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Author's Note: This is a response to a Prompt posted at the PLL Kink Meme for "Ezra/Aria Car Sex."

This should not be happening.

Ezra should not be driving one-handed through yet another torrential Pennsylvania downpour. He should especially not be driving one-handed through said downpour because the middle and ring finger of his right hand are buried as far as they'll go inside his student. A student whose own right hand is currently white at the knuckles as she grips the handle of the car door with all her might, while the nails of her left hand are busy leaving what will likely be permanent indentions in the leather of the passenger seat.

His student who really should not be in his car to begin with.

She knows this, which is why she's fighting so hard to avoid drawing attention, the visible parts of her body held stiffly in place, neck and upper back pressed firmly against the seat, even as her legs jerk and hips buck into his hand every time he grazes her clit with his thumb, skirt shoved up around her hips.

He definitely should not find this so amusing, that he's fingering her in broad daylight (well, overcast), in public, while driving. But he can't help it; the more he dwells on the circumstances leading up to this moment, the more enamored he becomes of Aria's paradox: The sweet naïve urgency of a damsel in distress, yet the distress in question is sultry, gritty and raw. It makes it easier for him to think of her as a woman, to think of them being on equal terms in their relationship, because he's reminded of how she makes his body burn and his mind race with all the different ways he wants her.