Theme: Angst/Romance/Mystery
Fandom: Final Fantasy Crossover
Pairing: Cid Raines/Yuffie Kisaragi
Rating: G (M in future chapters)
Word Count: 1,403
Summary: A mission sends Yuffie to the outskirts of a rebuilt Midgar and she soon finds an injured, not to mention mysterious, man. He only remembers his name and that he wanted, no needed, to protect something, but doesn't remember what. Yuffie now finds herself on a journey to help the mysterious man and maybe find something more.
Authors Notes: This was originally going to be a one shot but I decided against it, making it a series. Reviews are always welcome! This is almost like a prologue then anything. Sorry for the lacking of Cid goodness.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination and copy of the games. Don't sue me.

Chapter oo1

Reeve had finally put some trust in his most peculiar companion and decided it was due time for her to be allowed to do an investigation by herself, without the help of a troop or a freshly graduated member of the soldiers. He quickly had her pulled from her mission in Kalm with Cloud and Tifa to return back to head quarters for a briefing, only to walk into the leader's office to see a concerned look on his aging face. She took notice to the way he was leaned over his desk and eyes remained focused on the paperwork spread out across his desk, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. She almost wanted to flee from the office and maybe even return back to Kalm in hopes of never having to see just how much things had changed.

She was almost surprised when those tired brown eyes lifted from the papers and towards the door, where she now stood as stiff as a board. His back straightened and his head lifted, hand dropping to the desk as a counterfeit smile took over the troubled expression. "Yuffie," he spoke to her quietly as he leaned back in his chair, still rigid and seemingly fake to the hyper young woman. "I hadn't expected you so soon."

"Michael's a good pilot," she responded with a meek smile, so uncharacteristic for her.

He chuckled, "Gabriel, not Michael."

"Whatever," she huffed and crossed her arms, returning back to her normal nature at his chuckle. Maybe things weren't that bad, maybe it was one of those rare moments were something had caught Reeve off guard. She, however, recovered from her sulk and bounced into the office fully. "So what's the big top secret mission that you couldn't tell me over the phone?"

"You sure do know how to get right to the point," Reeve mused while turning his attention back to a few papers on his desk. Yuffie noted the concerned expression returning to the older being, the way his brow wrinkled and his lips twitched downward. Things were not looking good at this point, the small ninja felt her stomach twisting despite somehow keeping that smile upon her round, child-like face. "Reports from Midgar have been pouring in about some odd happenings in the city, although with outside of it as well."

Yuffie perked up a bit, "What type of happenings?"

"There have been reports of odd energies, forces very different from that of the Lifestream. There's been odd storms raging about, having a feel to them like nothing of normal storms." The leader flipped over a few pages, frowning deeper while shifting his sights upward to the ninja that now hovered at his side to caught a glimpse of the paperwork. Yuffie's gaze picked up on certain words that made a shiver run down her spine, reminded her of things that she didn't want to remember and was sure that he didn't either, that no one would. "The citizens are frightened of what could be happening now, after all, it has only been a year or so since Deepground, about two since Sephiroth's last resurrection."

Yuffie almost wanted to cringe and back away, deny that anything was probably happening and that it was all in his head, all in everyone's head. It had only been a year since the last attack on the planet, everyone was still on edge—Yuffie had noticed that certain sounds still caused Vincent to stiffen up and almost pull out his gun. The color blue still got the gunner to cringe or shift his gaze quickly, reaching his hand for the weapon that he carried. She could still see the fear in Cloud's eyes when something silver flashed by his sights, often times moving to stand in front of Tifa or whoever was around before he relaxed and realized that it was all over. She wanted to voice this but couldn't find her tongue, only found herself biting her bottom lip and continuing to scan over the papers.

"I want you to investigate these claims," Reeve continued while running a hand through his graying chocolate hair. "I know that I am asking a lot of you to go out to explore without any assistance, but there is too much that needs to be done and you are—"

"The Great Ninja Yuffie," the girl grinned despite everything that had been going through her head. She had wanted to go on a solo mission since WRO had first started and now that she was given the chance, she knew that she lit up like a Christmas Tree. "Don't worry, Tuesti, I got this handled! There's nothing I can't handle!"

"So it's settled," Reeve released a sigh of relief. He shifted some papers around his desk, tugging up a yellow folder and holding it out to the young ninja. "Everything you need to know is in this, which you will have time to review on the helicopter ride to the drop off point marked inside."

"Helicopter," Yuffie whined while making a face, taking the folder from the man. "There's no way I'm going to be going inside one of those things and flying anywhere! Bad enough I had to fly here!"

"Don't be like that, Yuffie," he responded with a faint frown. "It's going to be Gabriel again. He's rather gentle compared to Cid's or Reno's flying." The small ninja sent a heated glare, not wanting to admit that the older man was right. Out of all the pilots, Gabriel had been the only one to ever really attempt to keep Yuffie's lunch in her stomach, and not for a selfish reason either. Reeve forged a smile, "Please, Yuffie. I would ask Vincent but I have him in Gongaga investigating something there."

"Fine," she whined lightly. Of course, she really didn't mind going but she did mind having to fly again, her stomach just couldn't take it. Even though Gabriel was a rather polite and calm pilot, he couldn't do much to stop her airsickness, even with the medication he offered her. "But you so totally owe me, Tuesti!"

"Oh," Reeve sighed as he lowered his head. He should have known that nothing would be that easy, especially when it came to his young ninja friend. "and what is it that I will owe you? Materia?"

"Yes," she nodded with a grin, "And a rise in pay! Maybe even a vacation to costa del sol."

"Yuffie," he groaned mentally and tilted his head back. He had figured the Materia thing, however the raise in pay and the vacation were something new. He had never known Yuffie to request actual payment, besides her paycheck, or any type of vacation anywhere. "Can we at least talk about this when you get back?"

"No way!" She pouted, "You'll make me go on the mission then I won't get anything when I get back! There's no way I'm losing out on getting something out of this!"

He protested, sounding a bit hurt, "I wouldn't do that!" She gave him a look, as if to say 'yeah right', and he left out a small sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose in thought. "I will give you the pay rise for one pay check but we will discuss the vacation when you return. I do not want to give you such a thing until we figure out what is going on, it could be trouble and you will be needed."

"Fine, but we'll talk about a permanent rise," she flashed a sly smile while observing the annoyed expression of the man. She tucked the folder under her arm when he nodded, her grin widening at the sight. "Good! I'll give you a ring when I'm finished!" She hadn't given the elder time to reply as she took off out of the office and heading down the hall, towards the elevator that would take her to the roof of the building. She couldn't waste anymore time, it wouldn't be wise, even she knew that. Something was up in the outskirts of Midgar and she—not too secretly—wanted to be the one to find it, then destroy it. She is Yuffie Kisaragi and she is going to be a hero!

... At least that was her thoughts as she entered the elevator and hit the button that would lead her to the rooftops, where the helicopter and medication for her stomach was waiting.