Don't hit Kagome!

This is my first one shot. Hope you like it. I give all credit for this idea to my dad. Thanks daddy! You always have the craziest ideas! I just tweak them to make them funny. Lol. Oh! This takes place in the middle of the series. Between episodes 120 to 130. enjoy! ^~w~^

"Look Daichi, their fighting again." Goro pointed to kagome and Inuyasha who, were in the middle of a verbal fight.

Daichi had his boat ore in his hands. He had just repaired it. "Well Goro. Guess I owe you a sack of rice."

Goro smiled. "No less than two pounds!" the brothers heard a loud slap sound. Who had the monk assaulted now? The brothers turned to see Kagome rubbing her hand and Inuyasha cupping his cheek. Then the hand was raised. Without a second thought Daichi hit Inuyasha in the back of his head with the end of the ore.

"What the hell do you want?" Inuyasha turned around to look at the simple villager.

Daichi turned pale. "You were not just about to strike that women were you?"

"Maybe I was. What would you do about it?" Inuyasha could smell the fear emitting from this guy.

Daichi fainted. Inuyasha was puzzled but turned back to Kagome to finish this stupid argument. He was hit again with a boat ore. He drew his Tessiega and cut the ore in half. Causing Goro to turn pale and faint beside his brother.

The villagers saw the second brother fall. They ran into their houses and emerged with weapons and other random things they could find.

Inuyasha was lost now. Were the villagers going to try to hurt him? Ha! Fat chance!

Inuyasha took a firmer ground and held his Tessiega ready to fight, when he heard the two dreaded words escape Kagomes lips.

"Sit boy." Inuyasha face planted in a mini make out session with the dirt. The villagers stopped and stared at Kagome. They shrugged and walked back to their huts. All except an old women, who scolded him on being uncaring to women and how he is lucky to have Kagome in the first place.

Inuyasha tried to sit up to glare at the elderly women. He was having a crappy week. Kagome had sat him 40 times in one week! As soon as Inuyasha could get up he tried escaping by running up the side of the mountain. He reached the top as Kagome reached the bottom.

Kagome yelled, "Inuyasha. Do you apologize?"

Inuyasha scoffed. "Why would i? I did nothing wrong!"

"You destroyed my textbooks! Now how am I supposed to do school work?" Kagome placed her hands on her hips.

"I still don't see anything I did wrong." Inuyasha smiled.

Kagome was irritated. "Im gonna wipe that smile from your face!" She drew in a deep breathe and screamed to the top of her lungs, "Sit!"

Inuyasha fell through the mountain to the ground. The whole mountain collapsing on him. His top half of his body out of the mess. A groan escaped his lips.

Kagome knelt in front of Inuyasha. "Apology?"

"Fat chance!"

"Sit" Inuyasha fell deeper into the hole. "Apology?"


"Sit." Deeper. "Aplogy?"

He growled. "Fine! Im sorry."

"Sit." Even deeper.

"What the hell was that for?"

Kagome stood. "Just for kicks."

Inuyasha scowled as he watched her walk away. "Hey! How am I getting out?"

Kagome said those last three words over her shoulder. "Figure it out."

Hope you liked my one shot! I actually tweaked it more than I expected. It was supposed to end when the mountain fell. But I thought it would leave you confused. So I kept going. Please review and tell me if I made the right decision! ^~w~^