Chapter 10: & The Truth Is…

Destiny was fully alert. In one direction she could see Cory and Chiles talking, and before in the opposite direction she could see Beau sitting at the bar. She continued to look back and forth and also tried to work all at the same time, but she was bound to lose one of her subjects. And that subject was Beau, because when she looked back in his direction all she saw was an empty chair, where he was sitting before.

"Hey Ryanne, I'll be back" Destiny called out over the music to her colleague. Who just nodded her off, Destiny knew Beau didn't walk pass Chiles and Cory to head to the back so her second guess was the side alley of the bar.

She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too
She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too

It's a long day livin' in Reseda
There's a freeway runnin' through the yard
And I'm a bad boy, 'cause I don't even miss her
I'm a bad boy for breakin' her heart

And I'm free, I'm free fallin'

Beau was in his usual thinking spot. He felt at ease in the alley on side of the place. He usually just likes to smoke a cigarette and play his guitar. For some reason it kind of gave him a taste of back at home in Nashville, away from all the annoying lights and glamour of California

All the vampires walkin' through the valley

Move west down Ventura Blvd
And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
All the good girls are home with broken hearts

And I'm free, I'm free fallin'

Destiny reached the side of the building before peeking her head around the corner. She smiled when she saw Beau singing while playing his guitar. She didn't want to interrupt so she decided to let him finish:

I wanna glide down over Mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
I wanna free fall out into nothin'
Gonna leave this world for awhile

And I'm free, I'm free fallin'

Beau nodded to himself before putting his guitar to the side. Destiny made sure he was done before clapping and coming from around the corner and walking toward him…

"That was beautiful Nashville" she compliment

Beau shrugged and slightly smiled "It's something I've been working on for awhile." He told her

"For Chiles?" she asked sitting on an old crate next to him

"It wasn't a love song, it was about life in general" he shrugged "About how I'm just going with the flow, not really knowing where the hell I'm going to land"

"Yep! About Chiles" she nodded

"I guess it was" he chuckled

"Wow! You really love her don't you?" Destiny Love smiled as Beau honestly nodded "Who knew deep down this big tough southern Beau Hutton, had a soft side"

"Only she's been able to bring it out of me"

"Why do you think that is?" she asked

"She just has that 'thing' about her, that glow, she adorable" he shrugged

"Sounds like love to me" Destiny smiled "Wow, I like this Beau"

"What? You don't like Nashville?" Beau chuckled

Destiny giggle "He's pretty great too, but I like seeing a softer side of you, before I didn't think anyone could knock that wall you have up down, but she did it in just a few days"

"You said it best, she's sensational" he smiled softly "I just wish she didn't feel like she had to hide something from me"

Destiny looked down

"You have no idea how much, it's killing me I'm afraid that this visit is going to be a temporary thing and I'm going to lose her again"

Destiny paused, deep down she wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words as she and Beau sat in silence….

Meanwhile, back inside:

"Cory please, I can't do this yet I'm not ready" Chiles pleaded

"Chiles he deserves to know!" he raised his voice accidently as someone walked by and gave the two strange stares. Chiles rolled her eyes and pulled Cory by the arm and out the back door….

"Sorry for being loud, But, he is ready to know Chiles. And the longer you hide this from him the more hurt he will be in the end" Cory explained, "And you can stop me from telling him, but you can't stop the media. I know Beau's old fashion but he does pick up a newspaper every now and then" Cory explained "He's going to find out regardless, and if he finds out from anyone but us, you especially that would destroy him"

"I haven't found the words yet"

"Chiles, you're just scared, you really want him now and you're afraid after he finds out he's not going to want you" Cory boldly stated "But, I can assure Chiles that's not true"

"How do you know?" Chiles softly said

"Beau is crazy about you and yes this is a messy situation but you love him now, and you're here for the right reasons now 'so you say' Chiles"

"I do.. I am"

"So go tell him, if you care about him you will tell him right now because he knows you have something to hide and he can't let it go, it's really screwing with his mind and you know a lot of things usually doesn't get to him"

Chiles paused and took a deep breath "You think he'll stay?"

"There's a good chance, if you want him that badly you won't let him go… Especially without a fight!"

Chiles smiled and nodded, but moments later her smiled soon became a frown suddenly when she saw a faint look on Cory's face who was no longer looking at her but passed her. She quickly turned her head and her heart immediately dropping when she saw Beau and Destiny standing there. "Beau" she softly said "How long have you too been standing there"

"Not long" Destiny managed to say as Beau stared at Chiles in silence

"We were actually in the side alley" Destiny said

"Meaning?" Cory replied

"…We heard everything" Beau firmly said still not taking his crystal blue eyes off of Chiles, as Destiny shrugged at Cory when the too made eye contact.

"I guess I should start from the beginning" Chiles stared down

"No, I don't need a whole story, I just need a few facts" Beau said "What did Cory mean when he said you love me now?"

Chiles felt tears form as she looked away

"Cory I think we should go" Destiny said, taking Beau's guitar for him as Cory nodded

"No stay, because Cory apparently you know more than I do and if she's lying again I'm going to need some clarity" Beau replied. Destiny looked at Cory before patting him on the back before she walked back into the bar…

"Destiny where the hell is Beau, he was suppose to be on stage five minutes ago" Ryanne said as soon as Destiny walked in

"Uh… He's handling some business outside" Destiny softly told her "Well, some entertainment better get on that stage now, or else the big boss man will be pissed"

Destiny sighed as she stared at Beau's guitar in her hands. She hated doing live performances but didn't want her or Beau to get into trouble so she went on stage:

"Hey everyone" she sweetly said "Beau will be back in a little while, but until then this is a little song I entitled Our Town" she smiled as she spoke into the microphone before sitting on the stool ,as began to stroke the keys and singing:

Long ago, but not so very long ago
The world was different, oh yes it was
You settled down and you built a town and made it live
And you watched it grow
It was your town

Back outside, Chiles was in complete tears as Beau was pretty emotional himself as the secret was finally exposed

"So you were in jeopardy of being let go from your label, and you came to me, not for me but for my music" Beau softly repeated what she confessed to have been hiding from him

"I-I I'm sorry, I just wanted that lifestyle so bad…"


"Beau take it easy!" Cory came to Chiles' defense

"TAKE IT EASY? She comes back here just to use me for my music and you're telling me to take it easy!" he continued to yell

"That's what I thought I wanted but I want you Beau!" Chiles said

"Yeah NOW! But when you showed up here it was only because your label was one more horrible songs away from dropping you"

Chiles ran her fingers through her long brown hair as tears ran down his face "I didn't want you to find out this way"

"I knew you coming back here for me was too good to be true" he softly said

"Beau, I don't care about that anymore! The business none of that, coming back here allowed for me to fall in love with you all over again believe me its true" she pleaded

"I can't believe nothing else that comes out of your mouth Chiles" he shook his "You didn't choose me, the business chose for you, and that's not love" he softly said as Cory stared strangely as he could hear Destiny singing inside the building…

Main street isn't main street anymore
Lights don't shine as brightly as they shone before
Tell the truth, lights don't shine at all
In our town

Sun comes up each morning
Just like it's always done
Get up, go to work, start the day,
Open up for business that's never gonna come
As the world rolls by a million miles away

Cory slightly smiled at the thought of her, but his joy didn't last when seeing two of his friends Beau and Chiles in such a horrible situation.

"Beau…" Chile softly spoke but Beau refused to let her finished, as he didn't want to listen to anything else she said..

"Chiles Stanton you used me, you made me look like a fool." He softly said turning his back "You had some pretty selfish moments in the past Chiles but this takes the cake" he lastly said before walking off leaving her in tears…

Cory quickly walked back inside to catch the end of Destiny's performance, and to fill her in on what happened

Main street isn't main street anymore
No one seems to need us like they did before
It's hard to find a reason left to stay
But it's our town
Love it anyway
Come what may, it's our town.

Destiny strummed the last chord before smiling at the applaud she got. She looked around at the audience and spotted Cory, as being on stage shortly got her mind off of reality, but seeing him quickly snapped her back. She smiled and bowed as she exited the stage and met up with Cory…

"She told him" Cory said

"How'd he take it?" Destiny replied

"We have to catch him before he goes" Cory told grabbing her arm allowing the both of them to run toward the exit…

Outside they saw Beau heading toward his pickup truck as the two rushed to him

"Beau wait!" Destiny yelled

Beau stopped and looked at Destiny, and then at Cory

"And Cory you knew" Beau said

"I'm sorry Beau, we just thought it was something between you two" Cory tried to explained


Destiny stared at him, as he then connect the dots

"You knew too Destiny?" he nodded "And didn't say a word"

"I'm sorry Beau" Destiny also replied "I didn't know how"

"You know I'm getting real sick of hearing that come out of you all mouths" he said before walking away…

Destiny and Cory stared, as Chiles came from around the corner face full of tears

"Oh… And now you know why I always had that wall up" Beau lastly replied to Destiny referring to their earlier conversation "I can't trust anyone…." He completed before getting into her truck and pulling off…..

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