Faster Than A Kiss

Romance vs. Politics

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Chapter 1

Two years had passed since her marriage with her English teacher, Ojiro-sensei. Needless to say, nothing 'spectacular' had really happened since then. He still refused to kiss her and only gave the excuse, "you're still a child"; well, she would show him how much of a woman she was!

He came in as usual, expecting to see her dressed up in today's cosplay outfit, 'Sexy wife', but was surprised to find only Teppei dressed up as 'sexy wife's brother'. "Teppei, where is Fumino-san?"

"Bun-chan is in Ryuu-Sensei's house."

Hell's Maa-kun broke out right then and there as he went to Ryuu's house, knocking hard on the door.

"Oh, Maa-kun", Ryuu smiled as he opened the door.

Ojiro-sensei broke into a mad fit the moment he noticed him without a shirt.

"Ryuu-sensei?" his wife's voice came from Ryuu's room.

"Oh, Bun-chan, your husband came" Ryuu called for her, but was late the moment that Ojiro opened the door. Fumino was on Ryuu's bed wearing the lingerie that, amazingly, Ryuu had in his room.

"Oh, sensei, you're back." He turned around towards Ryuu.

"What the **** did you do to my wife?"

"W-wait, I didn't do anything to her!"

"Ryuu-sensei was only showing me a way to be more alluring towards you." Ryuu tried to cut her off.

"Oh, really?"

"No, wait!"

"If you'd allow to, I'd also like to see what you've been teaching her."

"No, you got it all wrong."

"Anyways, it's already late, I'm going to sleep, good night." She stretched her arms and went to his apartment.

"Ryuu!" he yelled angrily.

"I swear Maa-kun, Bun-chan only came because she was depressed and wanted a way for you to touch her."

"Oh, so that means that you have to teach her how I should touch her?"

"No, she came to ask what she should do for you to at least caress her more intimately; after all, she is your wife. You said you'd wait until she graduated to at least kiss her, why haven't you?"

This time, Hell's Maa-kun calmed down and returned back to Ojiro-sensei. "I don't know…I feel that if I did do something to her, I'd fall head-over-heels for her and won't be able to stop until I have her completely."

"What's the problem there?" Ryuu asked.

"What do you mean by that? She's still 18 years old-!"

"But she's your wife isn't she? She stopped being your student 5 months ago, man! You should at least allow yourself to kiss her." What Ryuu had said was left deeply engraved in his mind as he walked back to his room.

"Fumino-san, I-" but the lights of the apartment were off, a signal that said she was plainly angry at him and had no need for a discussion. "Fumino-san, I'm really-" She was sitting in the desk, writing down something on a piece of paper. He walked towards her and the moment he reached out for her, she stood up and slammed the paper into his chest. "I'm going to bed."

He stared to where she was headed and read the paper:

Dear Sensei,

I'm tired of trying so hard to get close to you. You don't touch me, you hardly even get near me and you still expect me to wait for at least a simple kiss? I love you a lot and you know that, but to think that you actually thought I was sleeping with Ryuu-sensei, I can't believe you. You know that the only man I'd ever really want to give my body to would be you, so…even if you don't want to touch me because I have no sex appeal, then at least have faith in me that I'd never cheat on you!

Ojiro-sensei crushed the note in his hand and walked towards the room where she and Teppei slept together. He leaned down towards her and picked her up. She was asleep.

Teppei rubbed his eyes as he noticed his sister being carried away. "Maa-kun, where are you taking Bun-chan?"

"She's coming to my room with me, Teppei. Could you be a good boy and not interrupt tonight?"

Teppei looked at his sister. "Is Bun-chan gonna have Maa-kun's babies?"

Ojiro-sensei lit up into different shades of red. "Probably"

Teppei smiled and said, "Then, can I go sleep at Ryuu-sensei's house tonight?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Okay!" Teppei got his pillow and teddy bear and walked to Ryuu's apartment next door.

"What is it, Teppei?" Ryuu asked the moment he opened the door.

"Sensei, can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Okay, but why?"

"Oh, Bun-chan is gonna have Maa-kun's babies tonight, so I need to be a good boy and not interrupt the babies."

Ryuu grinned, a huge smile covering his face that it was impossible to take if off.

"Oh…so Maa-kun finally is gonna have the guts to do it, huh?" he leaned towards the wall, hoping so much to hear something happening next door, afterall, if something did happen, there at least had to be a witness, right?

Fumino had been awake the whole time that when her husband placed her in the futon of his room, she opened her eyes and stared at him. "You shouldn't interrupt a girl when she is asleep."

"No one said you were asleep, though."

She turned to the side.

Ojiro-sensei sat down on the floor and stared at her. His mind was being infiltrated with so many thoughts, some that he wished he could get off and some he wished he could show her.

"Sensei, why do you ignore me so much?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I wore this and you weren't even capable to say something, at least."

"Then, should I show you?"

"Stop playing with me already. These past years the only thing you've ever done to me was kissing my neck, my hands, my legs, nearly every part of my body except for my lips! You don't even love me enough to try to-"Suddenly, she felt warm lips against hers.

"Does that satisfy your needs?" he asked, taking off his glasses.

She was frozen in place. Fumino never expected him to do something like that out of the blue. He stared at her, his own face turning as red as hers.

"Don't move" he said as he came close to her.

She didn't flinch by his touch, like she would before, and this time she closed her eyes and allowed him to kiss her as much as he pleased. Soon enough, he slid his tongue against her lips. She shook in confusion as he dominated her mouth entirely. He slid his lips towards her neck and pulled on her nightgown.


"You have a sex appeal greater than any other woman, but that's not why I wouldn't touch you in the beginning. I was just afraid that I'd lose my mind like I am right now."

"Kazuma.." she said his name that he stopped and looked at her. Her hair was gently drifting in the pillow and she looked even hotter than she usually was.

"Kazuma…my beloved husband, you can touch me whenever and wherever you want…I am yours to keep."

He smiled and kissed her again. "You have no idea how much I've longed for those words coming from you."

Fumino placed her hand in his chest and unbuttoned his shirt. "Allow me to transmit these same feelings to you, Kazuma." She smiled as she kissed his bare chest. He pulled her so that she lay above him while he rested against the bed. He kissed her neck and slid towards her shoulder where he took the strap and brought it down, eating her completely.

"I love you" she said as he wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her closer to him.

"I do too; so much that you can't imagine how lost I'd feel if I didn't have you with me."

"The same goes for me, but I'd fight a million times for our love and you know that."

His face looked questionably at her. "Yes, I realize that more than anyone could imagine. Of course, I wouldn't want your hands to get in trouble for my doings." He said, grabbing her hands and kissing them.

"Silly, you always think about others but you've never been selfish have you."

"I was that time that I got sick and you took care of me, even now I was selfish to have you for myself."

"Actually, I got a little selfish towards you too and for the fact that my first kiss was with you that time-"

"First kiss? When?"

"When you got sick that you felt dizzy, you kissed me, but I was wearing the mask at that time…you told me you hadn't remembered." She answered shyly.

He looked confused, but he immediately forgot as he brought her towards him and kissed her again. "Then, this time it's without the mask."

"Mhm" she smiled and kissed him again, resting her head against his chest and allowing sleep to come to them.

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