AN ~ Firstly: I'm so SO sorry to my readers. I haven't updated in ages because school's back on and I've been working on a Twilight/Doc Who fic which is very hard because I want to use 11th Doc but can't quite capture his character. This is NOT my TwixDW fic, it's a 10xRose fic. Inspired by BloodyDeath11's The Doctor's Daughter trailer on youtube, follows the summary there

First Doctor Who ffic; critisism welcome but plz be nice. This chap is heavy on the flashbacks, (flashbacks are cool.) they won't be like this in future.

Just to clarify this story is 10/Rose-ship as in they've slept together (hence the Daughter) but I try to keep the AU parts like this as discreet and hopefully true-to-character as possible.

As the title suggests, this story takes off at the end of Doomsday (2x14)

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who! I am just a fan with a computer (Mad woman with a box LOL) who would do a lot for a sonic screwdriver!

Chapter One ~ Doomsday

They had done it! Both were breathless with effort and relief. They smiled at each other despite the howling winds, clinging tightly to the electromagnets that held them in this room; in this world.

But suddenly, everything changed. Rose's lever spat sparks.

"Offline," an automated, almost-female voice calmly announced. Rose looked at the lever: if she could just reach it, just pull it back into place...

"Hold on!" he implored her. The void was still open. It would probably hold out long enough. Rose wasn't willing to take the risk. Her fingers reached for the lever just as desperately as she clung to the electromagnet, and then more desperately. Her grip was slipping as she crept closer and closer to the lever.

He glanced at the void, and then back to the struggling Rose. It seemed the void was pulling her in more hungrily now. She didn't notice: she just had to get to that lever. With a cry of terror and victory, her hand slipped off the electromagnet. She fell onto the lever, clasping the handle for dear life. His hearts galloped in his chest and he tightened his fingers around his own lifeline.

"I've gotta get it upright!" Rose yelled as he looked on in horror, unable to assist her as her feet scrambled and slid along the smooth floor of the Torchwood Institute. Her hands were still tightly gripping the lever. She pushed it up...almost there...she glanced at him, drawing strength, and pushed it the rest of the way.

"Online," the automated voice announced.

A few more Darleks toppled past them. His hearts hammered out of sync. Rose's fingers were beginning to slip.

"Rose, hold on!" he yelled, reaching for her. There was no way he could reach. Her feet were lifted off the ground, the void pulling harder as it seemed to sense its extra victim.

"Hold on!" he shouted, still fighting to grab her as she groaned with the strain. Her fingers slipped and she switched hands, and again, and again, but the void was slowly dragging her beyond reach. She clasped both hands in fists around the lever and looked towards him for strength, for advice. He could give none. For one horrifying moment, he was frozen. He knew what was about to happen. He had failed her. And her mother, and father, and Mickey.

Rose was gone.

"ROSE!" he screamed as she slipped away, his voice distorted by the void. "ROOOOSE!" They'd just saved the world. Maybe the whole universe. He didn't care. All that mattered was that he hadn't saved Rose.

The Doctor started, sitting bolt upright in his bed. His hearts were thundering again. He was sweating furiously. His sheets were a tangled mess; he had probably torn some again.

He sighed, clambering out of them, and wearily changed from his pyjamas to his suit, tie, Converse...

The TARDIS hummed quietly as he entered the console room. He tried to smile, remembering when he and Rose had been to the Impossible Planet. The ground had given way, dropping his TARDIS into the centre of the planet. "But I need my ship! It's all I've got. Literally, the only thing." Oh how wrong he'd been. How blind. He'd had Rose all along.

The TARDIS groaned and creaked, and the Doctor's light spirits were dampened. He put a hand on the console and sighed heavily.

"And here we are again, old girl. You, me, and the universe." He decided to make himself a cup of tea. Kindly, the TARDIS shifted its interior dimensions for him so he could prepare his drink in the console room. He barely heard the hiss as the liquid poured over the side of the cup and seeped into the controls.

"I need- I need-"

"What do you need? Just say it. Tell me tell me tell me. Pain killers? Do you need asprin? Bar of protein? Paracetamol?"

He jumped out of his reverie as sparks bit into his flesh from the shorted-out electrics. He realised he had been lost down memory lane and shook his head. He was starting to miss Jackie. He must be mad. Rose must have rubbed off on him.

"Once the bridge collapses, that's it! You'll never be able to see her again - your own mother!" he roared, furious and frustrated that she didn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation.

"I made my choice a long time ago and I'm never gonna leave you," she replied calmly. Evenly. She knew the price she was paying and she was ready to give that up. For him.

His hearts ached, dragging him slowly from the memory this time. He laughed and shook his head. So Rose. He should have known she'd pull a crazy last-minute stunt like that. She was damn lucky Pete had snatched her out of the void's path just in time. She was stuck in a parallel world, with her family, just like the original plan.

Is she safe? the Doctor wondered, not for the first time. Is she happy?

He had to check. He couldn't just let these questions, memories, nightmares plague him. He had to see her, one last time.


The TARDIS growled and groaned in protest as she and the Doctor twirled slowly around a dying sun. He pressed buttons and pulled levers more hesitantly than usual, terrified of what was to come though he had already committed himself to it.

"Please help me out," he murmured. "As much time as you can."

The TARDIS shuddered, reluctantly promising. The Doctor squeezed his eyes tightly shut and stepped into the hologram sending zone. There was a little crack...he had instructed Rose to find it. He hoped she had.

He saw a beach. Grey. Windy. There! There she was! He couldn't help but smile as she turned towards him.

"Where are you?" she asked, brow creased with concern.

"Inside the TARDIS," he explained, struggling to keep a straight face. "There's one tiny little gap in the universe left, just about to close. And it takes a lot of power to send this projection; I'm in orbit 'round a supernova. Burning up a sun just to say goodbye."

"You look like a ghost," she noted, sounding sadder than she probably meant to.

"Hold on." He adjusted the levels with his sonic screwdriver. The TARDIS groaned a warning. He ignored it.

"Can I ju-" Rose reached for his cheek. He cut her off.

"I'm still just an image. No touch." How often had he mocked the Darleks, stuck inside their boxes for their whole lives, without the ability to touch? Oh, how the tables had turned. Cruel irony.

"Can't you come through properly?" she asked with a pout, her eyes become larger and glassier.

"The whole thing would fracture," he explained. "Two universes would collapse."

"So?" she breathed. He smiled sadly at her and she gasped, struggling to keep her emotions in check. He wondered if she noticed his shaking hands. He wanted to touch her so badly...

"Where are we?" he asked instead. "Where did the gap come out?"

"We're in Norway," Rose explained.

"Norway, right." He nodded, taking a deep breath to try and move the lump in his throat.

"'Bout fifty miles ou' of Bergen," Rose explained, tearing up. "Darlig ulf Stranden."


"Darl-ink. 'S Norwegian for bad. This translates as Bad Wolf Bay." Rose laughed breathlessly and rolled her eyes. The Doctor's eyes lit up at her happiness, her determination to stay positive, but tears still stung them viciously.

"How long have you got?" Rose's voice was finally breaking.

"'Bout two minutes."

There was so much to be said. What should come first? He wasted precious time considering it. It seemed Rose was thinking the same thing.

"I can't think of what to say!" she sniffed. He snorted and averted his eyes. Pete and Jackie seemed to have patched things up. The two of them and Mickey stood patiently by a large and durable-looking vehicle. They'd come with Rose all this way! He was touched, knowing that one he loved so dearly was surrounded by supporting and loving people.

"Still got Mr Mickey then?" He grinned.

"There's five of us now," Rose replied, her tone steadying out. "Mum, Dad, Mickey...and the baby."

His eyebrows rose. He glanced at Mickey, unable to decide whether to celebrate for them or feel jealous and sad and abandoned like he so desperately wanted to.

"You're not-" he stammered, looking back to Rose. "You and Mickey..?"

"Nah, don't be stupid," Rose sniffed. "'S yours."