A/N: Takes place right after 2x12 and right before 2x13. All good brotherly fluff kept in character as best as possible. Enjoy!

Ashes to Ashes

The John drama was determined to be discussed in the morning. Though Stefan wanted to learn everything he could he pushed it to the morning; he needed to be home. He headed home more exhausted than usual.

The front door was unlocked as usual and just as he was about to open someone on the other side was already turning it open. It was Damon.

"Hey." Stefan spoke awkwardly.

With tired eyes Damon spoke, "Where have you been?"

Stefan shrugs, "I'll tell you tomorrow."

Damon nodded, "I'm going for a drive."

Stefan inhales deeply; he could smell large quantities of alcohol and fresh human blood. He's not surprised. Damon watches his expression before sliding between him and the doorframe and walks briskly across the lawn.

"Can I come?" Stefan pipes up.

Damon turns around and nods in the darkness.


They drive with the radio off; in complete silence. They drive along a dark stretch of lonely road, with no streetlights. Finally Damon parks alone side of a random stop.

Stefan gets out and waits; leaning on the hood of the car. Damon walks around to the trunk and pulls out a long object.

"Stef catch this." Damon chucks the object and Stefan reaches outward with both hands and catch it. The object was a shovel. "And this." He tosses a folded light blue sheet

Damon leans into the trunk once more and a few seconds later is standing tall with Rose's limp figure cradled in his arms.

They walk side by side into the dark forest and they walk a long while until Damon stops. It's time.

The older Salvatore is hesitant and Stefan figures out why. Damon really like Rose; a lot. He understood. Damon didn't want to put her on the ground and dig a grave like she was just another body because she wasn't.

"I can dig if you want?"

"I'm a big boy Stefan, I think I know how to bury a body by now."

Stefan ignores the comment; "I can hold her for you, at least." He pauses, "C'mon I don't mind."

Damon's completely out of his comfort zone and Stefan knew it. A few minutes later Rose was comfortably in Stefan's arms. Damon began to dig.


There it was a deep empty hole in the middle of the woods. Damon turns to his little brother, "I just want to get this over with."

Stefan hands Damon the beautiful girl and walks away.

The hole isn't deep; it was six feet and six feet was just perfect. He held Rose tighter against his chest and jumped into the hole. Once in he then placed her on the ground. He brushed her cheek with his fingertips and wrapped her body in the cloth that Stefan had carried. He then jumped out of the hole.

Dusted off his hands and pants like it was just another day. Stefan grabs the shovel and leans over the hole, "Rest In Peace." He mutters so low Damon barely heard him.

He covers the hole for his brother.


The walk back was silent as the two brothers made there way out of the forest side by side.

"I'm sorry about Rose."

Damon grunts, "I knew the woman for only a short time, brother."

"You still cared about her."

Damon sighs, "Yeah well look where that got me."

Stefan nods, "I never told you this but Lexie once set me up on a date with her."

"Oh really?" Damon asks, amused, "And how did that go?"

"She wasn't my type."

"Oh was she too bad for Saint Stefan?"

"She was too much like you."

Both boys chuckled. The car was in view.

"I liked her though." Stefan gives Damon a pat on the back and jogs to the car.

Damon pauses for a moment, "Me too, brother, me too." He than races off and passes his brother with a triumphant grin.