Chapter 6

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Angelique had a fair amount of food, but she resumed to eating as little as possible. She didn't have much of an appetite and it wasn't much of a help to be doing things that required her to use extra force.

Rayne opened the door to her room and was shocked to find her changing.

When she noticed the door was opened, she turned around, only to find Rayne completely frozen.

"Kyaa!" she screamed.

"S-sorry!" Rayne said as he closed the door and walked away, his face completely red from embarrassment.

She just couldn't believe what had happened. Rayne had seen her in her underwear! That probably was the most suspicious thing for her to wonder whether or not it had been an accident or on purpose….but then again, Rayne was never someone to be like that.

Angelique sighed. Right now, her mind had to be focused on her mission.


By dinner, Rayne was still blushing as he sat in front of Angelique.

She in turn acted quite embarrassed around him.

"Are you alright, little Ange? You seem kind of red from the face." Bernard questioned as he looked at her worriedly.

"I'm fine…moreover; I heard that you had married and now have two beautiful children…congratulations, Bernard-niisan!" she smiled delightfully.

"Yeah, well…at first it didn't go so well because we only began to date, until I found out that her father was the boss of the publishing company I work at and her father liked me for a great amount of time, so marrying her wasn't as much of a problem to him as it was to me."

"Why would that be a problem?" she asked.

"Well….Ellinor is a very hard working woman, but very stubborn and doesn't like it when I try to take on her burdens" he sighed.

"I don't think that matters to you, though, niisan" she smiled, noticing there was an almost proud look in his eyes as he mentioned his wife.

"What about your children, Bernard?" Roche asked.

"Matthew is barely going to go to Kindergarten while Samantha will have her first birthday in the coming month."

"I wish I could see them soon" Angelique mumbled as she popped a strawberry in her mouth.

Roche laughed. "You've got some strawberry juice on your chin"

"Oh, I do-?" but before she could reach for it, he had already licked it off.

"There, its done"

"Roche!" she blushed.

"That's not very gentleman-like" Nyx answered seriously.

"I'm not a gentleman as you are, old man" Roche stated.

"Roche that was rude, you shouldn't do that!" J.D. fought.

Rayne didn't say anything. He only stared at Angelique.

"Geez, I don't see why you guys are getting angry, me and her have always been on good terms and she knows I'm just kidding…right Angelique?" he smiled as he reached out to pull her towards him, had Rayne not interrupted with a sudden slam.

"Would you stop treating her as if she was your girlfriend?"

At this, everyone became quiet.

"Professor, he was just playing around" Erenfried said.

"No, he's way too stupid to realize that he's affecting her!"

"Who are you calling stupid? You couldn't even stop her from leaving, now could you?"

"Roche! Rayne!" Angelique cried out, but they wouldn't stop yelling at each other.

"Please stop fighting!" she cried out.

Suddenly, a black Doberman appeared from the doors, a bunch of Silver Wood Knights behind him.

Angelique looked at the Doberman as did everyone else.

The dog stared at Angelique's crying face and growled at the other guys. Immediately, he stood in front of her protectively, pushing her behind him.

"Whose is that dog?" Hyuuga asked one of his fellow knights.

"We don't know, he just barged inside!"

"Elliot, I'm alright…it was just a misunderstanding…" she cried to the dog as he growled ferociously at the men in front of him.

"Elliot? Angelique do you know this dog?" Bernard asked.

She nodded and instantly, the dog transformed into a man with black hair and blazing red eyes.

"What do you think you're doing touching god's daughter?"


"Yes, actually, I found out that the Queen of Arcadia is actually a name titled for those who are born in this world as God's Daughter. Elliot is a messenger of God and was sent on this mission with me to protect me."

"Mission…wait, protect?"

"Actually, I have something I need to discuss with all of you, but I need Rene-san to be here too"

"Ojou-sama, are you sure we can trust these people?" Elliot asked worriedly.

"Elliot they're my friends, my very important friends and they have always helped me when I need them-"

"We've also protected her, just so you know" Rayne answered.

Elliot only snarled…the true qualities of a Doberman appearing in his face.

"Elliot…please" Angelique reprimanded.

"Yes, ojou-sama" he bowed at her and stood protectively behind her.

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