May 25, 2007

Dear Diary,

You know. I wondered.

How much time, how much precious time? How much of Aunt Peg's last few months did she spend setting up my little jaunt around Europe?

Gosh I miss her. I loved her so much. I still do.

I want more envelopes; I want to hear something from her she never told me. Those envelopes brought her back to me. I want to travel some more. I wish I knew someone, creative, daring and eccentric as Aunt Ginny. Someone who would spend their own time and money, on me. On making me another surprise trip around the world. New adventures. Romances. New memories.

Well, off to my job. Filing paper's at a local travel agency. How cruel is that? I watch people day in and day out set up their dream vacations all over the world.

Ginny set off for work, her aura bluer than the envelopes she wished for so much. She craved to have the adventure she once had.

Just now though, she was at work. Another mother and daughter walked in. Honeymoon planning? The both had the glow. The daughter had the, "I'm so in love" glow. The mother had the "Oh thank God my daughter is finally getting hitched" glow.

Hawaii. No, she looks like only child material, Greece.

Ginny always took bets with herself on where she thought people were going to book trips to. The overweight middle aged couples that walked in with the tropical baggy shirts were almost always Hawaii. The young spring breakers were, almost always, headed for some rowdy beach city in Mexico.

"Hi," she heard the control in the mother's voice. "My daughter and I are planning a Honeymoon." She paused, nudged her daughter and waggled her eyebrows.

The head travel agent, Cynthia, asked the daughter where she was thinking.

"Well," she stammered. She and her mother obviously had different ideas on where she should jet off to.

The girl wants Mediterranean. The mother is probably thinking Caribbean.

"I was thinking… Greece," the girl said with a sudden wind of confidence. Ginny hoped she would hold out and make her mother listen up for once.

The mother looked at her with shock and dismay.

"But honey," she glared at her daughter. "I thought we had decided on the Bahamas."

"No, mom, you decided that."

Cynthia took control, "Well both of those are great options. Your're both obviously feeling the beach. When is your wedding?"

"June 12th," both women recited robotically.

"Greece is beautiful that time of year, well it's gorgeous any time of year. So, mom, we gonna grant your beautiful girl her dream honeymoon." Cynthia winked at the mom.

"I guess so," the mother's hard facial expression softened. "I'm sorry dear. This has been a stressful couple of months."

"Mom, why don't you and dad go on a second honeymoon to the Bahamas? Treat yourself after all the hectic planning."

"That's a great idea, Cynthia, looks like you've got two spectacular trips to plan." She hugged her daughter. "To new experiences, places, people and memories."

Ginny sighed and filed the next travel insurance form.

Meanwhile at Ginny's home, her mother was taking some clean laundry to Ginny's room. She was humming the tune to Gilmore Girls. She had always wanted to be the cool mom. It just didn't happen.

Just then she tripped.

"What was that?"

She saw it. The diary. She bought it for Ginny after her trip, the envelope trip.

She had seemed so sad, depressed, almost homesick… But she was home. Her mother thought that maybe writing her emotions down would help her deal.

I had no idea she used it.

All she had to do was flip it over. It was there, to peek at.

No, that would be an invasion of privacy.

But maybe it would help her be a better mom. Get into the head of her disheartened teenage daughter. Peg always knew what to do when Ginny was upset. Ginny was so much more like Peg.

Just a peek, she might learn how to help Ginny. Anything to stop the blank looks into space, soft sighs, and the moping.

So she read. She read, and read. She learned of Ginny's trip to Europe. She learned about her sister Peg. Most of all, she learned that Ginny was not a homebody. She needed travel, like a fish needed water. Because stuck here at home, she felt alone, out of place, and bored.

She needed adventure.

She needed a Blue envelope. Now there's an idea. A blue envelope.