8 Simples Rules (To Date My Colony) 1

A fling with Russia.

"Improving relations" with Japan and China.

The occasional night of drunken debauchery with Denmark.

Sibling with benefits relations.

There was no denying the obvious truth. He got around a lot.

And in America's personal opinion, Australia got around too much. How could he possibly get Australia for himself, when all these other nations were getting in the way? This went beyond the casual flings that other nations wanted. No, America always had to be different. He wanted something more. He wanted dates, notes, flowers, sweet nothings, hand holding and all that mushy Hollywood stuff. He wanted a relationship; a serious one.

His thoughts were racing as he looked down the table. Australia was passing notes with New Zealand. They were probably planning to go out after the meeting. There was no way that America would be able to catch him without plans when they dispersed if he let them keep going. He'd have to stop it. He glanced over at where France had the floor, going on about—He didn't even remember what their meeting was about today. Only thoughts of Australia were occupying his mind at the moment. He glanced back down the table. Another note. He was running out of time. He had to act fast. It's too bad there was only one thing he could do from his place at the table.

There was a visible jump from every nation in the room as America suddenly slammed his hands on the table, cracking it and sending the pieces toppling to the ground.

"Whoops. Hehe…I'll pay for that…" America looked down to where Australia was sitting. "But more importantly! Australia!"

All eyes fell on a bewildered and confused looking Australia. "….Yes?"

America smirked. "I've been watching and waiting long enough. I'm going to make you mine."

The other nations in the room groaned as Australia laughed. "You didn't have to interrupt the meeting and break the table if you wanted a quick root. You could have just asked."

America shook his head. He had expected this. "No. I don't want to be some fling. I want to date you, and only you and have you only date me. I'm going to make you fall so hard, you'll never want anyone else!"

China rolled his eyes. "That would only last about a week."

Austria leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms. "This is hardly worth the damage you've caused. And the table! You could have done without destroying it! Do you realize the waste of money this is? Tables like this are not cheap. I can only imagine that it will cost several thousands of dollars to replace. Honestly, you should have a little more restraint." He continued his rant, but America wasn't listening. He was focused solely on Australia, who looked amused? What?

"You don't think you're the only one that's ever propositioned me like that?" He stood up from his seat, walking over. "Alright, America. I'll give it a burl and go on a date with you…" He stopped, just to the side of America. "If you can get through the gatekeeper." He pointed behind America to England, who was glowering, glaring, and all but breaking his own chair from how tightly he was holding the arms of it. Australia patted America's shoulder then left the room. The meeting was obviously over for the day.


America looked over at England and grinned. He had to get through England? How hard could it be?