Summary: Companion story to I am a what? Aizen decides that his lover Gin try Szayel's new experiment.

Disclaimer: I do not own bleach. I just own a laptop, word, and my imagination.

Warnings: This will be a yaoi and mpreg story.

Author's Note {1}: This story starts after chapter 4 of I am a what?

Tale of two foxs

"He took that rather well", Gin said. He was still sitting on the armrest of Aizen's throne.

An explosion could be heard throughout Los Noches.

Aizen looked at Gin with an amused smile. "I believe Grimmjow just destroyed his room", Aizen said.

"Ya think so", Gin said with his usual grin.

"I do Gin" Aizen said before sighing. "Thankfully we have an extra room." Grimmjow had been right, Aizen didn't care about him. He could easily replace Grimmjow or any of the other Espada members but he like to keep up the illusion that they were a family.

A mischievous smile came on to Gin's face. "Ya could always put him with Ulquiorra."

Grimmjow and Ulquiorra did not get along. Then again Grimmjow didn't really get along with most of the Espada.

"That is an excellent idea", Aizen said.

The only one he actually cared about was the man sitting next to him.

"I do believe you deserve a reward for such an idea", Aizen said with a grin.

"Do I now?" Gin asked before Aizen tugged him into his lap.

Aizen pressed his lips to Gin's before running his tongue against bottom lip.

Gin parted his lips allowing Aizen entrance.

Their tongues wrestled for dominance and Aizen of course won.

After a few moments later Gin pulled away for a much needed breath.

"I was thinking that maybe we should test Szayel's experiment again", Aizen said after they had caught their breath.

"If that is what ya wish", Gin replied.

He knew what Aizen was referring to and he wouldn't mind having Aizen's children.

"Hmm" Aizen kissed Gin again as his hand brushed Gin member his clothes.

Gin moaned into the kiss before whimpering as Aizen pulled away.

"Come, let's go see our dear octava", Aizen said.

Gin nodded before getting off Aizen's lap.

Aizen got up and walked out of the throne room.

Gin of course followed him there would more play time later, of that he was sure.

About five minutes later in Szayel's lab

"As always it is a pleasure to see you Aizen-sama", Szayel said politely after Aizen walked into his lab. He also nodded his head to Gin as he walked in.

"I would like to test your male pregnancy experiment again", Aizen said with his usual pleasant smile.

"Of course Aizen-sama", Szayel said before rushing to get what he would need.

"It only works with animal hybrid though", Szayel said.

"Can ya do a fox hybrid?" Gin asked curiously.

"I can", Szayel said relieved that he already done a study on fox hybrids.

"Will you please sit down Gin-sama ", Szayel said motioning to a chair.

Gin did as he was asked while Aizen watched carefully.

Szayel knew that if anything went wrong he could kiss his ass goodbye.

He lifted Gin's sleeve before wiping his arm with an alcohol pad.

He then picked up a syringe and injected it into Gin before grabbing another syringe and repeating the process.

After a few minutes he had silver fox ears and a silver tail.

"In two days he will be able to conceive", Szayel said.

"Thank you octava", Aizen said politely before offering Gin his hand.

Gin's grin widened before he took Aizen's hand.

After they left the lab Aizen pinned Gin to the wall before giving him a passionate kiss. "You really are sexy as fox", Aizen whispered into Gin's ear