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Eli's POV

"Eli let's make wishes." Clare says. Were lying in my bed watching a movie. Clare lives with me now since she left her aunt and it's perfect; she is perfect and were both happy for once.

"What do you mean?" I ask her.

"Like, write down wishes that we know won't ever be granted and burn them." She says. I nod and reach over to the side table to grab paper and pens, but before I could I felt Clare's tight grip on my arm. Oh god…

"Eli! WHAT IS THIS!" She says yelling loudly seeing the cuts on my arm. They still look very red and haven't even started to heal…

"Clare, when you were gone… I couldn't deal with the stress and I… well you can see that-" I stopped talking because Clare started to cry really hard.

I pulled her into my chest and pushed her hair out of her face. I then started to wipe those tears away.

"Clare, don't worry it will never happen again." I whisper.

"Eli, my last boyfriend he… died from c-cutting." She says crying even harder.

"Don't worry that isn't going to happen to me I promise." I say trying to get her to stop crying. It makes me so sad when I see her like this. All the light in her eyes is just gone.

"Ok, I'm sorry for reacting like that." Clare says.

"It's okay." I kiss her on the top of the head.

Clare then starts to go for my mouth and after a while she takes off my shirt and goes to unbuckle my belt.

"Clare, Are you sure your ready for this?" I ask her.

"Yes, I'm positive. I love you Eli, you're the right person." Clare says.

I pull her in and kiss her. She then she pulls my pants off and I'm left in my boxers.

I take off her shirt and shorts and the rest just flies off. I look her bare chest. She is so beautiful; I convince myself that I'm the luckiest man on the earth and start to kiss her again.

My fingers find her clit and start to rub over it. I hear her moan and she grows wet. I slide my finger into her and start to go in and out. Then add two more. I hear Clare moan loudly and I turns me on even more. I want to hear every sound she can make.

I grab a condom from my wallet and slide it on.

"Clare are you ready?" I ask her.

"Yes, I'm ready." She says.

"Its going to hurt but it will get better." I say.

I slide my dick inside her and start slowly. I see her eyes flood with tears. I start to kiss them away.

"I love you Clare." I say kissing her.

I start to go in and out of her a little faster and see her tears disappear I can hear her start to scream with pleasure.

"E-E-Eli, faster!" She says I obey her command and go faster.

After we finish I wrap my arms tightly around her and pull her into me.

"I didn't know you were such a screamer Clare." I say to her. I can tell she is blushing deeply.

"I love you Eli." She says taking off her purity ring and sliding it onto my finger.

"I love you too." I say back.

And we fall asleep just like that. And that's all I need.


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