"How could this have happened?" that's all Natsu could think walking back from the guild. Natsu was returning home after a mission, but with an unusual guest: Grey Fullbuster, the Ice mage had his apartment being worked on, so Master offered Natsu as a roommate. Both were shocked at this idea, and walked home in silence.

When they arrived Natsu set down the house rules: "I'm going to shower now, you can stay in the bedroom, but don't go wondering around, you can have next after me" "Fine. Whatever." Chided Gray, and as Natsu left the room, he readied himself for the shower, stripping down to his boxers and folding the rest in a corner. He sat against the bed, staring at the mirror on the far side of the room. He could see light, he could see the bathroom door, and even ajar it was enough to see inside: Natsu was already stripped, and Gray could see his wondrous ass. "wait, what am I doing" thought Gray, he quickly averted his eyes and laid on the floor, trying to not think, to not think about what he saw, what he liked.

After a long, hot shower Natsu finally stepped out of the steam filled room, with a towel draped around his waist, "Oi, Gray! I'm done in here it's your turn." Natsu looked around the room; Gray was nowhere to be found, "Oi! Gray! Where'd you run off too" Natsu wondered about, eventually returning to the bedroom, "Oi! Gray! Where are yo—omph—" Natsu tripped over the blankets he had tossed out, and fell, looking up Natsu now realized Gray had already collapsed, his sleeping form lying mere inches from where he fell.

Gray was lying on the ground, stripped down to his boxers, even in the dim light Natsu couldn't help but notice the definition on the boy's body: large arms, a well-developed six-pack, and spherical pectorals, adorned with his guild mark. Natsu blushed as he continued to ogle the resting boy, and soon enough even Salamander began to feel a new warmth throughout his body. Natsu sat up to rearrange himself, his globular balls sitting on the floor, and his member, waiting to rise. Then, while looking over his body once again Natsu's eyes snapped back to the front of Gray's boxers: the button that held back his manhood seemed more strained than before, he was sure of it! Natsu became enamored with the bit of cloth that covered Gray; he stared intently as he began to notice the subtle twitching in the shorts.

As the warm feeling he had began to intensify Natsu dared to take a closer look. He reached forward towards the boxers, and with a deep breath began to knead the flesh beneath the boxers. Natsu tried his hardest to do this stealthily, slowly watching as the bulge began to grow, and as he continued to feel the sleeping Gray his hand brushed up against the button; with that soft touch the button flew off and the monster within was released. Natsu fell back as Gray's monster was released, over a foot of meat burst out of its confines and shot up to commend Natsu's efforts.

After a few moments of gaping at this new visitor Natsu regained his composure. "Wow, who would've thought Gray was such a grower! It's pretty hot" Natsu said aloud, "Well now that that's been established, what are you going to do about it!" Natsu looked away from the behemoth and was greeted by Gray, wide awake, "So, what are you gonna do now Natsu?" "Grey, I didn't—""Oh, but you did Natsu, so what are we gonna do? I know! why don't we make things even here?" With that Gray reached forward and snagged the towel covering Natsu, and with a fierce tug the careful knots that kept it secure came undone.

Natsu tried to cover up, but try as he might he couldn't contain the dragon Gray set free. Gray was shocked, just as Natsu was before, never had he seen someone so large in his life: Natsu sat there, his member reaching up to the ceiling, resting just below Natsu's pecs, his massive balls sat on the ground, softballs that churned with a copious amount of cum. Natsu and Gray sat there, the two of them gawking at the other sitting within reach. "Well Gray, you've done it now, once I'm fired up I won't stop till I'm spent".

Natsu reached forward and grasped Gray's third leg and began to get a feel of it. Gray's cock was an impressive 14 inches of man, and 3 1/2 inches thick and like Natsu was shaven. Gray took the hint and reached for Natsu, with his touch it jumped more upright. Natsu was the model of manliness: almost two feet of meat stood between his legs, and his uncut member seamed comparable to his arm.

Natsu and Gray began to work each other's meat, the sound of pleasure began to fill the air, the two boys panting and moaning as they began to work harder and harder. "god Natsu, you're so h-hot, how did you get so large?" "It's one of the benefits of being a dragon slayer mage: Cock of the Fire Dragon, and that's only one of the benefits." "What are the other ones, eh?" "You'll see Gray."

The boys were still at it, already they were beginning to feel the pleasure reach its peak, "Natsu, I'm almost there!" "Grey, I'm gonna- gonna—" The two boys hit the point of no return, they both reached orgasm on an epic scale, the cock-heads like fountains shot cum onto the ceiling, the floor, and the walls, almost a minute passed before the torrent stopped and the two were drenched in their mixed fluids. "Natsu, that was amazing, I've never felt like that before, it was the hottest thing ever!" "Cum of the Fire Dragon, one more benefit my cock gives me." Gray began to get up, taking of his boxers now that he could fit back into them, and started to ask "Natsu, where can we put these now that we're done; man I need to take a shower." "whadoya mean done?" Grey turned around to see the cum soaked Natsu and .. Gray gasped that Natsu was already hard again."Natsu, how are you already hard again, it hasn't even been a minute yet?" "I'm not hard again, I never stopped, I told you already, remember: 'once I'm fired up I won't stop till I'm spent' and I meant it."

"So what are you gonna do about it?" Natsu jokingly asked. Gray returned to Natsu, and began to clean off the mage, Gray seemed to enjoy licking off Natsu, feeling his muscles tense as he work up and down the body, cleaning the ridges on his abs and circling his pecs. Gray abruptly stopped as he reached Natsu's neck; "Why'd you stop Gray, that felt amazing, You shou-" Gray then planted his lips onto Natsu's he then began to work the cum he kept in his mouth, giving Natsu a taste of their reward, as passion grew again Gray began to play with Natsu's pecs, feeling them bounce, the work his nipples and increase the pleasure. "What am I gonna do about it you ask? This is what I'm gonna do" Gray went down on Natsu's cock; he began to nip at Natsu's foreskin and kiss his glorious head. "Go on Grey, do it" Natsu was barely able to talk, the pleasure grew ask Gray expertly worshiped his manhood.

Natsu moaned and squirmed as he tried to hold out. Grey had already swallowed as much as he could, but even that and masturbating the remaining 16 inches wouldn't get him off. Grey had to think fast. Then it dawned on him, Natsu could barely make out what he said, and even if he didn't the reaction would've been the same; "Ice make: Cock!" Grey used his magic and combined it with the surrounding cum to create a cock the same dimensions of Natsu, and in one swift movement jammed it between Natsu's checks.

"Gray!" Natsu shouted as his hole greedily swallowed the tip of the cock and lead it deeper into him. "That's right Natsu, say my name" Grey began to work his friend on all fronts, sucking his cock, feeling his body, and using his last arm to pleasure Natsu's hole, and this intense practice went on for minutes while Natsu leaned on his arms, unable to move from sheer pleasure. When at last the time came Gray was ready. Natsu's balls tensed and he heard Natsu mummer "Grey, I'm there, I'm gonna-" and then Grey pushed his ice made cock deeper, "CUUUUUUMMMMM !" Natsu screamed in pleasure as his second orgasm hit, and it hit hard; Gray attempted to swallow as much as he could, but the surge was so strong, it pushed him off of the cock head. The flow continued, raining down on the boys yet again. Gray took in some more, and Natsu openly received his kiss.

The two boys kissed passionately and fell to the floor, the spray of cum finally ending "I love you Natsu, and you were great." "I love you Gray, let's do that again sometime real soon." "Okay." The two boys fell asleep that night, in each other's embrace, spent for the night in a lake of cum. And as Grey finally drifted, he could have sworn he felt something poking him in the back. . . . . .