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Ezra pulls back the shower curtain to take in the sight of a wet, naked Aria standing beneath the spray of his shower, running her hands over her delicious body. Climbing in, Ezra grabs the shower gel and works up a lather between his hands before taking over, excited by the prospect of Aria smelling of his body wash.

He works his way upward, crouching down to begin at her ankles, rubbing the soap over her skin as he firmly massages her calves before continuing upward to her thighs, enjoying Aria's whimpers as he traces the sensitive strip of skin just beneath the curve of her ass. He pauses to squeeze the pert globes, making Aria yelp, before moving higher still, purposely ignoring the apex of her thighs to alternate between her abdomen and back, rubbing soapy circles over both.

Soon Aria tires of his teasing, grabbing his wrists to drag his hands up to cover her breasts. With a smirk, Ezra obligingly spreads suds over her bosom, squeezing and teasing at her nipples, making her knees go weak. He steps close, pressing his own chest to her back so she can lean on him for support, head tossed back on his shoulder as she arches her breasts further into his touch.

Ezra releases one breast, ignoring Aria's mewl of protest as he holds his hand up to the water, rinsing any residual soap from his hand. Once it's clean, he snakes his arm down Aria's front and plunges his fingers into her slippery sex. Surprised, Aria bucks her hips against his hand, grinding her ass against Ezra's erection as she does so, drawing gasps from them both.

When he feels Aria grasp his wrist, Ezra stills his hand, surprised. Even more surprising is her other hand, which has reached back behind her to grip his cock. Aria twists her upper body to look back, puzzled expression on her face giving way to realization when she spies the condom already sheathing him, her face finally settling on a smirk before she once again faces forward. Releasing his member and drawing his hand from its place inside her cunt, Aria steps away from Ezra and uses her now free hands to brace herself against the wall in front of them, bending forward and spreading her legs in invitation.

Ezra's mind is effectively blown. No, really, it's ridiculous how long he stands there, staring at the sight of his underage student/girlfriend enticing him to essentially mount her and take her from behind.

Something very strange happens in Ezra's mind: the Hopelessly Romantic part of him is incredibly annoyed by the impersonal nature of this proposed act of coitus. The Responsible Adult in him is thinking (and has been since before the car) that he should stop things immediately. His libido, however, is very appreciative of the visual she's currently providing, and therefore is insisting that he follow through with the sex. The Teasing-Aria-is-Fun part of him, strangely, allies itself with the Hopelessly Romantic bit, and the resulting decision is one that is almost certain to piss Aria off immensely.

Tightly grasping Aria's hips, which have begun to wiggle impatiently, Ezra holds her in place as he steps forward to slide his member between her slick folds. Several times he stops to bump his tip teasingly at her entrance, making Aria groan in a mix of pleasure and frustration as the tight grip of his deceptively strong hands prevents her from thrusting back to take him further inside.

"Ezra, please," Aria whines after the sixth false start leaves her entrance twitching and quivering, as if trying to grasp what isn't there.

Ezra chuckles at the desperation in her voice as he reaches up to grasp her shoulder. Forcibly spinning her to face him, he tugs her close so that her arms automatically wind themselves about his neck, as they had so many times before.

"Up," he grunts, grasping her ass with both hands and reinforcing the command with a squeeze. Aria complies, wrapping her legs around Ezra's waist as he turns them ninety degrees to press Aria's back against the wall, steadying them.

Ezra slides his hands to grip Aria's thighs, holding her still as he finally penetrates her, entering only enough to slip his latex-sheathed cock head inside before stopping again. It's only after a litany of begging, pleading, and eventually threatening and cursing from Aria that he begins moving. Much to Aria's dismay, his movements are slow – painstakingly slow. For every fraction of an inch of progress made, he withdraws almost completely before sliding in again, each time sliding a teensy bit more of himself inside her. It's maddening, for both of them, but especially for Aria as she's denied the smug satisfaction Ezra finds in controlling the situation.

Once Ezra has about half his shaft nestled in her tight cunt, he stops again, his hold on Aria's hips so tight she'll almost certainly have bruises preventing any further penetration as he waits for her upper body to stop thrashing against his. Practically sobbing in frustration, she eventually stills, defeated.

Smiling, Ezra takes the opportunity to slam the remaining inches of his erect manhood home, drawing a shriek of surprise from Aria as she's overcome by the sensation of being stretched and filled so suddenly. The moment his pubic bone is flush against her ass, Ezra leans forward to capture her mouth with his own. Their kiss is heated, their tongues dueling passionately, and lasts until they're forced to break apart for oxygen. Ezra pauses briefly to admire the rise and fall of Aria's chest as it slides slickly against his own with each heaving breath.

Grinning softly, Ezra leans in to nibble on Aria's lower lip before beginning to move, thrusting gently in and out, careful to brush his shaft against her clit with each languid stroke. In a matter of minutes, Aria is trembling with impending orgasm. As her body shudders and clenches around him, Ezra gives in to his baser urges and bites down hard on her shoulder, muffling his groan as he finds his own release.

They stay like that for a while, Aria's legs still wrapped around him as he suckles the flesh he's caught between his teeth while the water continues to rain down on them. Eventually Ezra moves his mouth, kissing the hickey he's left on her shoulder before progressing to her neck, then her cheek before meeting her mouth. After a brief tangle of tongues, Ezra separates himself from Aria, sliding his softening member from her body, and helping to steady her as her feet find the floor.

Aria quickly re-washes while Ezra steps out to dispose of the soiled condom. Once he returns, they are all business about finishing their shower, doing just enough to wash away any lingering evidence of their deeds. As soon as he's sufficiently clean, Ezra presses a kiss to Aria's forehead before hopping out of the shower to dry off, dress, and prepare their coffees while Aria finishes washing her hair.

A quick glance at his cell phone tells him it's 11:05; not nearly as late they'd feared. As he searches his cabinet for clean mugs, Ezra finds himself wondering if he should feel ashamed or relieved by this, given the circumstances.

By the time he's adding milk to Aria's coffee, he hears the sounds of his blow dryer coming from the bathroom. Ezra takes this attention to detail means that Aria was being truthful when she said that her friends didn't know about their relationship. In some small corner of his mind, he still has his doubts – she is, after all, a teenage girl – but he's forcing himself to take her at her word, regardless. In any case, it's apparent that she doesn't want her friends to know that she's had sex tonight, which has to be a good sign. It just has to be.

Carrying her coffee into the bathroom, Ezra pauses to lean against the doorframe and watch as Aria struggles to curl her hair by wrapping it around her fingers as she dries it. She's doing a pretty good job of it, if she pulls her hair back then the odds of anyone noticing the lack of product is minimal. They make eye contact in the mirror, and Ezra steps forward to place the mug of coffee on the sink counter. Aria shuts off the blow dryer.

"You should make a list of stuff." Ezra gestures vaguely at her hair for clarification. "You know, for next time." Aria lights up at this, spinning around to pepper him with kisses. Ezra chuckles, pulling her close to kiss her properly.

"Better yet, I'll make up a bag." She tells him sensibly. "It'll attract less attention than you shopping for a bunch of girly hair care products." Ezra leans in to peck a kiss on her nose as a response before he steps back.

"Clock's ticking," he murmurs affectionately, running a hand pointedly through her still-wet hair. Aria nods in understanding, and turns away from him to resume her task. Ezra heads back towards to couch to gather her clothes from the floor, mentally congratulating himself for going the entire conversation without ogling her nakedness.

Thirty minutes later, they're parked in his car three blocks from Spencer's house, rain pouring down around them. Ezra's clinging to Aria's hand as if his life depends on it.

"You sure you don't want me to drop you off closer?" Ezra asks, eager to prolong their time together. "You'll get soaked."

"I'll survive," Aria responds. "You've seen to that." Her eyes sparkle at the double entendre, and Ezra can't help but respond with a grin of his own. He pulls her close for a lingering kiss goodbye, then releases her.

As he watches her back recede into the darkness, he takes a moment to marvel at the night's events. So much had changed that short span of hours...

… And he couldn't be happier.

The End

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