Well now, I have challenged my sister to a duel of the Ouran High School Host Club contest! This will be fun because we are both making crossovers she is doing my favorite movie and I am doing one her favorite shows. Here we go...SWAC and OHSHC (?)

The cast of So Random! stepped off the plane and out into the airport. A wave of fish and rice washed over them as they pulled their luggage behind themselves.

"Welcome to Japan!" Tawni announced with a wide grin. She had been the one to suggest taking a vacation to Japan during the show's season break and was even more enthused when everyone had agreed right off the bat.

The group of five had two weeks two themselves to chill and soak up some sun on the beaches of the island. They had found their hotel and put their bags in their rooms then the girls went out shopping and the guys went to find prime restaurants.

"Tawni slow down! We've lost Zora and I'm getting blisters from walking!" Sonny called up to the other teen who had been walking in heels for three hours without pain.

"You hurry up!" Tawni retorted. "I heard these shops are having amazing discounts today only and I'm not even half done!"

"Well fine! I'm going to sit down then find Zora. I'll meet you back here at two! You better be here!" Sonny yelled as the blond disappeared into the crowd. She sighed and rubbed her tired feet. Zora is probably going to be in the shop with the most weapons, so I'll look in those first. She shook her head. Chad would have helped me look for her, she stiffened. But Chad's not here, get over it! She took a look around. "Ice cream! That'll be nice!" she stood and walked over to stand in line. She stood behind a group of High Schoolers that all had a prestigious look about them. Then one dropped some money. She bent to help and ended knocking heads with the person who had dropped the money.

"Oh! I-I'm sorry," Sonny started while rubbing her head.

"That's okay," the other teen replied; he looked up and saw Sonny. "That is perfectly alright my little Rose." He added a broad smile.

Sonny started. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me," the blond boy said taking her hands in his. Sonny backed up and almost ran into another person.

"Tamaki, what are you doing?" said the girl in front of him.

"Greeting and thanking this beautiful girl for collecting my money." he pushed the money he had dropped towards Sonny. "Here, you can take it, I don't need it."

"Um, no thanks," Sonny replied still a little edgy.

"Don't mind Tamaki, he's a flirt," the girl reassured.

Sonny gave a nervous laugh. "I noticed."

"In fact, I'm sure he wouldn't mind buying ice cream for you, like a true gentleman, as he was teaching me not so long ago," she gave Tamaki a little grin.

"But of course! What flavor?"


"I like your sense of taste, two strawberry, Sir!" a moment later, strawberry ice cream was offered to her.

"Thank you, I'll pay you back," Sonny said scrounging in her purse.

"No need! I am a gentleman! It is my duty even if you are a foreign commoner!" he took Sonny's hand again. "All I ask is that you stay this beautiful all your life!"

Sonny felt herself blush. "Thank you, but I already have a boyfriend," she blurted.

In an instant Tamaki looked like he was rocking back and forth crying. Suddenly she felt two arms on her head.

"Now you've done it!" said one voice.

"Now you have to apologize!" said another almost with the same sound.

Sonny looked up to see identical twins resting their arms on her head; the only difference she could see was they way they combed their hair, but even then...

"I don't think we've met!" the the first again.

"Yes, you look terribly familiar but I don't know your name!" said the other.

"My name is Sonny, Sonny Monroe."

"Ah!" all of the boys said. "Sonny Monroe."

"You guys are kinda creeping me out..." the actress said slowly backing away.

"But you haven't met Honey yet!" the twins complained.


"Yes?" said a little voice behind her. She turned to see a tall dark-haired boy behind her then out from behind him came a boy that was about four and a half feet tall with the face of an eight-year-old. He carried a stuffed rabbit and a plate of cake and Sonny couldn't help but smile. Honey smiled back. "You want to hold my bunny?"

"Uh, okay?" he promptly handed Sonny the large pink stuffed animal that smelled of deserts and candy.

"And now the rest of us!" the twins announced.

"I'm Hikaru!"

"And I'm Kaoru!"

"I'm Honey or Mitsukuni! And this is Takashi or Mori!"

"You know I'm Tamaki!" said the blond-haired teen after a miraculously fast recovery.

"And this is Haruhi Fujioka!" all the boys except Mori introduced the one girl.

"Hey, where's Kyoya?" Tamaki asked.

"Back at the paper shop," said the twin who Sonny thought to be Hikaru said.

This was just a little too much for Sonny to take in. She handed the bunny back to Honey then announced, "I don't who you are or why you just introduced yourselves to me, but I have to find my friend and be here at two to get my other. It was nice meeting you all, but I have to go." the teen actress turned to leave but was caught by the arm.

"We'll help you find your friends!" Tamaki announced. "Won't we?"

"Yes, your Highness! On word of gentlemen!" said the one twin who might be Kaoru.

"And gentlewoman," said the other, Hikaru.

"Who said I was going to join?" Haruhi protested.

"Well, you are part of the Host Club, are you not?" Tamaki asked placing his hand on her shoulder while still having his arm linked with Sonny's.

"But I need to go shopping!" she argued.

"Shopping later, helping now!" Tamaki interrupted. He linked his arms with the other girl and said, "Let's go!" and the hunting party started out.

"So what kind of shops does this...who is it?" Tamaki asked getting distracted halfway through.

"Zora, he name is Zora, now can you let go?" Sonny yanked her arm away. "I'm just fine finding her by myself!"

"Hikaru! Kaoru!" the twins snapped to attention. "Assist this princess in finding her friend...Zora."

"Yes, Sir!"

"My lady, what does your other friend look like? And maybe her name would help too."

"She has long curly blond hair. She has kinda flashy clothes and she's wearing 3" heels. Her name is Tawni."

"My you have strange names!" Honey laughed. "I like them!"

"Okay, sounds like she'll be easy to find. Honey, Mori, Haruhi you're with me. Twins, you're with Sonny, let's go!"

Chapter 1 complete. Beware chapter 2!