Eli's POV

I was walking to the Dot to go and see my best friend Clare. I had been best friends with her since kinder garden. We will tell each other everything and never leave each other's side. I love her so much. But I'm almost positive that she doesn't feel the same way. I don't like any other girl and a lot of them kept trying to flirt with me so I did something completely stupid…I told everyone I was Gay. So now some guys approach me but I always lie and say I'm seeing someone.

I finally arrive at the Dot and I walk in to see Clare sitting at the counter waiting for me. God she is so beautiful. Her perfect little pink lips and those beautiful Blue eyes, and the way her hair is always perfectly curled to perfection. She is so perfect.

I walk in and sit down next to her.

"Hey Eli!" She says smiling at me.

"Hey, so where do you want to go today?" I ask her. We had arranged to meet here to figure out somewhere fun to go.

"Doesn't matter to me… The park?" She asks.

"Sure, let's go." We both get up and walk outside. I didn't bring Morty because the weather is really nice so we have to walk.

When we arrive at the park we both lay down in the grass and look up at the sky. We start talking and somehow got on the topic of weddings.

"On my wedding day, you can sit in the front row Eli." Clare says smiling.

Little does she know I don't want to be sitting in the front row… I want to be the one waiting for her. Waiting to take her hand in marriage. The one she will be with everyday of her life forever. I want to make her happy all the time. I wanted every smile she makes directed at me. I want to keep her as mine forever…

IM SUCH A FUCKING CHICKEN! I can't even tell the girl I have loved for years now that I love her! GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!

I just smirked at what Clare said because I couldn't get any words out.

We laid there for another fifteen minutes then I walked her home. It had already been like 3 hours.

When we reached her house all I wanted to do was kiss her and wrap her up in my arms. I wanted to keep her mine forever and make sure I'll never lose her now. But all I can be is her best friend now…She thinks I'm gay so… UGG!

"Bye Clare!" I say walking away and watching her go into her house.

"BYE ELI!" She yells since I was getting farther away.

God that girl needs to be mine.

Clare's POV

I love Eli. I love him so much! When he told me he was gay that broke my heart… I knew I could never have him then. I could only keep him a best friend.

I really need to move on but it's hard. My friend Ally has always offered to set me up on double dates with her and her boyfriend Drew. Maybe I should call her… I guess I have to…


"Hey Clare!" Ally said into the phone.

"Hey, so I was going to take you up on that double date offer…" I could tell she was about to explode with excitement.

"REALLY! THAT'S GREAT! How's Tonight at 8PM at the Stake house?" She asks.

"Ya that's fine…So who am I going with?" I ask.

"Drew's friend KC. And I'll be at your house at 730! BYE!" She hangs up.

I get dressed because I only have another half an hour left. I put on my skirt shirt and leggings and some flats. Then I touch up my makeup and by this time Ally is outside waiting for me.

"Hey Clare!" Ally says as I get into the back of her car.

"Hey, so are the guys meeting us there?" I ask Ally trying to make conversation.

"Yup, KC is really excited to meet you…that's what drew said. KC is coming to Degrassi after these last 2 weeks of summer are over and is going to be in the advanced classes too!" Ally seemed…Excited? I guess she just wants me to have a boyfriend too so I can go on more DOUBLE DATES with them or something.

"Cool." I say, We pull up to the steak house and when we get inside I see Drew standing next to a really cute guy!

He had shaggy blonde hair and was just a little taller than me.

"Hey." Ally said walking up to Drew dragging me along. She let go of my hand and kissed drew.

"Clare this is KC. KC Clare. "Ally said introducing us to each other.

"Hi, Clare." KC said looking me directly in the eye.

"Hi." I said shyly. I have to admit he was really REALLY Cute…

"So, let's go." Drew says leading us all in the restaurant. When we all went to sit down Ally and Drew made me and KC sit down in the waiting room? When they called us back up they had made it so me and KC were all alone! TOGETHER! Oh I am going to kill Ally. KC is nice and all but I hate being alone with people I don't even know. It makes me feel awkward.

"I can't believe they did this to us…" KC said to me.

"I should have known Ally would do something like this to me…Anyways I guess we need to forgive them and make the best of this anyways right?" I asked him.

"Ya, so Clare what do you like to do?" KC asked. I told him about my fan fiction and stuff and he thought it was really cool accually. We started laughing and talking and by the end of the night we had another date set up for tomorrow. And then we ended up going out almost every night a week and well… I had myself a boyfriend!

I just wonder what Eli is going to say… I haven't really told him yet… I haven't even seen him much lately and school starts tomorrow so I guess I'll tell him tomorrow…