Part One: Illness

Sam turned over in his bed with a groan. His stomach was churning and he swore that there was something trying to claw its way out of him. He curled an arm around his torso and hid his face in the pillow. The door opened and closed after a pause, he could tell it was Dean in the way that the footsteps fell on the floor. He thought it was weird that he had even memorized his brother's walk.

"Still alive there, Sammy?" Dean asked setting the bags he had in his hands on the table near the window.

All Sam could do was groan, for fear that he might lose the contents in his stomach again.

"Good to hear," Dean dug around in one of the bags. "I got you something." He said opening the bottle and pouring it into a plastic cup.

"What is it?" Sam asked moving his face out of the pillow to squint at his brother.

"Ginger ale, your favorite." Dean said and held the cup out to Sam offering a small dance that brought a small to his sick brother's lips.

"Thanks." Sam answered pushing himself up into the sitting position, swaying as he did so.

Dean's face scrunched up in concern as he got closer to his brother. He reached out and held Sam with one arm around his back as the other helped Sam drink. When Sam was finished he set the now empty cup in the night stand and gently laid his younger brother down against the pillows. Bringing up the duvet to Sam's shoulders Dean watched as he instantly fell back asleep.

Sam had been sick before, but nothing like this. To be honest, Dean had no idea what he was doing. Getting sick was never an option for the Winchesters and if it happened they still went on. No questions asked but Sam couldn't even get out of bed. Running his finger's through his already mussed hair, Dean let out a sigh. They didn't have time for this and he needed help.

It was late, the sun had been down for hours and Dean hadn't slept since Sam got sick. His instincts kicking in, needing to help Sam get better. Stepping back outside into the night's cold harsh air he looked up. He's done this multiple times before, but this time was different. It was the first time he was asking for help that wasn't for himself. He wasn't sure what was going to happen, considering the progression in Sam's relationship with Castiel. Who knew that the Angel would take such a liking to Sammy?

Clearing his throat he looked down at his hands then back up into the almost black sky.

"Cas? Look man, sorry to bother you and all but...It's Sam. He's-" Dean started but was interrupted when the angel appeared right in front of him.

"What has happened?" Castiel's rough voice sounded louder than usual in the still night and it took all Dean had not to scream like a little girl. He hadn't expected Cas to answer right away.

"Sam's got a pretty nasty bug. He ate some bad sushi or something but he's pretty sick." Dean said giving Cas a serious look.

"You don't think this is normal? Sam is human." Cas tilted his head and narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"Sam never gets sick and when he does it's not that bad. Considering the guy eats nothing but rabbit food I'm surprised he gets sick at all." Dean scoffed.

"This is concerning." Cas said repositioning his head and relaxing his shoulders. "Take me to him." His voice was commanding and it rung with authority that even Dean wouldn't ignore.

Dean scratched the back of his head and turned around towards the hotel room. He opened the door for Cas and closed it behind himself as he walked in after the angel. Sweat started to gather at his palms and he wiped it on his jean clad thighs as he approached Castiel next to Sam's bed.

"How long has he been like this?" The angel asked with a glance to Dean.

"Two days, and his fever still hasn't broken." Dean said rubbing his face in worry. "If we don't get his temperature down he'll end up in the hospital."

Castiel walked around the bed over to where Sam's head was closest to the end. He knelt down, becoming eye level with the sweating Winchester. His left hand came out in front of him and smoothed the furrowed brow of his human. His fingers brushed over the crease that brought Sam's eyebrows together, smoothing it out gently and traveling down his nose. Almost reverently, his fingers traced over Sam's lips and then down his neck. He could feel the tension starting to leave Sam's body and as his hands went over Sam's shoulder and down his side he paused. The angel's lips turned into a frown and his eyes met Dean's. Who until that moment stood with his arms crossed watching the scene unfold with concentration of a Hawk. Uncrossing his arms and coming to Castiel's side he shook with anxiety.

"What is it?" Dean asked as Cas stood up.

"This is no human illness." Cas replied bringing his hand back to his side, his fist now clenched.

"Then what the hell is it?" Dean asked his eyes going wide.

"I don't know." Cas turned his head to meet Dean's gaze. Worry and panic swam in his blue eyes and Dean moved his hands up to rest on the back of his head, taking a deep breath.

"Then what do we do?" Dean asked.

This is my first Sassy fic.

I hope you guys like it!

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