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Behold! The Valentines Special! Now, for the disclaimer.

France: Petite Bri does not own Hetalia. If she did, then this would be a very fun Valentines for moi~.

Ah, Valentine's Day. The day for love. The day for romance. The day for hot guys to receive mountains of chocolate from admirers.

So why the hell was France, THE country known for romance, not scoring with anyone?

"Mon dieu! Why is Cupid against me this year?" France noticed that there was always a figure that appeared behind lovers for an instant, then vanished once the sparks of romance were flying. "Maybe I can catch Cupid..."

Which was why France started hiding in an alley between a florist and a chocolate store. And when the figure appeared behind a couple here (the guy was proposing or something...) France leaped out and grabbed it.

"What the heck?" The woman yelled as the France caught the thing in the toga.

"Oh, nothing, ma chere. I'm just teaching Cupid why France is the country of romance. ^_^ Ohohohon~!"

France just left the confused couple there as he dragged 'Cupid' into his secret Valentine's base of operations.

"Now listen here, Cupid! I'm not sure if you know this but... I'm the freakin' country of love! FRANCE! WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU LET ME HAVE JUST ONE FILLE ON VALEN... OH MON DIEU, IT'S ANGLETERRE!"

The blonde in the toga shook his head. "Um, no it's not! I'm the Britannia A- I mean Cupid- I mean...Uh... OH BULLOCKS!"

France watched as the British man wearing wings, a toga, a bow, and arrow-quiver started scolding himself for not being more careful. France grinned at how cute England looked when he was mad.

"So Angleterre... why are you Cupid?"


Right on cue, Greece and Roman Empire appeared out of nowhere wearing the same outfit as England. France raised an eyebrow at Greece, who pointed at Rome.

"He... made me do it too..."

Rome held up a shiny heart-shaped arrow that said 'Latin Lover, baby. *wink*'. "Here, first girl you use this on won't be able to resist you all day long."

"You know what that means, Monsieur Rome~."

"Of course I do~."

"I feel sorry for whoever is the poor git that ends up with France all day."


Rome turned around to see his grandson running away from a really buff guy, yelling something along the lines of 'Don't you dare flirt with my girlfriend, you stupid cupid!'

"Oh crap, Italy!" Rome hurriedly and clumsily gave England the arrow and ran off to protect his little adorable grandson.

"OW! Rome you shoved the arrow in my... ROME GET OVER HERE AND TAKE THIS ARROW OUT BEFORE-"

"No need, Angleterre. I was going to use the arrow on you anyways."

England glared at France then yelled out to Rome. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU WHEN THIS STUPID ARROW WEARS OFF!" Then he sighed. "For now, get me an ice cream, git..."

"Yes, mon valentine~."

Happy (early) Valentine's Day~!

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