After Shock

Previous: Bonnie moved away her skin tingling and her stomach twisting in desire. How in hell's name was she going to make it through this without giving into the brothers?

Chapter Six: Kisses and Promises

"Oh god," Bonnie muttered as for the fifteenth time that day she walked into a room in the boardinghouse to find Stefan and Damon making out.

"We have to do something to relieve the tension!" Damon defended as Bonnie was about to exit the room.

"But all over the house?"

"Our house, our tongues can do what they please," Damon replied sticking out said tongue at Bonnie and wiggling it about.

"Your not making anything easier," Stefan told Damon with a stern look as Bonnie went to the bookcase and looked for a book to read, the original reason she had come into the room in the first place.

"Neither is she and her tiny, tiny pajamas she has to walk around in all morning," Damon grumbled shooting Bonnie a glare remembering the very small pajama shorts and tank top she had spent the morning in.

"There the only kind of pj's I have!" Bonnie defended with a pout, her cheeks coloring slightly. Damon chuckled to himself and he could feel Stefan smile into his hair at the cuteness of some of things Bonnie did.

It was almost painful to watch her when she did said cute things.

Bonnie found a good book and was prepared to walk out when...

"Bonnie?" Stefan asked urgently, his voice high in tension at the thought of Bonnie leaving the room.

She whirled around looking for danger and stopped settling confused eyes on the brothers who were both staring at her like fish out of water.

"Hang out with us, please?" Damon asked, no, practically begged. The urge to near her was so fresh it felt like they would just die if she didn't stay.

Bonnie raised a perfect eyebrow but seeing the look on their faces she settled in a chair not to far away from them with her book. A small voice in the back of her mind reminded the look on their faces wasn't the only reason she willing agreed without a fight to stay near them.

"Have you found anything new about the spell, maybe a way to reverse it?" Stefan asked in a strained voice, both of the Salvatore brothers were looking at Bonnie in hungry lustful ways.

"Not yet, but I will," Bonnie answered determinedly.

"And your sitting here reading some useless book why? Doesn't seem like your trying that hard," Damon pointed out with a scowl, getting angry to bury the deep, unsettling lust that was telling him to get up and drag Bonnie's perfect, luscious lips into his.

Bonnie glared. "Look Salvatore, this wouldn't have to be like this in the first place if you two hadn't screwed up and given in so don't get snippy with me if I'm not working myself to death!"

"Your the one that cast the spell in the first place!" Damon shot back despite Stefan pinching him in the thigh and warning him to stop.

"Well I didn't mean to!" Bonnie yelled standing from her chair.

"This would all be a lot easier if you just let us give in again and fuck you senseless!" Damon shouted back frustrated.

"What and bond myself to you? I think not!"

Somehow through this argument Damon and Bonnie had drawn closer and closer until with hungry, uncontrolled passion their lips met and set at work to try to devour the other. Damon pushed Bonnie into him forcefully and Bonnie let out a small whimper at this and deepened the kiss dragging her small fingers through Damon's hair, pulling it roughly.

"Um, guys. You should stop..." Stefan muttered feeling extremely awkward. He sighed and got up from his seat trying to ignore the obvious erection in his tight jeans at the sight of Damon and Bonnie making out. He went up to them and tried to pry them apart when suddenly Damon's hand had snaked around his waist and pulling him in between Bonnie and him.

Bonnie so overcome by lust started to kiss Stefan not missing a beat as Damon added Stefan in. And how could poor Stefan possibly resist as Bonnie pressed against him in the front, rubbing her body against him as Damon grinded his hard on into Stefan's ass.

Damon was kissing down Stefan's neck, suckling, biting with his blunt teeth, nipping playfully like a kitten. Stefan moaned all protests dying at the waves of pleasure he was receiving, the attention from the two was amazing.

Bonnie was fingering the edges of Stefan's jeans when the bang of the front door opening and Elena's voice calling up to Stefan and Bonnie interrupted them and broke the trance they had fallen under.

"Fuck!" Damon cursed, removing himself from Stefan as Bonnie stumbled away blushing crimson.

"Oh god," Bonnie mumbled at what she had been about to do.

"Hey are you guys up here?" Elena called coming closer to the library. Damon fixed Stefan's and his hair, straightening their clothes while Bonnie did the same.

"There you guys are! Hey Bonnie I thought we could hang out today?" Elena offered smiling at her best friend. Bonnie stammered a yes, horrified that she had been about to have sex with her best friend's boyfriend. Horrified she had kissed her best friend's boyfriend!

Elena gave Stefan a nice and long hello kiss. "Your lips taste different. Did you eat strawberries today?" Elena asked with a smile as Bonnie hurriedly wiped off the strawberry lip balm she had on.

"Y-yeah," Stefan muttered.

With that Elena and Bonnie left downstairs to have some alone time. Damon waited a few minutes before pouncing on Stefan and kissing him fiercely as if kissing away Elena's lips.

"I mean it Stefan, break up with her today or I'll do it for you," Damon warned looking jealous and frustrated. Stefan nodded sympathetically wondering how hard it was on Damon to see Elena and him kissing.

"I will Damon, today."

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