Neo Angelique Abyss

Love That Transcends Dimensions

Chapter 1

Rayne looked at his research paper. It's been 5 years, huh? He thought as he reread the paper. Since the incident with Angelique, Rayne didn't think much but of a way to reach her. It had been a futile attempt, these past 5 years, but even if it took him a thousand years, he would still work to find a way to get to the holy land. Even if god himself opposes, I will bring her back! Rayne himself had grown a lot. His hair style still remained the same, but his clothing had changed from when he was a teenager. He now wore a complete green sweatshirt and a black leather jacket with black pants. His guns were always placed on the sides. Even though he had no use for them now, he always carried them around; just as a reminder of the good times he had with Angelique back then.

"Excuse me for interrupting, professor" Erenfried said, entering his office.

"I told you to stop calling me professor, Eren" Rayne said.

"And I told you to stop calling me 'Eren' it's Erenfried."

"I guess old habits die hard, don't they?"

"Indeed they do, but that isn't what I came to discuss."

"Then what is?"

"Have you found a way to reach the Holy Land?"

"No, I haven't. Every time I get close enough to the answer, everything just stumbles apart." Rayne scratched his head in confusion.

"I guess even the gods are afraid that if you find a way everyone would want to reach something that is supposed to be left as 'unreachable'."

Rayne stared at Erenfried, anger written plainly in his eyes. "You know that the reason I want to find the answer isn't because of that!"

Erenfried patted Rayne on the shoulder. "I know, but you have to think of ever possibility, Rayne"

"You're right. Say, have you gotten taller?"

"I have; thank you for noticing!" he said with the utmost pride.

"I see. Well, that's gonna be boring because I definitely won't be able mess with you."

Erenfried rolled his eyes and said, "May I borrow this book? Jet and I will find other options to help you out with your work."

"Alright, thanks" Rayne said.

"J.D., You've come home!"

"I'm sorry, Andrea, but I only came to say hello to Kai and leave."

"But, why? We all miss you here the most!"

"I know, but there's someone that needs me out there and without her smiling, I'm nothing more than an artifact."

Andrea stared at him. "Are you talking about that girl that came here the last time?" J.D. remained quiet.

Andrea smiled. "What happened to her?" she asked.

"She's up there…" he pointed to the sky.

"She…she died?" Andrea yelled.

"No, she's in the Holy Land watching over all of us as the Queen of Arcadia."

"The Q-queen? She was…the queen?"

"Yes, and right now it's been five years since she left. I'm trying to find a way to be with her because she'll get very lonely being there alone. I want her to always keep smiling!"

"I see. Then I won't bother you much, but make sure to come and see the elder, he's really sad because you haven't stopped by to visit him."

"Alright, then, I will." As he walked to a field of Sunflowers, he looked at the tombstone on the floor. "Kai, I've come home!" he smiled. "You know, I wish so much that god would bring back my angel and allow her to live a happy life with us here. It's just sad that it had to be her, someone who in so short of a time meant so much to us!" The Sunflowers swayed in the breeze. "Kai, wish me luck in bringing her back to Arcadia!" J.D. got up and walked away.


"So, Hyuuga, what have you come here for?" Nyx asked a fellow acquaintance of his as he offered some tea.

"I came to ask if you have had any sense of helping us out."


"We all want to bring Angelique back and since she brought you back, we were wondering if you had an idea of how to help us find her."

"Well…if I can think clearly, there isn't a way to bring her back, unless god himself allows it."

Hyuuga tightened his grip.

"Well, Hyuuga, I suggest you calm down and drink some tea." Erwin purred behind them.

"Oh, Erwin, come here boy" Nyx said as he sat down. Erwin jumped on the seat and allowed Nyx to pet him.

"I see he doesn't hate you as he used to."

"Probably because Erwin was a messenger of god…he could sense the evil that was inside me."

"Yeah, even that took us all by surprise." Hyuuga leaned to pet him. "Well, I won't take any more of your time, I'll be leaving for now."

"Alright then, but if you ever need to come to Hidamari Mansion, you're always welcome."

"Thanks" Hyuuga bowed down courteously at him and left.

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