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Wind whipped mercilessly past the docks of Domino, a city that was quickly returning to normal after the Battle City Tournament. Almost silent footfalls reverberated off the concrete. Black-gloved hands futilely pulled the corners of a half-zipped leather jacket closer to each other. The footsteps ceased. Their owner rolled their shoulders from front to back in hopes of relaxing before this meeting with an informant took place. As a precaution, their hands casually slid into the inner pockets of their jacket, brushing against two loaded pistols. Hopefully there would be no need to reveal them.

A sigh escaped from pursed lips as hazel eyes scanned their surroundings vigilantly. Only a fool would allow their guard to fall in potentially dangerous circumstances like these, and the figure was so used to such circumstances that constant vigilance had laced through their mind to the point that it became second nature. Not a bad habit, given that this trait was essential in this…profession.

Said occupation also required self-discipline, as well as a minimal portrayal of emotions, through facial expressions or otherwise. Becoming emotionally tethered to any aspect of this occupation was a sign of weakness, something that their employer would not tolerate under any circumstances. Of course, he was more intolerant of failure. Briefly less than pleasant memories flashed through their mind before they steeled their focus back to the matter at hand. Failure was not an option here, and never would be.

Though the memories were still present within their mind despite the change of focus, they were hardly reminisced due to the sudden scuffing sound of clumsy footfalls in the distance. The many years spent in this profession honed the senses. The senses proved to be one of the only things they could truly rely on. The individual knew there was someone else on the pier.

"You the one who wants information on The R.H.?" A grated voice asked. "If so, I can give it; how much I give depends on how much I get in return." The first arrival turned to face the second smoothly, minutely expressing disgust at the obvious inebriation of the speaker. The first curtly nodded, pulling a hefty amount of money from their exterior pocket to wordlessly hand to the second individual. After pocketing it greedily, the second started speaking, the words bearing an attempt to disguise the drunken undertone they held.

Despite the speaker's self-induced impairment, there were a few gems of information amidst the clearly biased rambling. It was revealed that the seeker's target was traveling by sea to Egypt, the target's country of origin, and several places within that county that were likely locations to begin searching.

I'm already this far, the seeker thought with a pleased smirk. This mission will be child's play.

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