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Chapter 38


Ten year old Lily Morgana Potter was trying to be as inconspicuous as she could as she tried to make her way to her father's study up on the third floor of Black Manor. Something within his study had been calling to her for several days now but something had always interrupted her mission to get there.

Lily was blessed with the long silky black hair that most Potter-Blacks had, the ebony locks falling to her waist, the one difference was a large swath of platinum blonde about two inches in width that flowed down from the front of her head and fell just in front of her right ear.

Another difference was her eyes, her twin siblings, Sirius James and Minerva (Minnie) Cassiopeia had their parent's eyes, deep purple with a ring of emerald green. Lily on the other hand had electric blue eyes that almost seemed to glow.

Lily was also an extremely intelligent girl who was frequently praised by her oldest sister Hermione Weasley nee Potter-Black. Hermione told her constantly that she would be the smartest witch of her age and would most likely tumble every academic record in Hogwarts including her own.

Lily adored her older sister Hermione and would always listen to her funny stories about various Hogwarts students and especially about her brother Sirius the soon to be third year and the trouble her older brother would get into at the ancient school. Sirius had inherited his father's talent for flying and finding himself in awkward situations.

Hermione had been the Defense against the Dark Arts professor for the last six years and recently made head of Gryffindor house last year much to Sirius' dismay who had been sorted in to the House of the Lions. After all who wanted their sister watching over them like a hawk? How was anyone to play a descent prank when their sister knew their every move? Not to mention mom and dad being notified immediately after the fact.

Minnie had been sorted into Ravenclaw also to her dismay; she wanted to honor the great witch she had been named for, Minerva McGonagall, and be sorted a lion as well. But the hat had convinced her that there was no greater honor for Minerva McGonagall than to have her namesake be the best witch she could be and that Ravenclaw would help her develop her talents better than any other house.

Minnie spent a lot of time prior to Hogwarts and during the holidays with Aunt Narcissa and her sister Luna; she had shown adeptness for understanding ritual magic and had a natural gift for healing. The ageing Madam Pomfrey had already offered the bright witch an apprenticeship and had been helping her during her free periods and weekends.


Lily had made it two the second floor without being seen when she was suddenly bowled over by a sandy haired boy just a few months older than she was going the opposite way.

"Romulus Lupin!" Lily whispered harshly. "Why don't you watch where you're going?"

"Sorry Lils, I was playing hide and seek with Artie and was trying to hide." The young boy stated.

"That's fine I guess, but don't call me 'Lils'! Aunt Cissy has told you I don't like it when you shorten my name." Lily huffed.

"All mum said was I shouldn't call you lily pad anymore, nothing about Lils." Romulus quipped.

Lily closed the distance between the two and glared dangerously at her cousin. "If you like the hair on your head where it is…" Lily glanced menacingly at the shaggy mop of hair. "…I'd use my proper name or it might not be there tomorrow." Lily growled.

Romulus gulped dramatically and nodded his headed quickly before sprinting down the stairs mumbling something about scary girls.

Lily was about to continue up the stairs when her senses alerted her to another presence. "Arthur James Weasley! If your mum finds out that you've nicked my father's new invisibility cloak you'll be cleaning caldrons' with your tounge!" Lily called out to the emptiness of the landing.

Arthur 'Artie' James Weasley suddenly materialized pulling a silvery invisibility cloak from his body. "How did you know I was here?" The son of Hermione and Bill Weasley asked his aunt who was just a year younger than he was.

Lily just smirked and shrugged her shoulders. "You really are scary sometimes you know." Arthur said with a chuckle.

"Do you know if Aunt Luna and Uncle Gerry are here yet?" Arthur asked with a slight blush.

Lily grinned at her nephew wryly. "I'm sure you meant to ask is their ten year old daughter Selene here?" Lily chuckled at the blush on her redheaded nephew.

"You do know you're related to her right?" Lily smiled.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Artie feigned ignorance.

"So you don't have a crush on her huh? So all that staring and trying to sit as close as you can to her are just you being…what…friendly?" Lily smirked.

"I don't have a crush on her! And besides even if I did it would be okay." Artie replied a little more hotly than he wanted to.


"Well…yeah, I mean we are only related by marriage not by blood. I mean aunt Luna isn't a Potter-Black by blood…right?"

Lily's smile threatened to split her face. "That's true." She replied nonchalantly. "Just remember that Selene's dad was a Hit Wizard and if you mess with his little girl he might just…" Lily let the rest of what she was going to say hang in the air smirking wickedly at her nephew.

Artie's eyes widen in realization. "W-well i-it's a good thing that I'm n-not crushing on her then, yeah?" Lily chuckled as Artie headed to the main floor and out the back to where most of the family had gathered for the party.

"Too easy." Lily chuckled.

"Its not nice to tease your nephew like that." A witch with purple spiky hair said as she came out of a door to the left.

"Hi Nym!" Lily squealed and launched herself at her cousin. Who spun her around and gave her a bone crushing hug.

"So how's the birthday girl?" Nymphadora Tonks asked her young cousin.

"Technically it's not till Tuesday." Lily replied to her favorite cousin.

"True, but it was much easier for the family to all come together on a weekend than a weekday." Nym stated.

"I guess so." Lily asked.

"If you don't tell your mum and dad I'll give you your present now." Nym waggled her eyebrows.

"Really!" Lily clapped.

"Yep, do you promise?"

"I do, I do!"

The pretty metamorph removed a rectangular package from her cloak. It seemed to be haphazardly wrapped with paper sticking out at various angles.

"I never was very good at artfully wrapping presents." Nymphadora shrugged with a chuckle. Lily tore open the present, wrapping paper hitting the floor at her feet.

"Wow!" Lily whispered in awe. "Its beautiful, but aren't these illegal to possess if your not an auror or a hit wizard?" Lily asked.

"Not when you're the head of the DMLE." Nym grinned. "Let me show you how to put it on."

"But I don't even have a wand yet. Mum and Dad said I couldn't get one till after my birthday." Lily sated with a frustrated sigh. Nymphadora chuckled at her young cousin's antics. So adult like at times but still a little girl.

The purpled haired head of the DMLE strapped on the Hungarian Horntail wand holster to Lily's left forearm and adjusted it. With a tap of her wand the enchantments where activated. Lily felt the magic and raised an eyebrow at her cousin.

"Now, you have all the DMLE added features to this holster. Your wand cannot be summoned while in the holster and as soon as you holster your wand it activates a notice me not charm so others won't know that you have it.

If you flex your wrist up once, the wand will spring out and into your hand, flex it down twice and it returns to the holster. Cool huh?" Nym smiled.

"Brilliant!" Lily replied hugging her cousin tightly again. "Nym?" Lily asked tentatively.

"Yes love?"

"How come you've never married?" Lily asked, wondering why her beautiful cousin had never settled down.

Nymphadora sighed heavily, it was not a topic that she liked to speak of, but Lily was special and felt closer to her than most other people in her life. Nym sat down on the step and patted her hand on the spot next to her. Lily took the hint and sat next to her cousin. Nym wrapped one armed around her and pulled her in tight.

"You were just a baby, about three years old I believe so I'm sure you don't remember, but I was dating Bill's brother Charlie. Charlie, I think you've been told was a dragon handler." Lily nodded that she did know that and Nym continued.

"We kept our relationship quiet; we weren't sure where the future would take us, or if there was a future. After Voldemort was defeated I had returned to the Auror force and restarted my career. Charlie returned to Romania, he was offered the assistant head position over the entire Dragon Reserve. We visited each other whenever time permitted…we fell deeply in love Lily." Nym sighed heavily the memories still tender in her heart.

"He eventually asked me to marry him and I said yes. We had planned to tell the family that Christmas. Charlie never showed. Two days later I received an owl from the Romanian Ministry of Magic. The letter stated that I was named as next of kin should anything happen to Charlie." Nym paused as a single tear fell down her face.

"T-the letter…" Nym choked out. "…stated that it was with sincere regrets that they must inform me, that Master Dragon Handler Charles Octavius Weasley, had been killed in the line of duty as he saved the lives of two interns who had become trapped within a dragon enclosure. Mr. Weasley distracted the dragon long enough for the two interns to escape but was not able to escape himself."

Nym stopped and closed her eyes reliving the memory. She immediately found herself engulfed by the slender arms of Lily Morgana. "I'm so sorry Nym!" Lily cried. "I didn't mean to bring up such a horrible memory."

"It's alright Lily." Nym responded hugging the girl back. "The hardest part was informing the rest of the family. Bill and Hermione and I suspect your mum and dad knew about Charlie and me, and out of respect they never brought up our relationship to anybody else."

Lily bit her lip but had to ask. "Nym, that was so long ago, why…"

"Why haven't I found someone else? Nym gave her a watery smile. Lily nodded her head slowly.

"The heart is a complicated thing sweety, I'm not opposed to finding love, but I'm not actively looking for it either." Nym replied sadly.

"Maybe you should Nym, you deserve to have someone love you and to have someone to love." Lily stated shyly.

Nymphadora smiled at her cousin warmly. "That's why I have you Lily, I give all my love to you and I know that you love me too."

"I know but what I meant…"

"I know what you meant sweetie, and maybe I will open my heart again but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. But you'll be the first to know when I do. Deal?" Nym asked her favorite cousin.

"Deal." Lily agreed.

"Now then I think we need to get to your party don't you?" Nym asked with a smirk.

Lily looked longingly at the third floor, she wanted desperately to get to her father study, she knew that her dreams meant something and the answers where there inside the study but she had been diverted yet again.

Hand in hand Lily and Nymphadora made their way downstairs and out to the back garden where a large gathering of family and friends were enjoying the warm July day. Lily shared the same birthday as her father, July 31. It was the best birthday present he had ever received her father said of her birth.

Lord Hadrian James Potter was a smitten man! His little Lily had him so wrapped around her little finger that it was an infinite source of amusement to the rest of the family. Harry doted on all his children and was a very engaged father. Never missing an important event in his children's lives.

Harry was a political powerhouse within the Wizengamot, but had turned down the office of Chief Warlock every time his name was put forward. Sweeping changes in legislation and laws regarding Wizarding Britain came from his quill. Muggle-borns and Half-blood's enjoyed an equality with the purebloods that had never been seen before.

One third of the Wizengamot seats were now by democratic election only and each committee within the Wizengamot must have at least two elected members on their respected boards. Most of the elected seats were held by muggle-borns who represented sixty-five percent of the magical population of Britain.

Bella spent most of her time raising her children but did tutor those who were interested and showed a talent for dueling. Two of her students were now tearing up the dueling circuit winning tournament after tournament. She was also a favorite guest lecturer at Hogwarts for Professor Hermione Weasley's DADA class. But to Bella there was no greater calling than that of mother and she took to it with a drive like she had with dueling.

All three of her children showed remarkable skill and natural magical ability, but they also inherited both their parents' strength of will and tempers. It would concern her if not for their sense of fair play and utter loyalty to one another and their family and extended family. The Potter-Black children defended their family with such zeal that very few attempted to harass anyone the Potter's considered family.

Lily looked around the garden and spotted Sirius and Minnie sneaking into the ritual house with mischevious looks on their face and was about to follow when she saw Nana Bones chasing them back out by shooting stinging hexes at their backsides. Lily chuckled at the sight of her grandmother who happened to be the longest serving Minister of Magic in centuries chase her sibling around the garden. Lily wasn't sure but she could swear that Nana Amelia was smiling.

"Happy Birthday Lily!" Neville and Susan greeted their niece.

"Hi Uncle Neville, Aunt Susan! Is Salome here?" Lily asked about her cousin.

"She is, I think she is over playing with Selene. She is very excited to be starting Hogwarts this year how about you?" Susan Longbottom asked adjusting her three year old son Frank on her hip.

"Me too! I hope were in the same house." Lily said

"Well even if you're not, you know you can still hang out, right? It's not like it was in my day where the Houses hardly ever mingled." Neville informed her.

"Yeah I know, it would just be nice to be in the same dorm room with her." Lily smiled.

"That would be nice, but remember it's also wonderful to make new friends as well." Susan told the raven haired girl.

"I know but it would also be fun to torture Uncle Neville in class if we were together." Lily laughed at the look of horror on her uncle's face.

"Potions would never be the same!" Neville feigned a horror struck face eliciting a giggle from Lily.

Harry and Bella watched as their youngest mixed and mingled with her family and friends. She would be starting Hogwarts in the fall and so all three of their children will be students at the ancient school and they would leave Black Manor a lonely place.

"Feeling nostalgic dad?" Hermione asked saucily, never ceasing to tease her best friend over their familial relationship.

Harry rolled his eyes at his daughter/best friend. "Careful young lady I may have to bend you over my knee and give you a spanking!" Harry teased back.

"Bill you told him about our bedroom playtime fun!" Hermione asked her husband with a wink. Harry's eyes bulged and he blushed a crimson that would make any Weasley proud.

"I think you broke him!" Bella laughed hugging Hermione and giving Bill a kiss on the cheek. "You know Bill I still say that eye patch of yours is damn sexy!' Bella stated winking at the redhead.

"Yeah, so do the female goblins at the Bank, they dig battle scars and amputations." Bill chuckled. Hermione rolled her eyes at her husband and swatted him on the chest.

"Yeah but the female goblins are as flat chest as the males, so if you wanna have fun with these…" Hermione said pushing her ample bosom against Bill's chest and sliding them back and forth. "I suggest you stick with me curse boy!" Hermione said teasingly. Bella chuckled loudly while Harry just shook his head and muttered…"Too much information."

Bella and Harry continued to greet their guests as the afternoon soon melted into dusk. They looked on as the children were playing a game of tag. Artie was in hot pursuit of Lily when Bella noticed the casual movement of Lily's hand. All of a sudden Artie tripped over something launching him into a swan dive and into the flower bed.

Bella raised her eyebrow as she watched her youngest daughter perform wandless magic causing the ground in front of Artie to suddenly rise up and trip the gangly youth. It had not been the first time when she had seen her daughter use wandless magic. She remembered when she was four years old and had been refused another piece of cake. Bella nearly dropped the plate in her hand as she watched her daughter wandlessly and silently summon the cake to her.

"Harry…" Bella began. "Have you noticed Lily's power level lately?"

"Yeah, I was there when Poppy gave Lily her last physical before attending school." Harry stated following Bella's gaze to his giggling daughter who was helping her cousin Artie up off the ground.

"She's twice as powerful as the twins were at that age." She sighed.

"I know, but I don't think we have to worry about her. She is the most loving and caring of the kids." Harry said soothingly.

"Yes, but she's also the most cunning and intelligent." Bella replied "I'm just worried I guess."

"About what love?" Harry asked wrapping his arms around Bella's belly and pulling her back into him, his head resting on her shoulder.

"I'm worried about what the fate's have in store for her to warrant making her so powerful." Bella sighed.

Harry looked over to his daughter who was helping a very tired looking Augusta Longbottom to her seat. Again watching their daughter wandlessly and silently cast a cushioning charm on the chair. They watched as the Dowager lady spoke to their daughter who gave the grand lady her complete attention.

"Whatever fate has in store for our family we will meet it as a family." Harry said confidently, kissing the cheek of the woman who meant everything to him.


Harry and Bella lay in their bed cuddled up with one another, after nearly fourteen years of marriage they still felt like they were on their honeymoon. Harry still marveled at the way his life had turned around from the beaten fifteen year old to being a husband to a loving wife, the father of three amazing children, head of two Ancient and Noble Houses and a host of other friends and family who he loved and cherished.

"Knut for your thoughts love." Bella whispered from her spot lying across her Harry's chest.

"Just counting my blessing mon amour." Harry replied.

"Oooh, I love it when you speak French!" Bella purred as she slid up her husband's body claiming his lips with hers in a passionate kiss.

Harry suddenly stopped and sat up. "Something wrong love?" Bella pouted, her swollen lips wanting to continue their workout.

"The wards in the study just tripped." Harry replied.

"Oh?" Bella asked getting up and throwing on her night dress. Harry rose as well and threw on his robe and grabbed his wand.

The study was just at the opposite end of the hall from their bedroom. The couple walked slowly and silently to the cracked open door that lead to Harry's private study. Bella and Harry paused at the door and looked in to the room, what they saw surprised them.


Ronald Prewitt had faded into obscurity. After Voldemort's death he had been released from the body bind he had been placed under. He quickly fled and kept himself hidden from the rest of the Wizarding world.

For three long years he traveled around Great Britain, existing on whatever he could find or steal. On one stormy night he had found a small cave that he could tell had some kind of repelling spell around it. But the wards for some reason recognized him and he was allowed to enter.

Ronald saw what looked like a large pensieve in the middle of the cavern and approached it cautiously. Above the pensieve, suspended in mid air was a silvery translucent substance. Not knowing why he felt compelled to touch the substance.

Ron took his index finger and poked the floating substance. In pain he quickly pulled back his hand and discovered that the tip of his finger had been poked and was now bleeding. As soon as Ron had touched the substance the silvery substance fell into the stone bowl. Ron tripped over himself as an image of an old bearded man rose from the bowl.

Welcome my heir, I am Myrddin Emrys, you will bring our house back to prominence and with my training we will conquer our enemies, strip them of their magic and rule Britain once more. Ron sneered malevolently.

"The first house to fall will be Potter!"


Lily Morgana was tossing in her bed, she knew it was well past midnight but the call to her dad's study was overwhelming her sense to just stay in bed. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and slid out of her bed. She pulled on her robe and slippers and made her way from her bedroom on the second floor to her father's study on the third.

She crept past her parent's room hearing some kind of moaning and groaning, she shook her head in an attempt to stifle any stray thoughts about what her parents could be up to and continued to the study.

Lily, as quietly as possible, opened the door to her father's study and then stepped in and looked around. The study itself was modestly decorated and was dominated by a large oak desk with many scrolls and parchments strewn about it. Lily surmised it must be his Wizengamot things.

Opposite the desk was a large fireplace with an ornate mahogany mantle. Above the mantle was a large portrait of a beautiful blonde witch with electric blue eyes. She was dressed in medieval clothing and was sitting in a rocking chair. The look on the painted woman's face was in an attitude of warm expectation.

Lily was caught off guard by the look on the woman's face, a look that said 'I've been expecting you.' The small gold placard at the bottom of the painting gave the witches name. Morgana La Fey: Grandmother, Mentor and Guardian of House Potter.

Lily realized that her eyes were an exact copy of the eyes of Morgana La Fey, she had always been curious why her eyes were different from her siblings and now here was the answer to her question. She had known she was a descendant of the famous witch, her mother made sure that the family knew that she was not the dark evil witch of legend. But she had never seen this portrait before.

Lily eyes were then pulled to a small display sitting on top of the mantle just under the portrait. In a blue velvet rectangular case lay a blood red colored wand. 'This was it!' Lily gasped; she felt the wand calling to her, singing to her. It was like siren song to the young girl.

On tip toes she reached up to grab the wand but before she could it jumped from its case and straight into her hand. A golden glow immediately surrounded and pulsed around the young witch as the wand caused waves of warmth to spread throughout her body.

Lily knew immediately that the wand had chosen her; she looked transfixed at the beautiful wand in her hand rolling her wrist around and around to see every inch of it. Unbeknownst to her, her parents had watched the entire scene from the door way, they like her were amazed at what had just happened.

But what happened next would stun all three Potters as a soft musical voice that both Harry and Bella knew very well began to speak.

"Well chosen granddaughter." The portrait above the mantle spoke. Lily looked up wide eyed not believing what she was seeing. The portrait had come to life and a beaming Morgana La Fey looked down upon her descendant.

"I was beginning to believe that you were not my chosen." Morgana smiled. "But here you are and my wand has chosen you." She beamed again.

"A great and terrible destiny lies before you child of my blood. You are my true heir, and I will be your guide. Like your father before you, the fates have chosen you. The House of Le Fey and the House of Emrys will soon be at war once more."

Bella and Harry gasped as they heard the words spoken by the great witch. What are we going to do?" Harry asked terrified by what his daughter seemed destined to face.

Bella, surprisingly calm, cupped her husband's face. "Whatever it is Harry..." She said soothingly. "…we will face as a family. As I watched over you, Harry. And together we will be WATCHING OVER LILY."

The End…?

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