Blind sex.


Contains sexual content of a minor, and blind intercourse. If you find the material offensive, or dislike said material, please do not read. If you by any chance, find the material offensive, or dislike it, and continue to read, I am not responsible for anything the reader may feel.

Edward Elric was laying in bed with Roy Mustang. Ed's long golden hair to his back, his golden eyes gently shut, and his chubby smooth face at peace.

Edward Elric was only 12 years old. Roy was 30. Sure it was a big difference, but it was love.

Roy Mustang was laying in bed, with Ed's head on his chest. Roy's spiky unreeling midnight black hair, messy as a haystack. His black eyes open, and his flaming warm lips kissing Edward's soft forehead.

Some people would think they were sick being together like this, but it was love. People would call Roy a pedophile, and a child molester.

People would tell Ed he needed to get away from, 'that man' in order to stay safe. After everything they ever said, Ed could only remember one time when he considered it.

"DAMMIT ED SHUT THE HELL UP!" Roy screamed at Ed, who was arguing with him over milk. "Shut up and drink the damn MILK!" Roy said, and stomped up, grabbing the milk before walking over to Ed and trying to shove it down Ed's throat.

Ed was crying that night, and said his throat was closing up. Roy took him to the hospital, and they said he was just fine, that it was just the pressure of being forced to drink it. Roy was apologizing by the end of the night, saying how he was so sorry.

"I could have lost you." Roy said sobbing. "I know. But you didn't." Ed said.

Now back to with what we were saying. Lets start over with how they got to laying in the bed, the way they are.

Ed and Roy were laying down and heavy petting, just about to make love. They were both stripped to their boxers. Little did Roy know, Ed had watched a soap opera the other day, and got a nice idea.

"Lets have blind sex." Ed said, blushing.

"Blind sex?"

"Blind sex." Ed said. Roy grinned madly.

"Alright, I will get something for you and I. This shall be very entertaining." Roy said, almost laughing.

"Hey! I'm the one who dealt with having to walk around with their eyes closed for a month!" Ed shouted.

"That was because of a bet."

"That you bet me with!"

"Its not my fault that you aren't allowed on the water slide without your guardian."

"It's a good thing I have you." Ed said blushing.

Roy got two blind folds, and laid down with Ed. He tied the blindfold around both of them, and then they continued their routine.

Roy loved the feeling of ripping Ed's boxers off with his teeth, and then licking Ed's very swollen member.

Ed loved the feeling of sliding the silk boxers off of Roy's body, while being licked.

Thus, getting us to where we are with the boy and man in bed.

"That was so awesome." Ed said, blushing bright red.

"You got that right." Roy said, eyes wide in amazement. He never knew the boy could do so many things with his earlobe.

"We should do that again." Ed said, and Roy looked at him like he was a god.

Something I thought while watching Desperate Housewives. I wish I put them having a kid in it R&R