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"We had met Zora before at a conference," Kaoru informed the group.

"It was the Sherlock Holmes conference," Hikaru added. "We went because we were always fans of a good Holmes' mystery."

"While we were there we ran into your strange little friend."

From out of nowhere Zora appeared holding her magnifying glass. "You should have seen their faces when they went. You would have thought they had never been to an area with people in it."

Ignoring her remark, they continued. "Well we found that we liked many of the same things..."

"You mean you actually spoke to someone?" Haruhi gasped.

"You would have thought she'd seen he mother just now," the twins mumbled.

"Don't go around throwing out snide comments like that!" Tamaki exclaimed getting riled up.

"Excuse me," Hikaru said.

"Can we continue?" Kaoru finished. "Anyway, so she told us a bit about your group and we told her a bit about ours."

"We've been keeping 'in-touch' with Zora for a while now and when she told us what happened to Sonny..."

"They told me about it," Tamaki said having cooled down from his rage. He ran his hand through his hair. "This is one secret that if I told Kyoya I knew he would never allow it, so I kept it amongst Honey, Mori, the twins and myself."

"I don't see how you did that," Kyoya said with a hint of bitterness. "I know what goes on around here. And nothing about this was mentioned."

"But the thing I wonder about is," Tamaki turned toward the 'mom' of the group. "How did Chad get here?"

Kyoya smirked and pushed up his glasses. "I know Mr. Condor of Condor Studios. He often comes to my families' facilities to recuperate from the stress of his job when he's traveling. I hear plenty about his workers and Chad was one he talked about the most."

Chad lit up. "You mean Mr. Condor likes me? He talks about me? In a good or bad way?"

"That's between my family and Mr. Condor. Hearing about This legendary 'Chad Dylan Cooper' I researched a little about him and began to communicate with him, that is you, Mr. Cooper.

"I heard about the break up and therefore invited Mr. Cooper to come and relax for a low price. The goal being to make connections with Condor Studios to create a reliable partnership in business. However, my business seems to have crossed-over with that of your business, Tamaki, and somehow both were related to each other. Now that a conflict that was once in America is now here, it appears that we may need to take part in this as well."

"Well then how are we supposed to solve this problem?" Haruhi wondered aloud.

"I see one of two ways," Honey said. "get back together or just be friends." Mori concurred.

Sonny looked at Chad then at the rest of the group of Hosts and her friends. Tamaki looked at her and smiled.

"We're here to make ladies happy, we'll give you what you need to make you happy," He told her.

Sonny let out a sigh of relief as she saw she was supported by friends. She looked at Chad and gave him a smile. "All I need is a relaxing vacation."

"We can do that!" Hikaru and Kaoru chimed. The guests broke into a loud fan-girl cheer and even Renge showed up to celebrate.

The last week of their vacation, the So Random! cast and Chad Dylan Cooper aided by the Host Club had a relaxing time off which was filled with going to commoner's markets, the beach, and refreshing places in Japan, no matter how far away. They even stayed at some of the Host's mansions (except for Haruhi's because she didn't have one, but they did taste some of her cooking without the rest of the club knowing).

As they all boarded the plane to go back to America the Hosts waved good-bye and gave them little gifts and the thought that was on all of their minds was...this was a lovely two weeks.

The end! Thanks for reading!

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