Alfred studied himself in his car's rear-view mirror having been spending the last five minutes or so fixing his hair and adjusting the multitude of earrings that punctured the shell of his ear.

He could feel it in his gut; this would be the night, the infamous, Angel, would notice him. He gazed at the entrance to the 'XXX All-Males Club' as he got out of his car and straightened his leather jacket, locking his car starting for the door.

He yanked it open being greeted by a few very attractive patrons to whom he gave a polite smile to before continuing into the building. He had come in at the perfect timing; the show was just about to begin.

Flashing lights lit up the stage as body thumping music began to play loudly from the large speakers placed on the stage. An amateur that was obviously new to the club came through the red curtains dancing, horribly in Alfred's eyes, across the stage and down the short runway before starting to grind himself against the pole that jutted out from the stage.

Alfred rolled his eyes taking a seat near the stage and crossing his arms waiting for the main attraction to begin.

Finally, in the last 10 minutes after seeing a few decent performances, Angel took the stage. A few people in the small crowd whistled and cheered for him to whom he answered with a smile and a wink. Alfred dug in his pocket pulling out a small wad of cash and clenched it in his fist waiting for Angel to make his way over to dance in the audience.

Angel slowly stripped himself of his tight mesh shirt leaving him only clad in neon green leather shorts that just went low enough to cover his back end. He slinked his way over to the pole sliding his back down it and spreading his legs wide.

Alfred swallowed; he had picked a very good seat.

Angel stood once again walking around the pole once before hoisting himself up and spinning back to the floor, testing out his simpler moves before moving on. He lifted himself again shimmying up the pole, holding it between his legs he slowly let himself drop and bend backwards, arching his back for balance, grabbing the pole below him and spreading his legs into a wide upside-down straddle split.

Alfred watched in awe; he often came to see Angel's shows but never had he seen him do such an intricate trick. He scoped out Angel's muscles they were toned but not too prominent showing that he was strong.

Angel flipped himself back down to the floor and unbuttoned the shorts letting them drop to the ground revealing the darker green tight boy-cut panties that he wore and, from what Alfred could tell, matched his bright eyes.

He hopped off the stage making his way around the room to catch his earnings.

He paused at Alfred momentarily as he handed him a few dollars. Angel reached out to grab it but Alfred yanked it away shaking his head. "Not yet. There'll be more in it if I get something out of this."

"My show wasn't enough for you?" Angel's voice rang out from over the music in his smooth British accent.

"It was. For a sum of cash but I can give you more if you do something for me." Alfred gave him a grin as he thought over the proposition.

"Don't leave after the show." He said simply before walking away to collect the rest of his money and watching the rest of the customers leave.

After a few minutes he returned walking around to the back of Alfred's chair leaning in to smooth his hands over Alfred's chest and murmur in his ear. "How much more?"

"30." Alfred bit his lip rising into the touch slightly.

"40." The Briton negotiated placing a tender kiss to his temple.

"35 and your real name." He felt Angel freeze before getting up and moving around to his front slipping easily into his lap.

"Deal." He said getting within kissing distance with Alfred. "So, what do you want done?" He asked huskily, his breath washing over Alfred face.

Alfred looked away contemplating his options. "First? Your name."

Angel smirked raising a heavy eyebrow. "Most people would ask for something else instead of my name as a first request. My name is Arthur."

"Arthur…" Alfred tried it out on his tongue. "It's nice."

"What's yours?"

Alfred laughed with slight humor. "Do you care?"

Arthur hummed. "Not really. But I thought it was a nice gesture."

"It's Alfred."

"Oh? So, Alfred, what else would you like tonight? Perhaps, a dance? " Arthur punctuated the word 'dance' with a small grind of his hips to Alfred's.

Alfred bit back a moan and nodded sharply.

Arthur stood from his lap turning his back to Alfred and began slowly swaying his hips in a gentle rhythm twirling them in small circles. He took a small step out bending at the waist and arching his back guiding a hand up his thigh and lightly ran a hand over his arse. He did it again as he looks over his shoulder biting his lip, before spanking himself pointedly.

Alfred smirked at the sight wanting to try it for himself.

Arthur leaned back on Alfred's chest bracing himself on his knees and grinded into Alfred's groin making him let out a small sigh of pleasure. Arthur ground hard into him resting his head on Alfred's shoulder looking at his reaction; he briefly leaned in licking just under Alfred's chin making him jump slightly at the action.

Alfred looked at him and leaned into to snag a brief kiss but Arthur stood once again turning to face him and slide back into this lap one knee pressed up against his groin. Arthur leaned in; his body flush against Alfred's dipping in to gently bite Alfred's ear and tug, licking it as a small apology. Alfred shivered feeling himself grow hard as the knee rubbed against him.

Arthur slid his body down Alfred's, sensually slipping away from him onto the floor. Arthur leaned in kissing the fly of Alfred's jeans before standing with an outstretched palm and a confident smirk.

Alfred sighed putting his money into Arthur's hand. "Some angel."

"You had your fun." Arthur replied thumbing through the bills and slipping them away into his underwear. "See you next time. Alfred." He waved leaving Alfred with a slight problem aching away in his pants and empty pockets.

Next time, huh?