Percy and Annabeth just weren't meant to be. This devastation causes Percy to choose the life of an immortal. It seems Aphrodite has some interesting plans for Percy. Is forbidden love out of the question?

Percy's POV

The words pried into the back of my brain. It was all I could think about. 'Percy, I thought I loved you, but truly, you are more of a brother to me like Luke.'

It pained me especially when she told me that I was just a brother to her and then she compared me to LUKE!

Annabeth broke my heart and left me to take a big job in Greece as an architect. The job offer apparently 'opened her eyes' to the possibilities she could have. I was 'holding her back' and she didn't want to go out with me anymore. We dated for 2 years and she decided to dump me! I was going to take her to Greece for our 2 year anniversary and I was going to propose! She ruined all my plans and just left. I have been devastated for the past week and the whole Aphrodite cabin feels sympathy towards me.

I took out a small box that was covered with sea green colored velvet and had blue lining. I opened the box up to reveal a ring that had a silver base and had a giant pearl taken from my father's palace walls. On both sides of the pearl were sea green emeralds, one on each side. I closed the box and sighed. I placed it in my dresser drawer in my cabin at camp. I won't need it anymore.

I heard the conch horn blow and I headed to the dining pavilion. I've kept to myself most of the time and was silent. I walked into the pavilion and no one said a word to me. I looked over at the Athena table. I always do that to see if our breakup was a dream or not. Every time I see that it wasn't a dream. Annabeth is in Athens, Greece and I am here. She is out of my life.

I made my offer to my dad and just him. He is the only on I offer to now. I prayed for a solution and asked for him to make things better. The flame turned a bright sea green. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned and faced my dad.

"My boy, come with me."

I nodded my head and followed as everyone watched us. I followed my dad outside.

"Grab hold of my trident son." I did what he said and we were engulfed into a bright light. When the light subsided, we were on Olympus. I was really confused at this point.

"Follow me Percy."

We walked into the throne room and I bowed before Zeus as my father took a seat at his throne.

"Rise hero son of Poseidon."

I stood up before the gods. Zeus spoke again.

"We have discussed a lot of things and most of them concerned you. We all have agreed that your heroics saved us all and you are very loyal." Zeus grumbled the last bit. "I usually do not offer the gift to someone twice once they decline it once, but we need a new voice and younger mind by our sides. So, Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, do you accept our offer of immortality? We will make you a god and this is the last time we will make this offer so make a decision that you won't regret."

"All of you agreed to this?"

Zeus nodded his head. I was stunned. I thought about the offer like I did before. This time, there was no one person I was turning this offer down for. I looked at all of the gods faces. Athena had her nose in a book as usual, Apollo was listening to music on his iPod, my father was looking at me with a proud smile, Ares had a smirk on his face and he was sharpening his spear, Artemis was stringing her bow but glanced at me every so often with an unreadable expression, and the rest awaited my decision.

I sighed. "I accept." I stated with a small smile.

Zeus began chanting in Ancient Greek. 'Perseus Jackson, Hero of Olympus and loyal son of Poseidon, let gold ichor flow through your veins and let yourself become a god, the thirteenth Olympian.' I was shocked when he said thirteenth Olympian. I started to feel stronger and more powerful. I listened as Zeus continued. 'Become a god and rule over your domain with strength, leadership, and responsibility. Let your domain be decided as you become the god of Heroes, Quests, Swordsmanship, and Tidal Waves. You will be known as the Tidal Lord and King of Demigods. Your symbol of power will be your sword Anaklusmos and your sacred animal will be a black Pegasus, Blackjack as you call him. Your domain will be resided at Camp Half-Blood. Ancient Laws, accept the great hero into godhood.'

I was engulfed into another bright light and felt energy flow through my veins. The light died down and I saw a new throne next to my father. It had my symbol of power, sacred animal, a few tidal waves, and all of my adventures designed on the throne. I grew 15 feet tall and sat down on it. It felt so right.

I felt a pair of eyes on me and I looked over at Artemis and she looked away. I thought that was strange.

"Excellent, now, you will be address formally as Lord Perseus." I hated my full name, but there was no reason to argue with the king of the gods. "Dionysus, you are relieved from camp, but you will still be on probation from drinking. Only one drink a day, no more, no less."

Zeus dismissed the council and I was heading back to camp. I flashed into the Poseidon cabin and came out feeling better than I have in a while.

I walked straight to the big house to see Chiron. I walked up and Chiron was playing pinochle with 3 invisible people.

"Ah, Percy my boy, I'm sure you have noticed that Mr. D has been relieved of his duties."

I nodded my head. Chiron continued.

"Zeus gave word that a new god will be taking his position. The whole camp is wondering who the thirteenth Olympian is and if they are better than Mr. D."

"Chiron, I… am the new god."

Chiron stopped playing the game and looked up at me. Then he smiled. "Then, Lord Perseus, you should have a proper greeting from the camp. What are you the god of?"

"I am the god of Heroes, Quests, Swordsmanship, and Tidal Waves."

"What are your titles?"

"Tidal Lord and King of Demigods."

He nodded his head. "Don't let anyone know your identity until dinner tonight when you have your formal introduction to the camp."

I nodded my head and left the big house. I walked out and noticed a new cabin on the end of the other cabins. It didn't have any designs on it yet since I haven't given my identity yet, but I want it to look just like my throne.

All I had was sword fighting training before dinner. I was the god of swordsmanship now so this should be fun. I walked in and everyone was sprawling with each other. I saw Malcolm drinking some water. I walked up to him and asked him to sprawl with me. We set up in formation and I defeated Malcolm within 30 seconds. Everyone was staring at me. I forgot that I had to hide my godhood and didn't do it so well.

I was thankful that the conch horn blew signaling dinner. I made a bolt for the door and sat down at the Poseidon table for now. I saw a new table and knew it was for me. It would only be a matter of time.

Chiron got everyone's attention and made his announcement. Here we go!

"Campers, I know that you all know of the new god that will be replacing Mr. D. This new god has a palace on Olympus, but this is his domain. He is the god of Heroes, Quests, Swordsmanship, and Tidal Waves. He is known as the Tidal Lord and King of the Demigods. Campers, respect your god… Lord Perseus."

I stood up and everyone stared at me. I looked over at my table and watched as it changed to look similar to my throne. I assumed my cabin did the same. There was no turning back now.

Then, the hunters came into the dinning pavilion and sat down at the Artemis table. I looked at the entrance of the pavilion and saw Artemis standing there.



"You are needed on Olympus, come with me."

I sighed and nodded. I followed her outside and we transported to Olympus.

Sorry I didn't have much of Pertemis this chapter, but there is more to come and I promise it is to come.