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While at Ryuu's apartment...

"Did you find her?" Ryuu asked, Teppei was still crying in his room.

"No! I didn't!..." after a moment of silence, Kazuma grabbed Ryuu by the collar. "This is all your fault! Had you properly taken care of her, this wouldn't have happened!"

"Calm down, Kazuma! It's no use trying to blame Ryuu on this!" Retsu said as he pulled Kazuma back.

"Argh! This is so stupid! Who would want to kidnap Fumino, and for what reason?" he questioned imploringly, as if the answer would come by in a single minute.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Calmly, Ryuu stood up and opened it. Of course, he wasn't expecting to see Sasa along with Shouma.

"Hello, you two...sorry, but if you're looking for Kazuma, right now is a bad time to-"

"Nii-san, do you have any idea what's going on?"

"What are you talking about, Shouma?" Ryuu asked as Kazuma dismissed Shouma's question.

"Nii-san, father knows about you and Fumino, he has known for quite a while only because he brought it out of mother...if you're weak enough to be sitting here then you really have no idea where she is at all..."

Before Shouma could leave, though, Hell's Maa-kun broke out and let loose as he picked Shouma up by the shirt and pinned him against the wall.

"So you're saying that that old man has my wife?"

Shouma didn't even budge by the sinister voice his elder brother had, but only nodded.

In less than a second, Kazuma sprinted out of the room...heading straight towards the Ojiro Residence.

"Fumino-sama, please drink this...it'll be healthy for the baby..." one of the maids, Ella, said as she gave Fumino a herbal tea.

"Thank you, Ella-san" Fumino smiled politely.

Meg burst in through the door, immediately running towards Fumino, who was gently sipping the tea.

"Oh my god! Fumino, are you alright? Did father do anything to you?"

"No, I'm alright, its okay" Fumino tried to calm her down, "We just had a small conversation"

"Thank goodness...you know, he can be a bit mean, but he is a very gentle person"

"I know, I realized that, but..."


Suddenly, she burst out crying.

"OH Meg! I want to go home, but I can't! I promised him that until he accepted me as a fitting wife for Sensei, then he'd let me go! I haven't even told sensei about the baby!" tears were endlessly falling down her cheeks.

"Oh, Fumino!" Abruptly, a question came to her mind. "Speaking of baby, Fumino...if it had only been a week since you and Kazuma did that, how come you are pregnant for two entire months? Did something happen with someone?"

Fumino was rendered speechless. "You know well that I'd never sleep with anyone else besides my own husband!"

"Right...maybe you were drunk or something-"

At that keyword, Fumino's mind came to halt and everything blurred from her.


It had been three months ago that she had, along with everyone, made a party to honor her graduation and for her and Kazuma's official marriage. Obviously, not too many people were in a bad mood. After all, the 'stupid couple' would finally be able to act like a couple.

"Is everyone ready to turn this party up a notch?" Ryuu had yelled as he brought out some fireworks. Everyone cheered.

By no means were there to be any alcoholic drinks in the party, it being that most of the guests were underage and Fumino's closest friends.

But someone somehow smuggled in the drinks and changed them from the ordinary fruit punch they had at the table. Needless to say that by the end of the night, everyone was drunk. (Retsu had given Teppei a juice box and warned him not to go near the bowl of punch at the table).

Everyone bid their farewells and headed off to sleep. Teppei went to spend the night at a classmate's house and finally, the apartment was left to Sensei and Fumino.

"I'm going to clean up, Sensei" Fumino said as she noticed he was laying down against the table. Oh dear, you're already asleep, she thought to herself as she rested against him and picked him up, heading straight towards his room.

Before Fumino could even get up, though, Kazuma pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately, rendering her speechless. "I won't let you go, tonight...I'm going to give you your 'graduation' present"

His smile became so sinister and full of his usual S mode that she couldn't help but squeak at his words. He laughed as he gently kissed her neck and pushed her against the futon, placing either hand against the floor, holding it firmly with his own two.

"Um...wait, sensei, please...I don't think I..."

"You don' think what?"

"Maybe..." she gulped, "I won't be able to satisfy you"

"Oh...that sounds a bit ecchi from your part, Fumino"

"BAKA!" she screamed angrily as she moved her hands to hit him, but he held them both with one and placed his other one on the bottom part of her leg. Slowly, and quite seductively, he raised it up until it was no longer on her leg, but on her thigh.


"Fumino, you don't know how long I've wanted you that every time I look at you, these thoughts keep on infiltrating me that I no longer want to imagine them alone..."

His puppy eyes made her melt beneath him.

"Okay..." she whispered as he continued to love her as he pleased.

"I love you, Fumino"

"Me too...Kazuma"

And thus, their night of love had come to an end.

End of Flashback

When Fumino awoke, Meg and Ella were beside her on the bed.

"Are you alright, Fumino?"

"Fumino-sama, is everything okay? Did you have a contraction?"

"No, I'm fine, I just..." And here I thought that it had all been a dream! She couldn't believe it...she had actually slept with sensei three months prior to the two weeks they had been together! But, then...why didn't her stomach show at all?

"Meg, did the doctor at the hospital explain the reason why my belly doesn't show even though I'm pregnant?"

"Yeah, he did...turns out you have a very special condition and so your stomach won't grow and rather than getting fat, you'll get skinnier, but don't worry...he says that the baby will be fine..."

"That's good..."

"But" Ella interceded.

"But?" both girls looked.

"I'm sorry, mistress, but by the looks of your 'condition' it may seem that you'll have a very fragile labor."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Yeah, she's a healthy girl! I'm sure that there's no reason to worry at all-!"

"But there is! You see, my former mistress, Miss Suellen...her condition was the same as yours, miss..."

"Miss Suellen?" Fumino asked, not exactly knowing of the woman.

"She means Kazuma-kun's mother..." Meg said sadly.

Fumino gasped lightly.

"Yes, unlike you, she had a fragile body...but don't worry mistress! I'm sure that you won't have any complications at all!" Ella smiled.

"Thank you, Ella-san"

"If you'll excuse me, then, I must take my leave..." Ella dismissed herself and left.

"Okay, now, see? You have nothing to worry about...but did you faint because of what I said?" Meg asked worriedly.

"No, in fact, I remembered something urgent...Meg, my first time with sensei wasn't two weeks ago! It was three months ago!"

"What? But you clearly said that-"

"I know, but I was wrong! Our first night together had been when we were drunk at that party! Remember?"

"Oh, yeah, your graduation party, correct? Indeed, it seemed as if someone had messed with the drinks...but who was it?"


"You mean the man from the Yakuza?"

"Yes, he and sensei were arguing about the drinks the day before and Retsu said that it'd be fun if drinks were provided for all of us"

"OH, that man!" Meg said furiously.

"Well, at least we have someone to thank for you..." Fumino smiled as she looked at her stomach and gently carressed it.

Suddenly, there was loud yelling outside the mansion.

"What in the world is- Oh no, Fumino!" Meg yelled out as she looked outside the window.

Fumino immediately ran to her side and was just as surprised as she was. Kazuma was fighting against the body guards, along with Shouma, and not only that, but Retsu and Ryuu were also involved.

"Kazuma!" she cried out as she ran downstairs.

"Give me back my wife, you old geezer!" Kazuma yelled as he was being pulled back by two guards. Everyone else, except Shouma were still fighting.

"Now now, I thought I made it very clear that you were not allowed into this house ever again!" his father said bitterly.

"You know I don't give a damn if I was in this property or not, I only came for what belongs to me! My wife!"

"I'm sorry, but she is no longer your concern!"

"What are you talking about? I demand you to give me back my wife!"

"You are no longer in any position to demand anything out of me! Take him away and make sure he doesn't step a foot inside this property!"

"You can't do this! FUMINO!" he yelled out as his father went back inside the house and closed the door.

"Oh, and make sure Shouma doesn't come here either"

"What? You're kicking me out too?" Shouma yelled as the guards pulled him away.

"Exactly, you committed treason against me and for that reason you sided with your brother...leave!"

"Why you-!"

Once he was in the living room, he noticed Fumino crying against the window, watching silently as her husband was taken outside.

"Come now, child, you have to go to bed"

"But couldn't I have at least spoken to him?" she pleaded.

"You have made the decision to follow my rules and for that I cannot and certainly will not bend them in any way"

She stopped crying and looked at him seriously. "Very well, then I apologize for it"

He couldn't help but feel guilty that he was doing such a thing to her and to his own sons.

"Sana!" he called out to his secretary

"Yes, sir?"

"You are hereby dismissed and will under no circumstances come back"


"Do you think I was a fool and not notice that you were with my sons and not only that but told Shouma about Fumino being here?"

There was silence in the room.


"Yes sir" Sana said as he headed out the door.

Kazuki Ojiro sighed deeply. "If this 'game' is to continue, I have to make sure to see how many obstacles she and my son are willing to cross before this 'fake marriage' results in a 'real marriage'..." he then turned around and walked back to his room. "I think this child is a very interesting one and will provide great entertainment for me..."

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