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/Author Note: I randomly had this idea and wondered why the heck I hadn't had it earlier. A few points you should know, though. Bear with me, it's a bit of a long list, but no more huge ones after this I promise.

1. Plot wise, Soul Eater and Harry Potter plot will be loose, meaning I probably won't mention much of what is actually going on in the official series of both. This is because I am creating a new plot, and also because my memory is terrible.

2. Maka, Soul, and the others will NOT be students. They will, however, have a lot of interaction with the characters.

3. I am writing this as I go along, so while I have a general idea of where this is going I would rather keep it flexible and allow the characters to write themselves. As for the past relationships between SE and HP world, my details will be sketchy.

4. Important : It also came to my attention that in SE world, meisters go after humans with dark souls on the verge of becoming Kishin. The whole name for those beings is a bit confusing. I mean I've heard humans with dark souls, kishin's egg, kishin. Really, I don't know what to go with. So in an attempt to make everything easier and b/c I am the superior author (of this fic) so I can...

- Kishin will obviously be known as simply Kishin.

- Soul Eater world - they will swap between the new term I am creating, and will most commonly refer to them, as Pre-Kishin. Still, I will incorporate Kishin's egg in as well.

- Harry Potter world- They will know the Kishin's egg as Dark Ones primarily. But, they will also call them by the SE term of Kishin's egg and my new favorite term, Pre-Kishin. I hope this isn't confusing, just know that

Dark Ones


Kishin's egg

They are all the same :)

4. Lastly, it is never specifically stated how old many of the characters are in SE, so I will just be creative. Um HP wise, 5th year seems to be the most uneventful, so I think I'll start there. However, I don't plan to involve much Umbridge.

Um, oh and as for names. Shinigami-sama just sounds better to me than Lord Death, so yeah. I'm going with Shinigami. :) Everything else remains the same.

Sorry for uber long author note! And the fact that this chapter will jump around a lot... following chapters will be MUCH better I promise.

Chapter 1: A Threat Emerges ~

"Soul, have you seen Black Star and Tsubaki?" Maka asked, walking down the halls of the DWMA. Soul just shrugged, causing Maka to sigh. "Shinigami-sama wants to meet with us, but I can't find them anywhere."

They stopped in the hallway, pausing for a brief moment. "My guess is that they are already there," Soul said, much to Maka's surprise. The idea never crossed her mind.

Disappointed, Maka turned in the direction of the Death Room, dragging Soul behind her.

"Shiniga-" Maka began as she walked into the Death Room. She stopped however when she saw that there were more than just Shinigami-sama, Black Star, and Tsubaki present. Along with them was an old couple. There was a man with long white hair and matching white beard, wearing a set of light blue, silk robes and a floppy, pointed hat. His beard was tied with a silver rope about a fourth of the way down and his twinkling eyes were hidden behind half-moon specticles. He nodded at Maka and Soul in greeting.

The other, a woman, didn't seem near as welcoming. She seemed perhaps younger than the old man, traces of black hair were visible under her hat, though it wasn't nearly as floppy. She was wearing a set of dark purple robes, though much more feminine than the old man's. She stood stiffly and observed.

"Shinigami-sama," Maka said again, though her tone was guarded. "Who are these people?"



After a quick greeting it was discovered that the two newcomers came from England, a very long distance away. They were the headmaster, Dumbledore, and Deputy Headmistress, McGonagall, of a school that neither of the meisters had ever heard of. Hogwarts, a school of magic.

Briefly, it was explained that there were seemingly random appearances of Pre-Kishin surfacing. To the ones from England, this was a surprise, as they had not dealt with the Dark Ones, as they called them, in hundreds of years. To the meisters, the idea that witches and wizards existed in such mass numbers, unnoticed by the DWMA meisters and staff, was unnerving.

"Your souls are different," Maka commented during a quick discussion of what Dumbledore and McGonagall really were. "You are a witch," Maka said, referring to McGonagall, perplexed. "Yet you are not.."

It was left to Shinigami-sama to explain that there were two types of witches known to the world. One of which, despite their vast population, were less known to the DWMA and the area they resided in, Death City. The witches that meisters regularly fought were less common, usually sinister, with only a few exceptions. The ones that the meisters were currently in the room with, however, were merely humans born with innate magic. In their case, only few turned out bad enough to be disciplined with by their government, the Ministry of Magic.

"Why has this been kept such a secret?" Tsubaki asked, quiet through most of the discussion. Now, her expression was more serious than normal.

It was Dumbledore who decided to answer this question. "Our existence rarely crossed paths in the past, due to the obvious misunderstandings placed on our own race by your version of a witch. It was only when events such as this arise, did we come together to cooperate. As such, the memory eventually faded from the minds of most, only a few remain today who know of both," he explained. Then, seeing that the meisters were silent, went to explain his own need for help. "In our part of the world, these Dark Ones, the Pre-Kishin, are becoming dangerous. I fear that they may be seeking an alliance with a certain, and most terribly dangerous, dark wizard in our community. If this happens, it would be disastrous. Our kind are not use to facing these new threats."

Maka then took a step forward, questions needed to be answered before she would put any trust in the man, or the woman that accompanied him. "How is it that you know of us then? You're just the headmaster of a school, right?" Her tone wasn't disbelieving, only curious.

"Yes, you are correct. However, you will find that I am a very wise man, one with many connections. As well as I, there are few in the Ministry of Magic, our government, who know of your existence as well. Outside of that, your existence is just starting to resurface to others," Dumbledore explained. Maka nodded, deeming the explanation acceptable.

"So, I'm guessing you want us to come and take care of a few nasty souls?" Soul asked, the grin of his face was found almost disturbing by McGonagall, unsettling by Dumbledore.

"You are correct," Dumbledore replied.

"Shinigami-sama, what are we going to do?" Maka asked. Sure, she wanted to help out, but there were matters to be dealt with here as well. The witch, Medusa, was still causing a lot of trouble in the streets.

"I will dispatch a team. You four meisters will accompany Kid, Liz, and Patty for this mission-" Shinigami-sama began, going through the plan in his head while saying it aloud to the students. However, he was interrupted by a certain red haired, death scythe barging into the meeting.

"Shinigami-sama!" Spirit yelled, surprising only the newcomers. Maka turned in distaste, crossing her arms, whilst her father confronted Shinigami-sama. "You can't send Maka that far away! It's too dangerous!" At this point, Spirit was on the verge of tears, leaving Shinigami-sama rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. Soon after the discussions between Shinigami-sama, Spirit, and the now heated Maka were over, Death the Kid and his weapons found their way into the Death Room.

"Yo," he greeted casually.

"You're late, Kid," Shinigami-sama, his father, scolded playfully. Honestly, it was almost impossible to make Shinigami-sama truly mad, especially at his son.

Kid's eyebrows furrowed in slight annoyance, "I came straight here. I was halfway across the desert, if you remember."

In the hour that followed, Shinigami-sama caught Kid, Liz, and Patty up on the current situation, having already done so with Maka and Soul when they first arrived after Black Star and Tsubaki. Kid was slightly upset that his father never shared this information with him, the only response being that he would have done so when he was older.

Spirit's nerves were put to rest when Dumbledore promised to offer any assistance they could offer, as well as an adult supervisor, who was yet to be decided. Spirit readily volunteered, yet was reminded that he should remain with Shinigami-sama. Professor Stein, despite being Spirits old partner, would go in his place.

Personally, Maka wasn't sure which she preferred less. At least it wasn't as awkward for her with Professor Stein.

It was then officially decided that the team would be sent to England to work with the Aurors in tracking down the Pre-Kishin. It was also added, rather unexpectedly, that Dumbledore feared his student, Harry, would be at risk. He explained the dark wizard's plot to put an end to Harry, and no doubt would the Pre-Kishin, if they were working under the Dark Lord, come after him. Therefore, Dumbledore proposed that the meisters and weapons stay at Hogwarts, to protect both Harry and the students, should the Pre-Kishin find a way into the school. Shinigami-sama accepted, and the team was sent off soon after.

"Hey, Maka," Black Star said, his arms behind his head and his gaze looking up at the sky. The whole group was leaving the school, given early leave to get packed. "When did Shinigami-sama say we were leaving?" Maka sighed heavily. Soul looked amused, following closely behind Maka. Tsubaki followed silently behind Black Star. Kid and the Thompson sisters were a few paces ahead, Kid in a glum mood.

"Weren't you listening, Black Star?" Maka asked, though she knew the obvious answer. "We leave tomorrow, though we aren't suppose to make it to the school until the following day. "

Kid hadn't said much, the conversation between him and his father was still stuck in his head. He didn't understand it; the feeling of distrust, the mission, the new witches. None of it.

The subject was shifted slightly as Soul made his first real comment of the day. " This whole situation is really uncool."



The headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore, left with McGonagall soon after the meisters did. Beforehand, Dumbledore and Shinigami-sama did have a brief chat, as each of them had a lot of updating to do. The current situation worried both Dumbledore and Shinigami-sama, and the instability of the Ministry, who still did not believe in the return of Lord Voldemort, made the solution to the Kishin problem that much harder. Still, Dumbledore convinced the Ministry to leave this matter into his hands, so long as he cooperated with the Aurors. With their current alliance, he had no such problem. It was, however, hard to convince the Minister to allow the meisters and their weapons to stay in the school. Fortunately for him, Dumbledore convinced the Minister that it was safest for the students as a whole, as this was their biggest concern.

They apparated back to Hogwarts shortly after. Once back atop the astronomy tower he smiled briefly at McGonagall. Being headmaster did have its advantages after-all.




"Harry! Wait for us!" Ron said, running to catch up with the young wizard, Hermione following closely behind. They were on their way from the library, Ron having to return a book that was just about to be over due. He blamed the essay given to them by Snape wholeheartedly.

"I can't slow down anymore. We'll be late for supper!" Harry replied, slowing his pace down just a smidge so that his party could catch up. Normally, it wasn't a big deal for them to be a little late. Tonight, however, Dumbledore had an announcement to make.

The trio made it into the Great Hall just in time as Dumbledore was stepping up to his podium. Harry, Ron, and Hermione passed him an apologetic look as they went to sit next to the other Gryffindors.

"Good evening, everyone. I hope that your day thus far as been nothing less than extraordinary," Dumbledore began, and the Great Hall quieted down until there was only silence. It had been a while since Dumbledore made any big announcements, the last being the addition of Dolores Umbridge, to none were happy about. "Over these past few years, our school has had to undergo different changes to to keep us safe from harm. Unfortunately, it has become one of those times once again."

A wave of chatter erupted then. The whole school, teachers and professors alike, were taken by surprise. What did this mean?

"You think it's Voldemort?" Harry asked, turning to look at Ron and Hermione. His expression was calm, though his lips were tight and his emerald eyes were strained. Hermione could see the worry he refused to show.

"I don't know, Harry." Hermione said, reaching out her hand to place it gently on his arm.

"Let's just listen, mate." Ron said, just as Dumbledore's hand rose into the air, signaling for silence. Again, the Great Hall was still.

"There have been sightings of an ancient foe that we have not seen for many years. They are known to us as the Dark Ones, or Pre-Kishin. They are usually human-like in appearance, yet like Dementors, they devour the souls of other humans, gaining power through murder. I can not stress enough how dangerous they are. We are calling to the aid of a school in the States, residing in the deserts of Nevada, the DWMA, or Death Weapon Meister Academy," Dumbledore said, allowing a brief moment of chaos.

"Death Weapon? That's a crude name for a school, isn't it?" A student from Hufflepuff yelled out, the Great Hall was silent once more, waiting on a reply.

"It is what they are," Dumbledore answered honestly. "I can not take the time to explain everything, and will leave further questions for you to find on your own. What I will tell you is this: the Dark Ones are capable of turning into what are known only as Kishin. They are powerful forces that are not to be taken lightly. If one was to form in this time it would be disastrous. The help I am calling to prevent this are a group of students from the DWMA. Just like the Kishin, they are not to be underestimated, and are to be respected. They are doing a great service to our school and the wizarding community as a whole. However, you will likely find that they do not bear much patience towards us."

Dumbledore took this moment of silence to look individually at each house, expressing his concern with his intense gaze. "With new danger, comes new rules. There will be no trips outside of Hogwarts without a Professor present. Hogsmeade trips, however, will presume as normal, though Professors are asked to keep a watchful eye. There will be absolutely no visits into the Forbidden Forest, as usual. As well, I'd like to request that you greet our newcomers with warmth and an open mind. They are not like us, and posses abilities that will seem abnormal, but make no mistake they deserve our kindness and compassion. That is all."

As he stepped down from his podium, Ron couldn't help but comment.

"He's always speaking in that old man talk, isn't he?" Ron said, leaning over with his chin resting on his palms.

"Oh, Ron," Hermione sighed. There really was no hope for him, was there?

"C'mon," Harry said suddenly. He stood up, causing a few students to pass him curious looks. Harry, determined, paid no mind. "I'm going back to the library."

"Harry!" Ron said in protest. "I haven't even eaten supper yet!"

Death the Kid, despite having a million other matters to take care of before he left for England, found that his time would be better spent if he were on his skateboard. Liz and Patty, not in the mood to keep up, opted for their weapon forms which were currently being held loosely in Kid's hands.

"I don't understand why you two always make me hold onto you when we're not in battle," Kid commented, though he wasn't really upset. His mind was elsewhere. "It's very unprofessional."

"Oh, come on Kid," Liz said. "It's not like we could keep up with you when you're riding around."

"Besides," Patty added, in a very cheerful manner. "You never know when you might need us."

As if on cue, a Kishin's egg revealed himself in the ally. Kid did quick work of him, collecting his corrupted soul before heading off once again.


"Tsubaki!" Black Star yelled loudly as he threw another shirt into his suitcase. Tsubaki entered his room of their apartment cautiously, well aware of her partner's antics. "Do you think this suitcase is big enough for me?"

Tsubaki smiled, relieved that nothing had exploded in one of Black Star's attempts at showing off. "I'm sure it's fine, Black Star. Shinigami-sama said we were going to have the chance to go shopping anyway. Now, come on. We only have ten minutes before we have to meet up with Maka and Soul."

"Black Star rushes for no one!"


"Come on, Soul. You don't need to pack all off your posters," Maka said, her rolling suitcase in hand, ready to go. Soul, however, wasn't near as prepared.

With a frustrated sigh, Soul closed his own bag and threw it over his shoulder, following Maka out. Tsubaki and Black Star were already waiting in the living room. "Where's Kid?" Soul asked, seeing neither Kid, or the Thompson sisters.

"They're going to meet us at the airport with Stein," Tsubaki said, ushering the rest of the group out. She really didn't want to miss their flight. It was an odd thing to get use to, however, taking transportation that wasn't commonly used by people in Death City. The group seemed mesmerized by the modernization of the airport, and the crowded isolation.

"So, we're really going to take a plane, huh?" Soul asked, going off into dream land. I like bikes, but...

"Yep," Maka said, smiling widely. "Exciting, right? Now, let's go find Stein and the others."

"Yeah...cool," Soul said. It would be a interesting ride there...

"Shinigami-sama said that we could have been..um..apparated I think, but I've always wanted to ride on a plane." Maka said, getting nods of agreement from Tsubaki and Patty. Liz seemed to be sharing the same thoughts as Soul. Kid, however, seemed to be distracted with the alignment of his tie.

"Is this centered?"

...A good while later...

"Soul, really?" Maka sighed. Who would have thought Soul could get jet-lagged? "It wasn't that bad."

"Damn..turbulence," Was all that he said on the matter.

The last contact between Shinigami-sama and the members of the DWMA was just after they arrived safely in London. He gave them the instructions of finding a place called the Leaky Cauldron, where a member of Hogwarts would meet them.

"That's a funny name," Patty commented.

"Sure is," Liz mumbled agreement.

Soon enough, the team arrived at what was known as the Leaky Cauldron much earlier than they expected. The entire ride there was spent chatting avidly about what they could expect. The driver passed a few glances in his rear view mirror, almost gawking at some of what he heard.

A chilly wind blew past the students and their chaperon, Stein, who was more or less irritated to be shipped on another mission so early.

"It's a good thing we dress for cold weather, huh?" Liz grumbled, rubbing her arms for a surge of warm friction, noting what she was wearing: a red sweater with a white polo underneath, along with jeans and boots. At Shinigami-sama's request, the DWMA students slightly altered their normal attire.

Black Star, openly explaining that he would not be defeated by cold weather, only agreed to switching his shorts for actual pants, black to keep up with his assassin appearance. Tsubaki kept much of her usual appearance as well, though she wore a loose, cream sweater with a black tank showing only on her shoulder and leggings under her split skirt with furry boots.

Soul, already a naturally warm dresser, only wore a thicker, black jacket and beanie-like cap, his logo clearly visible. Maka wore her favorite yellow sweater and a nice pair of jeans, also wearing a hat like Soul's.

Patty was dressed similarly to Liz, though insisted on a skirt and leggings. Kid, looking the most like he usually did, wearing a fitted, black coat and his normal tie with nice pants.

Stein, on the other hand, didn't seem to own any change of clothes that weren't patched together. Hopefully, they wouldn't stand out too much.

They entered the Leaky Cauldron, relieved that it was nearly deserted at such an early hour. Inside, there was only the man working the bar, a rather large fellow's with a bushy, brown mane, and another tall one with dark, greasy hair.

The atmosphere was tense during the first introductions. Hagrid and Snape seemed to be caught on the names of Soul, Black Star, and more so Death the Kid's. And... was that a screw showing between Stein's silver locks?

"Please, call me Kid," Kid greeted, looking up with an evil grin. Honestly, who ever said he wasn't allowed to have fun once in a while?

Snape remained silent, accompanying the party only to observe, as they headed over to a table large enough to accommodate everyone.

"I didn't expect so many," Hagrid said, getting as comfortable as he could in the little seat of the tavern. It was dimly lit, the only real immediate light was the arrangement of candles in the center of the table. The rest was lit with lamps.

"Yes, well you have to understand the situation is serious," Stein said, finally taking up his position. "We can't just trust this mission in the hands of only a few of our students. As well, we can't afford to ship off all of our best because of our own situations back home."

"'Tis understandable. Dumbledore greatly appreciates the help you are already givin' us," Hagrid said, his accent thick, before moving on to official business. "Now, me and Snape here were sent to do a bit of a debriefin' to you lot before we allowed you to all to enter Hogwarts. Dumbledore himself would 'ave been present, but him and McGonagall had business with the Ministry. You know how it is with those government types..."

"I see. Please, continue," Stein said, wanting to get to the point. It would be naive to say that the group were in a good mood after the long flight and closely packed car ride.

"Alright then, Dumbledore passed me a list of what he thought would be important for you all to know," Hagrid began before reaching into one of the many pockets of his coat and pulling out a piece of parchment rolled up like a scroll. He unrolled it and began reading, "First, he would like point out that o'r magic is a bit different than that you are use to dealin' with."

"Yeah," Black Star agreed. "Shinigami-sama specifically instructed us not to kill any of you. He says your souls aren't corrupt like most of the witches we get back in Death City." The casual tone of Black Star took Hagrid and Snape by surprise. They looked truly taken back, also a bit disturbed.

"Black Star," Maka hissed, glaring at him from across the table. Sometimes, that big mouth habit of his really got in the way.

"E-erm...moving on..." Hagrid stuttered. "Dumbledore also wanted you to know that you will be allowed to move freely though the school during your free time, although he would like to ask that you don't disrupt the classes unless you are really needing to."

Black Star and Soul exchanged looks, an exchange that went unnoticed by the rest of the party. "Be cool", Soul whispered.

"Also," Snape said, speaking for the first time, other than when he introduced himself. "Please refrain from scaring the students. I will not feel like dealing with them later."

Author's Note

Thought this was as good a place to stop as any. A few things for readers if they are curious.

I am slowly updating this work. So that means YES, I am planning on finishing it eventually. I started this back in 2011 when I was still a Junior in Highschool. Needless to say life happened and I lost my motivation to write. It's slowly coming back, so please bear with me.

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