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I packed up my books and quickly dashed out of the class. I wanted to meet up with my boyfriend of two years before he leaves me behind like last time. Who is this guy? Is it Token? Is it Craig? Is it Kevin? No, no, and definitely no. My boyfriend is Eric Cartman.

I admit it was a shocker when the feelings started showing up again. I thought I rid of those completely in third grade. I guess Cupid had other plans for me. But dating Cartman came at a cost. It messed up some of my friendships with some of the girls and it ruined my reputation to a certain degree but overall life has been normal for me. I'm a straight A student, I'm President of the Student Council and the Environment Council, I still have my BBF Bebe on my side, and I maintain a great friendship with Stan even after all these years. It doesn't come a huge surprise he chose Kyle after we broke up in fifth grade. You can't separate those two even if one tried. I'm fully supportive of his decision because whatever makes him happy makes me happy.

My relationship with Cartman is… different. We don't give each other pet names but rather we insult each other. In a loving way. He's not a romantic at all but I don't mind. I kinda knew that before entering the relationship. But sometimes I wonder if he truly loves me. Is he just using me for his own gain? It's an answer I'll probably never find out. He's a manipulator and does a damn good job of it.

But enough of those negative thoughts! It's Valentine's Day! I'm hoping Cartman has something planned. It doesn't need to be extravagant. Just a walk in the park or eating at the ice cream shop would be fine. I'm a simple girl. I don't need anything special. As I walked down a flight of stairs, my bag placed on my shoulders, I saw Cartman in the distance, waiting at the front door. I ran towards him, screaming his name.

He turned around and showed off a small smile. I placed my arms around his waist and placed my head on his shoulder. He placed his arm around my shoulder and placed a kiss on my head.
"How's my babe today?"
"Pretty good. What about you?"
"Ugh, so glad school is over. Nothing went right today. After the kind of day I've had, I'm heading straight for home, curl up on the couch with some Cheesy Poofs and watch the Valentine's Day special of Terrance and Phillip."
My smile dropped and my heart sank, "Oh… I see."|
"What? What's the matter?"
"It's just… I thought we could spend time together as it is Valentine's Day and all…"
"We can spend time together! You can watch the special with me!"
"Cartman, you know I hate Terrance and Phillip. It's stupid and nothing but fart jokes," I pouted.
"It's not stupid! It's a classic!" He argued.
"Fine, go and watch your stupid show. I'm fine being on my own anyway," I growled as I pushed him away from me and stormed off.
"Oh goddamn it," I heard him mumble.
"Fine Wendy! I'll spend the day with you!"
I stopped in my tracks. I turned around and smiled at him, "Really?"
"Yes! Now get your ass back here."

Ah yes. I forgot he's not one with romantic words. I quickly run back to him and I pull him in for a hug. I could see the blush forming on his face when he asked me what I wanted to do. Since he originally was going to go home to eat and relax, I suggested going for ice cream. That way, we tackle both needs without the use of a television set. There were no arguments. We left the school together as we held hands. I looked over to him. He had a shade of bright pink on his face. I couldn't help but giggle. He always does that when we hold hands and he looks so cute when it does it too.

We arrived at the local ice cream shop and the place was packed with couples, both young and old. We saw a couple of kids from school here but none of them noticed us come in to the building. They were too busy being in each other's company and some were making out without shame. We got to the counter and the man asked for our order. Before I could open my mouth, Cartman blurts out two large chocolate sundaes. I told him that I thought we could of shared a large sundae together. He started to whine a bit, like he normally does, but after enough persuasion he changed the order. But he made the sundae an extra large one. Typical Cartman. I'm not sure how we're supposed to finish it in time without it fully melted but knowing him he'll probably inhale the whole thing before I can touch it.

When we got our sundae, we picked a spot near the window. I hadn't even gotten the chance to sit down yet and Cartman is already digging into the sundae like tomorrow didn't exist. I took my place and I scooped up some of the ice cream. I took a good look at it but for some reason I wasn't that hungry. The thought of him not truly loving me was giving such anxiety, almost feeling… scared. I put a lot of effort into making our relationship work. I know that we do clash sometimes over certain things but in the end I still love him.

"You gonna eat that?"
I snapped out of my thoughts, "What did you say?"
"I said, are you going to eat that? Because it's melting all over the table."
I looked down and sure enough, it was melting on the table. I apologized and I quickly grabbed a napkin to wipe up the mess. I grabbed my spoon once again but like before I refused to eat. Without thinking, I put the spoon back and I blurted out, "Cartman, do you love me?"
He stopped eating and glared at me, "What?"
"I said, do you love me?"
He put his spoon down, looked at me seriously and sighed, "Look Wendy… I'm going to be honest with you. I know I'm not the most romantic guy you've ever dated. I'm sure Stan and Token were 1000 times better at being romantic than me. But I really do try. This is the longest relationship I've ever been in. My relationships normally don't last a week. You want you why? Because I later find out that it was all just a joke. It was nothing more than a mere prank by the girls just to see how long they could stand being with me. They even all bet on it! They betted on who could last the longest with me without gagging. Those girls broke my heart eight times because of their stupid joke! For once I actually felt loved for a change. I could finally be just like my friends! But then… it all just went downhill. I felt like maybe I wasn't meant for love. Maybe God wanted me to be alone. But then you came along. Even after all we been through, you still harboured feelings me. You know, I never told you this but I was really happy when you kissed me during the debate back in third grade. I felt like maybe here was a chance for me. I kinda knew you were going to back to Stan at the end of all this but there was a part of me that didn't want you to go back to him. In the end, you did go back to him. And I sort of felt my heart shatter a bit as we walked our separate ways. So to answer your question, yes. Yes I do love you. Now can I go back to eating my ice cream?"

I nearly broke into tears. Was this honestly how he felt about me?

"Oh Cartman… I-I never knew… I'm so sorry."
"It's fine. That's water under the bridge now. Those girls were losers anyway," He said as he eating the sundae. "Just remember that I do love you. Even if I don't show it in the most romantic way possible. Now eat your sundae. I didn't pay for us to have a melted sundae."
I smiled and laughed. I took the spoon and started eating, explosions of flavour all across my mouth. I opened my eyes and I saw a spoon in front of me.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm trying to feed you. I assume this is romantic? I saw it in a movie once…" he trailed off. I smiled and opened up my mouth and he fed me the sundae. I returned the favour. He turned his head to the side and blushed heavily as he ate the sundae. I giggled at his expression. This moment couldn't be anymore perfect. I want it to last forever.

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