Emma moped around the house for what seemed like the majority of the summer. Truth be known, she scarcely wanted to go out and do anything. She would have spent the entirety of her time in her pyjamas and watching endless reruns of Jerry Springer, but her father seemed quite set against that.

But then there came the age old question. Did she text Simon or did she wait for Simon to text her? She didn't know. She constantly checked her mobile every day to no prevail. An entire week had passed her by and she was still none the wiser as to what Simon wanted from her. She knew that she had felt something from his kiss, even from him holding her waist.

She just didn't know what it was. The strange part was that Jay hadn't even bothered to call her or make any type of contact. It was only Will who had graced her with his presence when her father had gone out one day.

He had told her to wait for Simon to make his mind up; reminding her that Simon was as stupid as Neil when it came to girls.

No, the next time she saw Simon was when they all agreed to go and watch a film in the local multiplex. Her father hadn't looked too impressed with her, but she reminded him that her only friends happened to be boys who she wouldn't look twice at. If only he knew the truth. She suspected he may have a heart attack.

"What are we going to see?" Emma wondered as she and Will sat in Nandos, waiting for the others to turn up.

Simon was probably driving, but Will said that he would go with Emma to save her from any awkwardness between her and Simon alone in a car. Jay and Neil had turned up to go shopping earlier, but had yet to appear for lunch.

"Some superhero film, I think," Will informed her, sipping on the cola in front of him.

They had managed to acquire a booth in the chicken restaurant and had spent their time drinking whilst scanning the menu, drooling over the chicken on offer. Emma kept her eyes peeled on the window into the shopping centre, wondering if anyone would even remember what time they were supposed to meet.

"I think this could be Simon," Will spoke as they noted him push the door open and look around, his eyes clearly scanning for them.

"I think we would notice that hair anywhere," Emma mumbled back, chewing on the straw to her lemonade as Simon spotted them and slipped into the booth, his hands in the pockets of the zip up jacket he wore.

"Hey," he spoke, looking at them with his lips set in a firm line.

"Simon, long time no see," Will said.

"It's been a week," Simon reminded him. "And you text me every single day."

"So you do have a phone?" Emma checked back and Simon looked at her, knowing that he was obviously in trouble with thanks to her heavy set glare and the folding of her arms against the red and green checker dress she wore.

He gulped and lowered his gaze to the table before Will felt the tension and noted Jay and Neil moved into the restaurant.

"Ah, here comes Jay and Neil," Will said; clasping his hands together. "I will go and...well...recommend something from the menu and we will...well...just give you two a moment..."

Will made his escape and Simon sighed loudly before looking over to Emma and she kept her eyes set on the wall on the far side of the room, scared she might say something brash and regret it in the end. She doubted that would happen, but she never knew.

"You said that we needed time," Simon reminded her suddenly and she looked back at him, her orbs widening with each passing time. "I thought that you-"

"-You ran out as soon as you kissed me," Emma hissed at him. "You just ran, Simon. I didn't know whether to text your or what. What did you think I would do? Did you think I would understand? Seriously?"

Simon kept silent, biting down on his lip as he did so. He didn't know what to say to her, but he knew that he had to tell her something to stop her from yelling at him in the middle of a chicken restaurant.

"Look," Simon said, levelling completely with her, "I still think we need some time. Maybe we could give it until Christmas? Maybe that would be for the best? See if Carli...well..."

It was then when Emma saw red. She stood up and slid from the booth, her appetite well and truly leaving her. She looked down at Simon as he tried to follow her, his hand finally grasping her wrist. She bent down at the waist to hiss at him, doing her best not to create a scene as he sat by the end of the booth.

"So you get jealous when I kiss Jay, but then you don't want me when you can have me?" Emma checked. "What do you want me to do? Do you want me to sit and wait for you to make your mind up?"

"No," Simon said. "I just knew that you would never mean a lot to Jay, Emma. I didn't want to see him-"

"-No," Emma cut him off. "I don't care what you want anymore, Simon. It doesn't matter to me. If I want to see Jay then I can. God, I was stupid for thinking you even cared."

She grabbed her satchel from the other side of the booth and slung it over her shoulder, storming from the restaurant with her leather jacket slung over her arms. She pushed past Jay, Neil and Will, all of them knowing that it was best to keep quiet once they saw her rush past them.

"What did the twat do this time?" Jay wondered; rolling his eyes as Simon made his way over to them, his hands still in his pockets as he went.

"Nothing," Simon replied. "She's menstrual...that's all there is to it..."

"Really?" Will arched a brow. "And this has nothing to do with you kissing her the other day and then running off?"

"What?" Jay snapped back. "You kissed her and then left her?"

"Yes...no...I don't actually see how it is any of your business, Jay," Simon snapped back. "Emma is old enough to kiss who she pleases."

Jay rocked back and forth on his heels, folding his arms over the polo shirt he wore tucked into jeans before he looked back at Simon with a smug look. Of course he couldn't commit to Emma. He was still madly in love with Carli, even though she would never love him back. That was a simple fact which he needed to see soon enough.

"Look," Jay spoke, "why don't you just set her straight? You'll always spend your life pining over Carli and wasting Emma's time."

"Because I don't know what I want to do," Simon snapped, his teeth grinding together as his cheeks turned a deep red. "I told her that we both needed time. Why can she not just accept that? Why can she not be fine with that?"

"Well if you need time then you can't care enough for her," Neil suddenly spoke out and Simon arched a brow. "I read it in my sister's book. It said that you know if someone is the one for you because you won't hesitate."

"Rubbish," Jay suddenly spoke out.

"As a child whose parents divorced because the dad cheated, I can actually agree with Jay on this one," Will spoke up. "But there is a difference between hesitation and torturing, Simon."

"I'll go and find her," Jay drawled out. "You twits get your chicken."

"No," Simon shook his head. "You only want her because you're on the rebound from Chloe."

"And you're on the rebound from Carli," Jay reminded him slowly. "I think she would be happier to see me."

It was only at that moment when they saw Emma moved back into the restaurant, her orbs full of determination as she went. She ignored Simon completely as she swooped in and stood before Jay, rocking back and forth on her heels and closing her eyes before she pressed her lips against his. Jay remained shocked for a few moments as Emma pulled back and then looked to Simon.

"At least he actually cares," Emma snapped and Simon shook his head.

"That was pathetic."

"Well, I guess we're even," Emma responded.

Truth be known she didn't know what had possessed her to act in such a manner. She didn't usually go around snogging guys because she felt like it. She was just annoyed at Simon. She was annoyed that he thought he could get away treating her like crap. Jay spoke crap, but he never treated her like it. Why could she not like Jay more? She did like him in a way, but she knew she longed for Simon more. She just couldn't have him.

"Jay," Neil nudged his friend, "have you got a boner?"

Jay shook his head and Emma looked over her shoulder to him, her eyes moving to his crotch and she scoffed as his jeans seemingly grew tighter.

"You don't get it, do you?" Emma snapped at Simon. "Do what you want. I don't care."

She moved back out of the restaurant and Jay followed her with haste, about to demand an explanation before Emma stood still and looked back at him as she rested against the railing looking down onto the first floor of the shopping centre.

"So you think it is okay to use me?" Jay wondered from her. "I don't mind really, but I do want to know why."

"Because I am bored of waiting for him," Emma said. "You were right about him. I know that now...and...God...I do like you, Jay...as more than a friend...I wouldn't have kissed you if I didn't. I'm just scared now. I'm scared that everyone is going to treat me like Simon has done. I'm scared that it will happen and I don't know if I can handle that."

Jay looked at her with narrowed eyes, wondering what was going on with her before he shook his head and moved closer to her. He slowly moved his hands to grasp her waist before he looked down at her and saw a small tear in the corner of her eye.

"You know that I won't treat you like he does. I like you, Emma," Jay promised her. "Even Chloe...I liked her...but I think I was trying to kid myself that I liked her more than you..."

"Promise," Emma checked and Jay smirked.


Emma sighed and moved to rest her hands on his shoulders, soothing the white material of his polo shirt.

"Then do we try this?" she wondered and Jay shrugged.

"I'm game if you are."

Emma smiled and moved in to kiss him again, "Game," she whispered before her lips pressed against his.


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