"You are just full of complete bullshit Jay," Simon commented as he took a seat next to Jay in the common room and rolled his eyes in belief.

"Believe what you want, but whilst you spent the last month sat dreaming about Carli I've become the master of shagging," Jay leant back against the blue chair and he looked to his left at the girl sat next to him and nodded.

"Because that's not shit at all," Simon leant his head back and said.

"Go on then Emma. Tell us of your amazing holiday. Shagged anyone good?" Jay asked and Neil chuckled next to Simon. Emma raised her brow at Jay and gave him a smirk of disbelief.

"You have to be completely vile Jay Cartwright?" she asked him and he grinned proudly.

"I'll take that as a no. Has daddy not been letting you out?" Jay laughed.

"Actually he has been quite nice this holiday. Until the other week when he realised he had to come back to this place," Emma told Jay who chuckled.

"Oh God. Having your dad as head of sixth form is going to be amazing! The things we're going to get away with!" Jay high fived Neil.

"Don't count on it. He dislikes you already from what he's heard of you and don't think I'll stick up for you if you do anything wrong," Emma warned Jay and she stood up and slung her leather satchel over her shoulder.

"You coming Simon?" Emma asked and Simon stood up and picked his bag up.

"Where are you going?" Jay asked them.

"Form. Where you should be off too," Emma scolded him and she pushed a strand of her long brown curly hair behind her ear and began walking down the corridors with Simon.

"So did you have a good holiday?" Simon asked seriously.

"Shockingly shit if I have to be honest. Dad hardly did anything and I just went out with you lot," Emma answered him honestly and he nodded.

"But we're back now...you coming to the pub tonight?" Simon asked and Emma snorted and readjusted her bag on her shoulder.

"Don't be daft. What do you think he would do to me if I went along?" Emma asked as she held the door open for Simon to catch.

"Good point," he admitted and they walked into the form room.

"Besides. I don't fancy listening to more of Jay's bullshit if I am honest," she said and Simon chuckled as he took a seat next to her.

"So you think he's lying too?" he asked and Emma looked Simon in the eye and raised her brow.

"Of course he's lying Si. Have you heard the crap he comes out with?" Emma asked.

"And that Gilbert! What a tosser! Oooh look at me; I'm Mr Gilbert and I just love to suck the headmasters balls," a sudden voice shouted across the room and Emma and Simon looked up onto a boy who was wearing a larger green badge and he was stood laughing awkwardly into the room as everyone watched in disbelief. Emma listened to him and then she stood up and stared harshly at the teen.

"And you are...?" Emma asked him and he looked at his feet nervously.

"Will McKenzie," he answered and Emma nodded.

"And you have a problem with Mr Gilbert, Will?" she checked and he stared straight at her this time.

"And why would that be bad?" he asked and Emma heard Simon groan below her on his seat and Emma smirked.

"Because he's my father and he's behind you," Emma said and sure enough Will slowly turned round and looked straight into the face of Mr. Gilbert. Emma sat down and folded her arms over her chest and continued to glare at Will as he slowly took a seat and Gilbert began discussing the start of term. When he dismissed them Emma began to walk to the door but her father grabbed her.

"You had best not even think of going to the Black Horse tonight Emma," he said and let go of her arm. Emma rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Do you think I would even risk it?" she asked in disbelief.

"You're friends with people who would. I don't want them to influence you," he narrowed his eyes at her and she shook her head again.

"Don't worry dad. I can stick up for myself. But did you have to make Si pair up with Will?" she complained. That would mean Will would be near her and she would prefer not to have that at the moment in time. She knew her father could be an arsehole but he was still her father.

"They share most classes together Emma," Gilbert told her.

"Okay then," she agreed and bid her father goodbye and headed off to her law class for a morning of lessons.


"Have you seen them?" Emma asked when she sat down opposite Neil in the cafeteria. Simon looked at her and shook his head.

"It may help if you actually describe what you're on about," Jay commented and he tucked into his pile of chips as Emma opened up her salad.

"The new boy...Will...his photo is all over the school. Someone filmed him doing a shit," Emma said and Neil chocked on the coke he was swallowing and Simon groaned inwardly.

"For fuck sake! I have to look after the boy who was shitting in the toilets. Brilliant," Simon complained.

"That is brilliant!" Neil exclaimed and Jay smiled as he ate more of his chips.

"I wouldn't say that. Now he's going to be made to look like a social reject," Emma said.

"Because we're not social rejects?" Simon asked.

"She bloody isn't! She has flaming Andrew Pearce chasing after her!" Jay pointed at Emma and she put her finger over her mouth to silence him.

"Andrew doesn't like me! You all know that!" she murmured loudly.

"He does stare at you a lot though," Neil commented.

"That's because he wants to fuck her Neil," Jay replied.

"No he doesn't," Emma picked at her salad.

"To be fair. He does stare at you an awful lot. And he talks to you sometimes," Simon contradicted.

"So? I talk to you three a lot and that doesn't mean I want to shag you," Emma said and she rolled up her jumper sleeves.

"I know you want to shag me," Jay commented.

"No. No, I don't," Emma said and Jay remained silent.

"But he is popular and he has that look girls go for," Simon said and Emma picked up her salad bowl.

"I'm off to Politics before you lot drive me mad. I'll see you at the end of the day," Emma said and she began to walk off down to her politics class.


"Look I just wanted to apologise for what is said earlier about your father," Will McKenzie suddenly snuck up alongside Emma who was walking next to Simon.

"Why did you say it?" Emma continued walking as Jay and Neil murmured about the conversation which was happening to the left of them.

"I...don't know. I was angry with him I guess and I was trying to be cool to make some new friends," Will told her honestly and she stood still and looked at him.

"Fine. Apology accepted. But never say anything like that again," she warned him and he nodded.

"I won't," he promised and then he looked sideways.

"Oh God," he muttered.

"Is that your mother?" Emma asked, astounded at the good looking woman in the car.

"I definitely would," Jay commented.

"You would anything that has a pulse," Emma told him and he shrugged.

"Wouldn't want my shagging practice to go to waste on anything Em," Jay said and Emma snorted.

"Would you do your mum?" Neil piped up as he stared at Will.

"She's my mum. So no." Will said.

"But if she wasn't?" Simon pushed.

"But she is," Will replied and Emma shook her head.

"Leave him alone," Emma told them and Will nodded and began to walk to his car. Will's mum drove off and the four of them began walking home.

"I was just saying that she was quite fit," Jay raised his arms in the air and shrugged.

"But it was awkward for him Jay," Emma replied. "It's like me saying would you do your mum."

"That's just gross," Neil commented.

"But it was like that with Will," Emma counteracted.

"That was different," Jay said.

"No it wasn't," Emma retorted.

"It was," Jay said.

Suddenly there was a pip noise and Emma turned around to see her dad's silver car crawling alongside them.

"Go to daddy then Emma," Jay whispered in a high pitched voice.

"Fuck off," Emma smiled and she nodded at Simon before getting into the car.

"And you can't make some decent friends why?" her father asked as she put her seat belt on and then began to drive.

"Because when your father is the head of sixth form and he is so strict it kind of dents your chances of making any friends. And there's nothing wrong with my friends now. Really," Emma said and she stared out the front window.

"Cartwright, Sutherland and Cooper? Because their going somewhere with their life," Gilbert snorted.

"They're fine dad. Drop it," Emma snapped. Sure they weren't cool but they were generally nice to her.

"I just think you could do better," Gilbert ended the conversation as they got home. Emma had a nice home. It was well decorated and she had a nice room with an en-suite.

"Homework first. And do not even think about sneaking off to the Black Horse," he warned again as he unlocked the front door. Emma rolled her eyes and dropped her bag at the foot of the stairs and kicked of her shoes and walked into the kitchen.

"I'm not going and you know that," she said as she took a can of coke from the fridge and then headed back to the stairs as Gilbert left for the living room which was on the left.

"I was checking," he said and Emma trudged up the stairs and took a seat at her desk and turned her laptop on. She sat there and began working on the crazy amount of homework she had received considering it was her first day back at sixth from. It was about seven o'clock when her mobile rang and she saw it was Simon.

"Hi," she answered.

"Emma...do...what pub is everyone off to tonight?" he asked her.

"The Black Horse. Why do you ask?" she questioned him as she flipped open her AS Law text book.

"We're in the wrong pub," Simon said simply and Emma laughed heartedly.

"How the hell did you manage that?" she asked him.

"We're in the Black Bull. It's half right," Simon made excuses up and Emma could hear Jay in the background swearing at Simon.

"Guess so. I have to go Si. I'm working," Emma said and she hung up the phone and chuckled to herself as she began to work again.

"Emma! I'm off to the Black Horse to turf out the sixth formers. I imagine none of them listened to my warning," she heard her father shout.

"Okay," she replied.

"I'll bring back Chinese."

"Bye dad," she replied and when she heard the door shut she reached for her phone and called Simon but he wouldn't pick so she tried Jay and then Neil but none of them were answering. She was going to tell them her dad was on the way but she couldn't and so she finished off working and went down to the living room and sat and flipped through channels.

"I'm back," she heard her dad yell when the door opened. "Your friends were in the pub. Along with McKenzie who actually managed to turf everyone out by telling the bartender they were all under eighteen."

Emma stood up from the sofa and followed her dad into the kitchen.

"You shitting me?" she asked.

"Language Emma," Gilbert scolded and Emma smiled to herself. Will McKenzie seriously had issues.