rubbed his head. Looking up he noticed a rather low ceiling, too low for him to stand up under. His realization was slow. He was no longer in his yard, the angry colour of the sky was not a sky, but a roof and draperies. And the pool of liquid was blood.

"no, no, NO, N-!"

A child screamed and was silenced. Ciel's ears were once again filled with the screams of children, his nose filled with the stench of death. From where he sat he turned around and was greeted with a set of bars and the face of a man. A face so menacing one could never forget. Beyond the man looking in was a pile of bodies, too small and too numerous for the little earl to count. A slow creak came from behind him as the cage door was opened, a grotesque faced man groped inside the cage and snatched up the boy. Ciel was dragged through the pool of blood and out through the cage.

He could properly see now, the table, the blood, the bodies, the cages... the ceremonial robes and dagger. It became all to clear as his clothing was stripped from him violently and ragged hands explored his already dirty body. As he was pushed over the table he let out a scream, a plea for help and every thing went dark.


"Bo... An... Chan... Bocchan!" came the soft yet stern voice. It cut through the heavy darkness.

It had been close to 4 years now since Ciel had his first nightmare. Each more gruesome and violent than the next. Ciel was flailing in his sleep, Sebastian came a little too close to the seventeen year old in attempt to shake him awake. Ciel had developed a mean left hook, due to countless kidnappings, and attempted kidnapping, and attacks, Sebastian thought it would be a good idea to have his master learn some sort of self defense. Said mean left hook caught Sebastian's right eye, leaving a lovely bruise.

"A wonderful hit my lord."

Ciel swings his arm once again but this time, Sebastian is aware of his actions and blocks the hit. Sebastian ran his hand through his hair and sighed slightly. He saw no other option to wake his sleeping master. Using both hands he retrains Ciel, he closed the distance between their faces and kissed the blunett.

The younger's eyes open slowly, then quickly as he realizes that there is a wet slippery something trying to force it's way into his mouth. In his sleepy daze he bites Sebastian's tongue hard enough to draw blood.

"Dammnit Sebastian. Why did you wake me in such a manner? It's not even morning!" Ciel was cross, he forgot about his own order for a split second before he dropped his guard. Realizing he was in no danger he lowered his now raised fist.

Sebastian chuckled slightly as he tasted blood in his mouth.

"You gave me orders 4 years prior to "wake you if you became disturbed", I was merely doing my job as I was ordered, did you forget your own orders, my lord?" he said looking slightly more smug than normal.

Ciel scoffed and shifted in his bed. "No... Of course I didn't "forget..." I was making sure you remembered my orders." he said looking at the covers. He looks at Sebastian with a serious look on his face.

"What is it, Bocchan?" Sebastian asked with genuine concern.

"My dream..." he started slowly "It was worse than the last.. It was more of a memory, from that time. Only, this time there were more dead children, and the stench, it was unbearable." he stopped, recalling this made him feel ill.

Sebastian's expression was contemplative, he thought a moment before offering an answer, "Perhaps, you need a teddy bear?" he asked in a serious tone. Ciel looked at him like he was insane for suggesting something so absurd.

"I am an adult Sebastian, I hardly need a "teddy bear" to keep my nightmares at bay." he crossed his arms. Sebastin chuckled.

"I was not being sarcastic, I merely meant to say a sleep aid. Be it teddy bear, or a warm body next to you. A sleep aid is a sleep aid, Master." he said standing up.

Ciel eyed him suspiciously. "If that is what you meant, then why did you not say it like that?" he questioned not unfolding his arms. Sebastian chuckled again, more darkly this time.

"Why? It's so simple master, while you claim to be an adult, and fully capable, you really are still just a child. In the day, you act like an adult, but at night, you have nightmares and attempt to cling to your mother's breast." he said turning to face the young man.

Ciel was taken aback, he glared at the butler. "Insolent fool!" he shouted slamming his hand on the bed.

"I apologize, I was out of line. No matter how correct I am."

Ciel sighed. "..." there was a long pause between the two. "Sebastian... Sleep with me for the rest of the night." he said in a quite tone, barely audible to the demon in the room.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Sebastian asked slyly.

"I am NOT repeating myself Sebastian." he said almost too loudly.

Sebastian smirked, "I shall prepare my bed clothing, I will be back momentarily."

Ciel waved him off, as soon as the door had closed he rolled over to the other side of his bed and turned on his side facing the wall.

"Stupid demon.." he whispered under his breath before he succumbed to sleep.

When Sebastian returned he couldn't help but to smile at the young man sleeping in an awkward position.

"How... Cute." he said as he climbed into bed with his master. He pulled him close to his body and held him there securely. 'Just like mother's breast' he thought to himself as he willed himself into the luxury of sleep.

Sebastian was right, the nightmares had stopped due to his "teddy bear". Ciel vowed to never mention this fact to the demon next to him as he drifted into a deep sleep.