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The next morning, Konoka insisted that they go out together again (this time with Kaede and Asuna) and that they give her the details of everything she missed. As this was a last minute decision for a large party, there was no way that they would get seats at the Chao Bao Zi, especially as Satomi and Chao would be too tired and busy from their work on Chachamaru to arrange anything for them. Therefore, they headed for one of the coffee shops. However, they walked into Chachamaru and a very tired looking Eva, whom was clutching her coffee. "Ah." said Asuna.

"Oh." Eva responded.

"Uh...Hi Eva." greeted Anya nervously.

"Look," said Eva, "just because I agreed to not make you my servant, does not mean that I need to be friendly to you."

"Hello, everyone." greeted Chachamaru as she bowed slightly. She was smiling and clearly had decided to put the events of the previous night behind her.

"So, the sports girls should be fine now, right?" asked Anya.

"They may be a little disorientated and suffer from memory problems for a day or two." replied Eva, "Not that it should be an obvious difference for them."

"Okay," said Anya, "maybe I should check up on them later. Maybe I'll ask to see some homework or remind them about their next test something, but I'm still going to use some spells to protect against the after effects of vampire attacks on them, once I've got them right." Eva smirked.

"I'm glad that you're not naive enough to just accept my word." she said.

"Why did you want to control me anyway?" Anya asked. Eva scowled.

"The Thousand Master placed a curse on me so that I couldn't leave the academy." she replied, "He promised me that he'd remove it one day, but that was fifteen years ago and now he's dead. Only someone with his blood can break the curse, so I planned to have you invite his son, whom I know is a friend of yours to come here so that he could break it."

"Oh," said Anya, "you know, he still thinks that his father is alive." Eva looked up from her coffee.

"…What did you say?" she asked.

"He says that he met his father six years ago." Anya elaborated.

"What are you talking about?" asked Eva, "He died ten years ago! Did your friend talk to his dead body or something?"

"No," explained Anya, "he says that his father saved him and gave him his staff." Eva tensed up and pulled some photos out of her pocket.

"This staff?-!" she asked desperately pointing at a picture of Negi holding his staff, "He didn't have it before?-!"

"…Er…yes…" replied Anya, "…and what are you doing with the photos that I gave to Makie?"

"…Look, I had to do the research okay! That's the only reason that I was looking at them! In fact, you can give them back to her! I don't need them anymore!" yelled Eva whilst thinking, "I've made copies anyway."

"Okay," said Anya as she picked up the photographs, "but why is that staff important anyway?"

"That's The Thousand Master's staff." replied Eva, "I'd recognize it anywhere. He…Hehe…Hahahaha! I see! So he's alive! That guy is unbelievable! I knew it! He's the sort of guy you can't just kill!"

"She seems happy." Asuna commented.

"Yes." agreed Chachamaru.

"No wonder The Thousand Master seemed to think she was a stalker." muttered Anya. Chisame was once again trying to decide if the current developments were good or bad.

"Well," said Anya, "Negi would be glad that someone else believes him, but the staff is the only evidence that he's alive, never mind where he is."

"There's Kyoto." said Eva, "There was a house there where he lived for a while. If the rumors of his death really are false, then there may be some clue there. You should go there. In fact, I order you to go there."

"Kyoto?" asked Konoka, "That's where I grew up."

"Wait, you order me?-!" asked Anya, "And how am I supposed to get there?"

"The destination for the school trip hasn't been decided yet." said Konoka, "Why don't we all go there for the trip? It'll be good to see Daddy again."

"That might work!" said Anya, "Negi'll be really happy when I tell him."

"By the way," said Eva, "you're paying for the info in blood, right?"


Anya hoped that she wouldn't end up having to pay Eva with her blood on a regular basis. It was an odd sensation. Especially as it was more pleasant than one would expect being bitten to be. Konoka fixed Anya's hair which was a little singed from the previous night, but after that, there was no lasting damage. The sports girls certainly did seem to not be completely themselves. Especially Makie, but Makie wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed under ideal conditions. She had seemed to not remember that they were having a test at all when she spoke to her as she rushed past with Satome and Chisame. She needed to get that approval for the field trip and she didn't want the other girls to know why she wanted to go. The handling of the application for a field trip to Kyoto seemed to go smoothly, so Anya returned to some of her other projects.


"Yes," sighed Eva, "I've checked your work and the spell should work now. Though I don't know why you're bothering. Even if one deigned to socialize with another of my classmates, there are simpler methods."

"Well, now that I've got this right, I won't need them, right?" asked Anya, but she hurried off before Eva could answer.

"Why do I put up with this?" asked Eva.

"You need her to report her findings in Kyoto, Master." replied Chachamaru.


Anya prowled the area around the Tatsumiya shrine with her borrowed camera until she spotted her target. "Stalking Mana again?" she asked.

"Trying to." wrote Sayo with a sigh, "Being a ghost has been useful in helping me eavesdrop for Kazumi, but the person that she needs information on the most can see me. It's rather unfortunate. Still, if Kazumi needs me to do it, I won't give up."

"I hope that she hasn't sent you spying on my private life." Anya said. Sayo smiled nervously. "Oh well," sighed Anya, "I don't think that you've been around me long enough to notice anything important. I would have noticed. Still, you wanted to interact more directly with your friends, right?" Sayo nodded. "So you'd like them to see you and hear you directly, right?" Anya asked. Once again, Sayo nodded. This time with more enthusiasm. "Then, come with me." said Anya, "I have a way."


Anya, her partners, Eva and Chachamaru gathered around Sayo. "Fortis la tius lilith lilioth! Profumdum caligo! Hic necnon nunc! Ego perquiro imaginem hic est visit ab clausum est oculus necnon vocem hic est exauditur ab clausum est auris. Dilapsum fueris caligo alternaveris ostenderis tutemet!" said Anya. There was a glow and when it dissipated, Sayo was visible to all. "All right Sayo," said Anya, "now we can see you. Try saying something."

"Will everyone be able to see me now?" asked Sayo.

"No," replied Anya, "only those who are here. And as the spell seems to have worked, we can hear you as well."

"But what about Kazumi-san?" asked Sayo.

"She'll have to use the same methods that she always has as she's not here." explained Anya.

"But she's my best friend." complained Sayo, "I want her to see me too."

"But I can't let her see me cast spells!" argued Anya, "She doesn't know that I'm a mage!"

"She already knows that I'm a ghost," countered Sayo, "so she already knows about the supernatural. Is it really such a big deal that she knows that you're a mage as well? Now that she knows about ghosts, she's bound to find out anyway and I don't want to waste the opportunity to spend time with her."

"...Fine," said Anya, "I'll bring Kazumi and show her too."

"Do you really think that it's a good idea to tell Asakura-san?" aksed Yue.

"Well, she has a point." replied Anya who didn't really want to see Sayo disappointed, "Besides, she hasn't reported Sayo, and Haruna hasn't reported me."


Back in Wales, Mark was reading outside the library. Unfortunately for him, he was banned from reading inside the library for being too much of a disturbance. Mark turned the page in such a way that one would expect it to be shown in slow motion with extreme close-ups, accompanied by flashing colors and ominous music before being repeated from three different angles. You can see how this might get old. "This makes NO SENSE!" declared Mark, "Whywould one cast this spell?-! Maybe!...If you needed to punish your partner for some reason!...But Whowould be desperate enough to have a partner that they trusted so little!-?" He scratched his chin in thought. "Unfortunately! I don't have a partner yet! IFI had a partner...I would EASILY defeat Negi Springfield! BUT since Nekane has FOOLISHLY rejected me, I have no viable candidates!" He raised his finger into the air. "UNLESS! With the help of this SPELL! I can USE! A candidate! Who wouldn't! Normally! Be viable!"


"So you said that you needed to show me something." said Kazumi once Anya had brought her back to the others.

"Yes." said Anya, "Watch. Fortis la tius lilith lilioth! Profumdum caligo! Hic necnon nunc! Ego perquiro imaginem hic est visit ab clausum est oculus necnon vocem hic est exauditur ab clausum est auris. Dilapsum fueris caligo alternaveris ostenderis tutemet!"

"Sayo!" gasped Kazumi, "I can see you!" She turned to Anya. "How did you do that?-!" she asked, "It looked like magic!"

"Yes." sighed Anya, "It was magic. I am a mage. But you can't tell anyone."

"But there's a whole bunch of people right here!" Kazumi declared incredulously.

"That's different." said Anya, "Eva and Konoka are powerful mages themselves, Chachamaru is Eva's partner and the others are my partners."

"What is a partner?" asked Kazumi.

"Well," explained Haruna with a smirk, "we agree to help Anya and in return, we get totally awesome magic artifacts."

"Sweet." said Kazumi, "Sign me up."

"Becoming a partner is a big commitment! You can't just decide to become someone's partner because it sounds "sweet"!" complained Anya.

"Why not?" asked Kazumi.

"I like you!" said Chamo as he crawled out, "Anya-aneki needs to listen to you. There's nothing wrong with having more partners."

"Wow." said Kazumi with wide eyes, "Your pet talks. I'm almost ready to start believing what Hinomori Misato-kohei says."

"What does Misato say about Chamo?" asked Anya.

"That he's an alien from the planet Uranus plotting to extract our emotional energy." replied Kazumi.

"Don't worry." said Chamo, "That's not true. I just want you to become Anya-aneki's partner."

"Right." said Kazumi, "What do I have to do?"

"You just have to give Anya-aneki a smooch." replied Chamo. Kazumi shrugged.

"I'm okay with that." she said, "But what about Sayo? Is she your partner?"

"No." replied Anya, "Can a ghost even be a partner?"

"Anything with a soul can be a pactio partner." explained Eva, "As ghosts are souls, they fulfill the requirements. You may want to possess a doll to provide a surface to kiss though. It would also allow you to leave the campus and help investigate Kyoto."

"Would you like to do that, Sayo?" asked Kazumi.

"Yes," nodded Sayo, "I'd like to be able to leave campus and if you're becoming Anya-sensei's partner, then I'd like to be one too."

"Don't I get a say in this?-!" asked Anya.

"Not if you don't want me to write an article on magic." replied Kazumi.

"I'm starting to sense a pattern here." sighed Anya in resignation.


"Ready?" asked Kazumi as they stood in the pactio circle.

"I suppose so." sighed Anya before kissing Kazumi.

"Pactio!" Chamo shouted as the purple glow enveloped them. He then picked up the card and duplicated it before handing the resulting cards to Anya and Kazumi. Kazumi picked up the doll containing Sayo along with the card and held Sayo into the circle.

"Your turn Sayo-chan." she said.

Anya kissed the doll as Chamo said, "Pactio!" Once again he duplicated the card and handed them over.

"Will I be able to hold the card without using the doll?" asked Sayo.

"You are bonded to the card and the artifact." explained Eva, "You'll be able handle them as easily as living person could." Sayo left the doll and picked up the card.

"So what do we do now?" asked Kazumi.

"Hold out your cards and say "Adeat"." explained Chamo.

"Adeat!" said Kazumi and Sayo. After the resulting glow had subsided, Sayo was in a short-skirted business suit and glasses and was holding a scroll and a red, felt-tip pen. Kazumi was wearing a brown trench coat, jeans, sneakers and a headset and was carrying a large camera on her shoulder like those used by film crews.

"Wow." said Kazumi as she looked through the camera and fiddled with the various buttons, "I can see all sorts of things." Sayo spun the pen around her fingers.

"What does yours do, Sayo-anego?" asked Chamo.

"I'm not sure." said Sayo. The pen lifted from her fingers and the scroll unfurled and the saw that allong its margins were marked dates and times. The pen then wrote the following onto the scroll at their current date and time:

"Me: I'm not sure."

"That's interesting." said Sayo.

"Me: That's interesting." wrote the pen.

"Hmm..." said Chamo as he looked at the scroll. It looks like you'll be able to record what other people say as well. Try it."

"Um...Anya-sensei?" tried Sayo.

"Me: Um.

Me: Anya-sensei?" wrote the pen. Sayo tried touching Anya with the pen.

"What was that for?" asked Anya.

"Anya-sensei: What was that for?" wrote the pen.

"Fascinating." said Yue. Sayo raised the pen and touched it to an earlier time in the day. Once again, the pen began to write.

"Anya-sensei: But I can't let her see me cast spells!" it wrote, "Anya-sensei: She doesn't know that I'm a mage!

Anya-sensei: Fine, I'll bring Kazumi and show her too.

Anya-sensei: Well, she has a point.

Anya-sensei: Besides, she hasn't reported Sayo, and Haruna hasn't reported me."

"I think we get the gist of how it works now." said Anya.


A week before the class trip, Anya confirmed with the class that the trip to Kyoto had been finalized. "Listen to me, everyone!" she said, "From the beginning of next week, we're all going on a field trip to Kyoto and Nara! It should be quite fun, so I hope that you're all looking forward to it."

"Yes!" cheered most of the class.

"...Idiots." muttered Yue.

"Suck-ups." thought Chisame, "You'd think they were grade-schoolers." Yuuna laughed from next to her.

"There are a lot of people at our school, so the destination is always chosen from a whole list of locations like Hawaii." announced Ayaka as she stood up, "Since their are so many international students in our class and you yourself are in Japan for the first time, the consensus was for a cultural trip to Kyoto and Nara."

"Thank you, Ayaka." said Anya, "Kyoto is actually convenient for me as I indicated previously."

"Happy to oblige, Anya-sensei." replied Ayaka. As the Narutaki twins danced around the room, Shizuna walked into it.

"Anya-sensei," she said, "the principal is calling you."

"All right." replied Anya, "On my way."


"Negi!" called Nekane as she walked into the room where he was doing more target practice, "You have a letter from Anya!"

"Thanks, Sis." he replied as he took the letter and opened it.

"Dear Negi," said the image of Anya, "You'll be really excited about my news! Someone here knew your father! It's a bit difficult to explain in one letter, but you should meet her. She says that your staff really belonged to him, so maybe he really is alive! Also, at her suggestion, I'm taking the class on a field trip to Kyoto and Nara where I will investigate his old house. You really need to visit soon and I'll show you my findings. Bye, Anya."

"Did Father really have a house in Japan?" asked Negi.

"Yes," replied Nekane as she thoughtfully held her chin, "He travelled around a lot, so he had houses in several countries, but Japan was one of the places where he spent more of his time. He had friends there after all."

"I have to visit Anya earlier than I previously planned to!" declared Negi excitedly, "Was there any other place that he spent a lot of time?"

"Well…" hesitated Nekane, "…the country which he spent the largest number of years other than this one was Old Ostia in the magical world."

"The magical world…" said Negi. If his father had really spent a lot of time there, he needed to see it for himself.

"However," said Nekane, "I would suggest that you first visit Hawaii."

"Why?" asked Negi, "Did Father spend a lot of time there too?"

"No." replied Nekane, "It just seems like a nice place to visit."


"Anya-chan," said Konoemon, "I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner before you got your hopes up, but you have to choose a different destination for the class trip."

"What!-?" yelled Anya, "We can't go to Kyoto and Nara!-?"

"Hmmm…" said Konoemon as he raised a finger, "You can't go to Kyoto, but how about Hawaii?"

"But I've already promised Negi that I'd look for information on his father there!" complained Anya, "Not to mention that the class is already excited for this trip!"

"Hey. Come on…" said Konoemon, "It's not cancelled for sure yet…It's just that they don't want you to go."

"Who are "they"?" asked Anya, "The Kyoto Government Office?"

"No…err…How should I explain this…?" said Konoemon, "It's The Kansai Magic Association. That's who "they" are."

"What's their problem?" asked Anya.

"Well, you see, I'm actually the director of The Kantou Magic Association. The Kantou and Kansai Magic Associations have had a shaky relationship for a long time now. If I were to send in a teacher who was also a mage…" explained Konoemon, "they would undoubtedly voice their disapproval."

"Are you blaming me?-!" asked Anya.

"Wait. Keep listening." said Konoemon, "I want to stop the feud with the mages in the West. So I'm going to send you as a special envoy. All you have to do is pass this letter to their boss. Hoho. You may be in danger along the way…" He handed the letter over, "…but they are also mages. I doubt they will get the students or any other normal people involved. This will not be an easy task, Anya-chan…so what do you say?"

"Okay!" said Anya, "I'm on it!" It was about time her skills were recognized.

"I like the fact that you're looking…invigorated. Oh…one more thing. Kyoto is where my granddaughter Konoka used to live…" said Konoemon, "…how much magic have you taught her?"

"Um…" said Anya, "Well, she's chosen her activation key and can now cast sagitta magica. Her primary element seems to be light and she's really good with healing spells. Did she tell you that I was teaching her?"

"No," answered Konoemon, "One of my sources actually tried to prevent me from finding out as she was afraid that it would get Konoka into trouble."

"Why would she think that?" asked Anya.

"While I don't really care myself," replied Konoemon, "her parents wanted her to remain unaware of such things. They would have preferred that she didn't find out. Still, they are reasonable people and understand that at times, such things are unavoidable. Then, if that's all, the school trip will proceed as planned. I'm counting on you Anya-chan."

"Okay!" said Anya.


"Hey! Anya-chan!" came Konoka's voice after Anya had left the building. Konoka was dragging Asuna behind her.

"Hi." said Anya as she turned around, "What is it?"

"There's a sale on in preparation for the field trips." replied Konoka, "We have to go shopping for outfits. I told Asuna that as your guides we should help you shop at the Student Co-op." Anya considered this. While her wardrobe had recently increased in size, most of her new clothes had come from class 1A and were probably not appropriate, though Eva would probably like some of them.

"Er…All right," she agreed, "but shouldn't we bring Satomi and Chisame too? They probably need to shop as well and they may also have advice."

"Them?" asked Asuna incredulously.

"Well, maybe Satomi would need help herself," replied Anya, "but Chisame is good with clothes."

"True." said Konoka touching her chin as she thought about what she had recently learned about Chisame, "Then let's go get them!"


After convincing Anya's roommates of the importance of buying some new outfits, they left the room to bump into the cheerleaders. "Hi everyone!" greeted Sakurako.

"Hello." replied the party which had just left the room.

"What were you all doing in there?" asked Misa.

"We just came to fetch Hakase and Chisame-chan for some shopping at the Student Co-op." replied Konoka.

"Ah," said Misa as she raised some bags, "we've just come from there, but we didn't buy much because we're going to Harajuku to buy some more on the twentieth."

"And to sing karaoke." added Sakurako.

"Right!" agreed Misa, "I'm gonna sing my heart out!"

"Don't just play around like usual!" scolded Madoka, "We're going to prepare for the school trip. We can't go to karaoke unless we finish with time and cash to spare!"

"The twentieth...?" asked Konoka as she touched her cheek thoughtfully.

"Well," said Asuna, "I can't afford to shop there. I'm sleeping in that day."

"Then go ahead Asuna." said Konoka, "We'll catch up. If you're sleeping in that day, maybe I should go to Harajuku too." Asuna shrugged and headed off.

"So you want to come with us?" asked Sakurako.

"Yes." replied Konoka, "Why don't we all go together? I need to get Asuna a birthday present anyway."

"Oh right!" said Sakurako, "It's Asuna's birthday the next day. It's a good thing that you reminded us."

"It's a date!" grinned Misa.


"Try these on!" said Konoka.

"And you'll need these too!" added Chisame as she started adding clothes too the pile that Konoka had just given Anya, "And these!...And these too!"

"Don't forget to buy stuff for yourselves!" Asuna reminded them.

"Of course!" replied Chisame, "But first, Hakase, come here! You should wear this!"

"Can't I just use my labcoat?" asked Satomi.



"Yahoo!" yelled Sakurako as she stretched, "What great weather!"

"Nnn..." agreed Misa, "You're so right!"

"Okay, let's hurry up and get to karaoke!" cheered Sakurako, "I've been holding back since nine o clock!"

"All right!" agreed Misa, "Let's sing till we're hoarse!"

"Hey hey! That's not what we're here for! Don't go to karaoke just because the weather is nice!" complained Madoka, "We're here to buy presents for Asuna and to buy clothes for the school trip's "free time day"! As I said before, we can't blow our budget on the usual goofy fun! You guys have got to prepare yourselves properly!"

"One goya crepe please!" ordered Sakurako from the stand that she had run off to.

"Ah, me too!" added Misa.

"Woah, a goya crepe!" exclaimed the man behind the counter, "Can you handle it, Nee-chan? It's bitter y'know!"

"Listen to what I'm saying, you idiots!" complained Madoka, "…Screw it. Fine, one for me too." Madoka gently held the crepe as she ate it from behind.

"Yes, yes! Eat up and grow fat! You four as well!" said Misa as she indicated Anya, Konoka and Satomi and Chisame whose face was in her palm, "Uwaah! This really is bitter!"

"Oh! Look, look!" said Sakurako,"These clothes are cute!"

"Remind me," asked Chisame, "why are we getting presents for Kagurazaka-san when none of us, with the exception of Konoe-san, have ever bothered before?"

"We're in Harajuku the day before her birthday." replied Sakurako, "It would be rude for us not to get her a birthday present while we're here!"

"And it's the job of the cheerleaders to support others!" added Misa.

"But not my job." complained Chisame.

"Stop shirking your responsibilities as a classmate and start looking for presents." ordered Madoka. Sakurako was already inside another store, buying earrings.

"Hey! Hey," she said as she showed them off, "don't you think these make me look like a Nara local?"

"Not one bit." replied Misa.

"The karaoke here is really cheap!" announced a man, "How 'bout it?"

"Sorry," apologized Madoka, "we have other plans."

"Whoa," said Sakurako, "this is so much fun. They don't usually let us outside of Mahora!"

"I personally agree with Kugimiya-san." announced Satomi, "This endeavor will proceed much faster with reduced dawdling." Her protests seemed to fall on deaf ears, however, as Konoka walked up to another clothing-rack and held a shirt in front of her.

"Hey, Hey!" she said, "How about this one?" Chisame squinted and walked up to the shirt.

"For you or Kagurazaka-san?" she asked.

"For me." she replied.

"Then it suits you." replied Chisame, "It's not really Kagurazaka-san's color."

"Shouldn't we look for presents before purchasing extra items though?" asked Satomi.

"We need clothes for the trip as well, remember?" Konoka rebutted as she went to pay.

"But we already bought clothes at the Co-op!" said Anya.

"Silly Anya-chan!" said Konoka, "You can never have enough clothes!" After having lunch, they still hadn't bought anything for Asuna, so Madoka convinced the others that they should hurry up and choose. After buying all the presents and their clothes for the trip, Anya was very tired and needed a nap.


"Wow." said Sakurako, "After all of that, we still finished ahead of schedule! We have time for karaoke after all! Let's have Asuna's birthday party at the karaoke place!"

"That's an excellent idea!" said Konoka, "I know how to get her here!" She got out her cell phone and called Asuna.

"Hi Asuna!" she said.

"Hi Konoka." came Asuna's voice, "What is it?"

"They're having a special on video games here at Harajuku! I'm willing to lend you the money for one, but I need you to come here to choose."

"Can't you just tell me which ones they have?" asked Asuna.

"But there are sooooo many!" complained Konoka, "Do you want "My Fairy House"?"

"What!-?" asked Asuna, "I've never even heard of that! But it doesn't sound like my type of game anyway. Okay, I'll be right over."

Once Konoka had hung up, Sakurako asked, "But Konoka, you said that you knew what game Asuna wanted the most! That's why we bought it!"

"I know." replied Konoka, "But Asuna doesn't!" After that, they had a very enjoyable surprise party, during which the cheerleaders asked Satomi if she was willing to join their band once they had heard her sing, but Satomi replied that she preferred the lab to the stage.




"What?" asked Misa as she came to a sudden stop.

"What's up, Kakizaki?" asked Madoka as she looked up from her crepe. Misa pulled them behind a man with a newspaper as they looked ahead to see Chisame and Anya walking together, "Isn't that Anya-chan and Hasegawa-san?" asked Misa.

"You're right." replied Sakurako, "I wonder what they're doing here?" They watched for a few seconds before Sakurako said, "Shut up!"

"Shut up, what?-!" asked Misa and Madoka.

"I'm thinking…" said Sakurako, "Hasegawa-san may have some serious feelings for Anya-chan!" They all gasped.

"Of course!" said Misa and Madoka, "Why else would they be shopping together!-?" They conveniently ignored the fact that they were doing the same thing.


Visum Cunctum Complexat (All-Encompassing Vision): By the power of her pactio with Anya, Asakura Kazumi is granted this artifact. It has long been obvious to mages that the ability to instantly and accurately record visual information is useful. With the discovery of non-visible light, they also recognized the benefit of being able to detect both these other parts f the electromagnetic spectrum and other, normally invisible phenomena. This artifact allows one to see and record not only that which is normally visible, but also phenomena normally only visible with other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It also has telescopic and microscopic functions, can pierce through concealment, ignore all but the deepest darkness, distinguish between and filter out different polarizations of light and other forms of glare, detect concentrations of magic, ki and pressure, distinguish between colors normally identical to the human eye, recognize known, but disguised individuals, thwart camouflage or even invisibility, use false color imaging, reconstruct old or damaged images, use wide-angle imaging and use echolocation.


Scriptor Sempiternum (Eternal Scribe): Through the power of her pactio with Anya, Aisaka Sayo is granted this artifact. It can be useful to know what your enemy is saying or has said in the past in order to determine their plans for example. This artifact will write down anything said by anyone it has touched, specifying the time when the statement occurred. The user can easily switch targets and can move the pen to a point in the past, where it will write anything that the target said at that point in time. The artifact writes in script format with the speaker identified in the manner that the user thinks of them. It has no ability to predict the future though and can therefore never be set after the present.

A/N: 1. For "Profumdum caligo! Hic necnon nunc! Ego perquiro imaginem hic est visit ab clausum est oculus necnon vocem hic est exauditur ab clausum est auris. Dilapsum fueris caligo alternaveris ostenderis tutemet!" I pretty much just translated the spell that Negi cast in Negima!-? Into Latin, so it should mean: Oh deep fog! Here and now! I am searching for the image that is seen by the unopened eye and the voice that is heard by the unopened ear. Part the fog and show yourself!

2. You didn't think that Mark was ready to give up on his MOMENT! OF! GLORY! did you? So, Mark is planning to use an unusual spell and to acquire a partner. Now, what might this spell do? :-3 (Yes, the catface is a clue. An incredibly oblique clue, but a clue nonetheless.)

3. In canon, Ayaka and Konoemon independently mention the possibility of visiting Hawaii only a page away from each other. When I saw that, I decided that I have got to milk that for all it's worth. Plus, this lets me give Nekane some of the Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies she had in Negima!-?

4. Medinoc from TVTropes wanted to know if Sayo's artifact really displays what people say as then using it for spying shares the vulnerabilities of a hidden microphone (well, except for the background noise trick). The answer is yes, it does. The Diarum Ejus would usually be more effective and that's intentional. I'm trying to keep most of Anya's artifacts as slightly less powerful than Negi's whilst still having situational advantages over them. After all, Sayo doesn't need to know her opponent's name, is not limited by distance and can even use her artefact to discover things that her opponent has forgotten. In fact, if her target dies, she can still use it on them. Naturally though, lack of context does cause problems.

5. When I saw that the official translation had Madoka saying "Screw it", I knew that I had to reference that meme.

6. "My Fairy House" is something that Konoka and I made up on the spot. We wanted something that didn't sound action-packed. Negima!-?suggests that Asuna likes the game "Zombie: The Son in Law" so that's the game that they gave her for her birthday.

7. The omake is a joke I made by mixing the time that the cheerleaders thought that Konoka and Negi were on a date in canon with the time that they thought that Yuuna was in love with Mana in Negima!-? I made the joke as a reference to how I was battling to think of a way to replace the cheerleaders day in the limelight chapter as it wouldn't really work if it was too similar too canon and I didn't want to cut it completely as they needed the screen time.

8. One of the things that I wanted to show this chapter was the fact that the cheerleaders are three different people rather than how the animes tend to portray them as almost one person with three bodies.

9. It didn't really show up here but I portray Sakurako a little differently to how most fanfic writers seem to. Most fanfic writers seem to portray Sakurako and her classmates as aware of or even exploitive of her luck. I don't see it that way. I see Sakurako as someone who just assumes that everything will turn out all right, not realizing that the reason that it does is because of her luck. Plus, if her classmates realized how lucky she was, they would never bet against her, which they do! (I mean some are clearly suspicious, but that's it).

10. On to Andmeuths comments: As for whether or not I was trying to give the impression that he received, yes, I was, but based on his reactions I may have overdone it a tad. Not too serious though as at least you got the right impression even if it was a bit extreme and it's a good thing for future development. Let's address this. Yes, even though Eva was holding back she still came very close to wiping the party multiple times. This was intentional. As for why she was holding back, there were several reasons. Firstly, yes, Eva was not at full power even with the blackout, so her spells weren't going to get much more powerful than she demonstrated during the fight. It's canon that the blackout only restored some of her power. Secondly, as he said, she needed Anya alive, but there's more to it than that. In canon, she expected to escape that very evening, whilst with Anya, her plan would take a while to take effect, so she needed to prepare for damage control, making it look like nothing was wrong to the other teachers. As such, she couldn't kill anyone else either, nor could she injure them badly enough for the teachers to become suspicious. She would also have to take control of all witnesses to prevent them from blabbing. Thirdly, she was still far less prepared than she was in canon, making her unsure about how best to deal with the situation that she had ended up in. For instance, she didn't expect Kaede at all until she arrived.

11. Chaos was something that I was going for there. In fact, I like to throw a bit of chaos into every battle as I see the battlefield as a chaotic place. That's one of the reasons that I write battle scenes the way I do. Anything can happen and not even the author knows exactly what's going on. Yes, there coordination was bad. Again, I wanted to show that the only fighter in the group was Kaede who also happened to be the one who was the least informed and relying on powers that were brand new to her and which she didn't understand. None of them have any experience with fighting together with the exception of that time against Chachamaru and Kaede didn't even have that. Plus Kaede's experience in working in a team is with those with similar training to herself which none of the others had. Finally Yue, whom we know has it in her to become an excellent strategist and tactician from canon, was also relying on powers that she had never used in a combat situation before and has only been using at all for a couple of days at all in controlled practice sessions out of curiosity rather than preparation for battle. (Yes, Yue only had one combat spell at that point and had barely gotten the hang of it.) I very much appreciate his notes on what they could have done better though for when they actually do become better at this as I'm not exactly a battle tactician myself.

12. On Anya's side, yes, they had no plan at all. In fact, if Anya had even thought that they had time to plan, she would have instead used the time to fetch Konoka. Negi's the planner, Anya rushes into things and then hesitates when it doesn't work out like she hoped. It's one of the differences between them. Once Anya realise the importance of planning, she'll pretty much delegate it to others (mostly Yue, who is actually good at that). I also wanted to show that she's far worse at this sort of thing than Negi is. She's smart, but not as smart as Negi and she doesn't have the right personality or skills. They definitely won through a combination of luck, sheer numbers, Kaede's aid, Eva never getting serious and Eva's time disadvantage. I wanted to show that it was less that they won, but more that they barely managed to scrape through to the time limit and were actually losing most of the time. (Which apparently I succeeded in.) I also wanted to show that they were really dealing with something that they had no business trying to defeat.

13. On the formation side, well, they were in the baths, which, despite being big for baths, doesn't leave much room to maneuver and Eva's very powerful, so they were pretty much all going to be affected by Nivis Casis no matter where they stood. That said, it's another point that I must bear in mind in the future.

14. I must say that I'm glad that I was able to establish "hints of Nodoka's internal
badassness and courage and tenacity" As I've said earlier, she's my second favourite character and was my favorite until the Kyoto arc. I love how badass she can be in spite of all her other traits. But yes, if there's something important that needs to be done, Nodoka will get it done. Still, without the Diarum Ejus, she doesn't know how best to defeat people, so she isn't a fighter yet.

15. On Anya's outfit burning, no the shout out to Homura wasn't deliberate, but I could have easily been subconsciously influenced (in fact that's highly likely). It's just that when I decided that Anya starts losing control of her fire powers when she's very angry as a replacement to Negi's sneezing, she had to burn her outfit off at least once and it made sense that it would be in the middle of an intense battle. As for whether or not Eva will honor her agreement, she's doing so for now, but would not hesitate to go back on it if the advantages of doing so are too great. (They probably aren't ever going to be though.)

16. Yes, Kaede's artifact is incredibly dangerous. It's one of the few cases where I made an artifact which is superior in most ways to its closest canon equivalent. Of course, I've always said that the reason that Setsuna got the artefact that she did from Negi, was because of the fact that if she got something of similar usefulness to what the others got, there would be too much awesomeness concentrated in a single person compared to the rest of the team. Her artefact is most useful for mowing down armies of mooks, which she never uses it for. Of course, if I gave Kaede's artefact a homing function, it would remove one of the few weaknesses that it had over Setsuna's. And yes, the kunai are made of steel. After all, they used to belong to an ordinary ninja from when travel between the East and the West was uncommon.

17. In case it wasn't obvious, Negi's vision was of Eva, not Sayo, but he doesn't know who she is. (I see History as Negi's weakest subject by far despite his love of antiques. For goodness sake, he didn't even realize that his father was famous! This is one of the ways in which Anya is better than him.)

18. I nearly said "takkies" when describing Kazumi's pactio outfit instead of "sneakers". Then I remembered that takkies is a South African word that most of my readers wouldn't understand.

19. It's never come up in the manga, but Satomi's character design notes state that she has an excellent singing voice. I like that idea and as there has been no indication that this was changed when the manga began, I've decided to make it canon for this fic.

20. This really quick update schedule was mostly to catch up to Unequally Rational and Emotional. It's not something that I can maintain. You'll have to wait a bit before seeing chapter 14 as I'm still finishing it off and have a little bit of research to do for 15. However, 14 is the start of the field trip and my longest chapter yet, so you have something to look forward to.