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It had been a month and two weeks since Gin had conceived.

He was pregnant with triplets.

Things were going well and then things went downhill very quickly.

He had collapsed on the way to the daily meeting.

He had been in immense pain.

Yammy had rushed him to Szayel's lab, with Szayel and Aizen running behind him.

Gin had gone into labor early.

Szayel urged everyone, including Aizen out of the room.

Three hours later

Two healthy little girls had been born.

The third baby, a little boy had been a stillborn.

He woke to find Ulquiorra holding two babies.

Gin looked at Szayel who shook his head before Gin burst into tears.

He didn't need Szayel to tell him that the third baby hadn't survived.

"Kira, I want ta name him Kira", Gin finally choked out.

Szayel nodded, he and Ulquiorra would bury the baby later.

Ulquiorra stood slowly and brought Gin's baby girls over to him.

Gin, who still had tears running down his cheeks, reached for the babies.

One of the babies sensed that her mother was upset and began to cry.

Gin's maternal instincts kicked in and he calmed the little baby.

The baby who had cried looked exactly like her mother. She had blood red eyes and silver hair along with silver ears and a tail.

The other baby girl looked like her father, with brown hair and chocolate colored eyes.

Gin's tears had ceased.

Kira's death hurt him greatly but when he looked down at the babies in his arms, he couldn't help but smile.

They were his precious little miracles.

He hoped that Aizen would accept them even though never of them were boys.

He knew that Aizen was hurting too, Aizen had wanted a boy badly.

Gin looked at the little girl that looked like Aizen.

"Her name is Tomoe", Gin said softly.

Tomoe meant blessing.

He then looked at the baby who looked like himself.

"Her name is Masumi", Gin said softly before kissing each baby on it's head.

Masumi meant beautiful and true purity.

Szayel and Ulquiorra left to give Gin time with his newborn children.

Gin cooed to his babies and smiled but Kira still weighed on heavily on his mind.