This is Season 2 through Dylan Armstrong's eyes starting as he is introduced in 'Audition'. I hope you enjoy :)

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The songs used are 'Red' by Daniel Merriweather and 'I've Been' from Next To Normal. Both are absolutely beautiful songs.

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Will rested his elbows on the piano and put his head in his hands. He truly believed this was it. The beginning of the end for New Directions and it sounded like that even the members didn't even care. Especially Rachel and Will thought that she would care the most and not because that since there was no glee club, she couldn't fight for any solos. Will sighed and picked up his case and was about to head out of the door, when he heard the other one at the other side of the choir room open.

"Excuse me?" he heard a male voice ask and Will turned to see a tall blonde boy with striking blue eyes, wearing a pale blue striped polo shirt, dark blue jeans held up by a black studded belt and black classic Chuck Taylor's. The teacher recognised the boy clearly. Dylan Armstrong. He was in Will's Advanced Spanish class and claims to have an IQ of 138. But with the current grades he was getting, Will had to believe him. He was also captain of the soccer team to so he was fairly popular. Not as popular as the football players but still considered to be popular. He wasn't to be messed with either as he had been sent to the Principal's office a number of times for behaving violently towards some of the football players.

"Is this where you audition for glee club?" Dylan then asked and Will's eyes widened a little.

"You want to try out?" he asked and Dylan raised his arms to the side.

"If I did, would I be here?" he asked with a smile on his face. Will gave out a small chuckle.

"Yeah this is where you try out. Although I don't see the point considering none of the other members are here." Will replied.

"Well, why don't I play you a little something and if you like what you here, then you can give me a time and place where I can perform in front of the full club. How does that sound?" Dylan then asked and Will

thought for a few seconds before nodding and stood by the piano. Dylan smiled before retrieving a guitar from the side and slipping the strap over his shoulder, he started to pluck the opening notes to a song that Will hadn't heard before. 2 bars in and Dylan started to sing.

And I'm alright

Standing in the streetlights here

Is this meant for me?

My time on the outside is over

Dylan then tapped his foot on each second and fourth beat to create a beat as he continued to play and sing.

And we don't know how you're spending

All of your days knowing

That love isn't here

You see the pictures

But you don't know their names

Cause love isn't here

And I can't do this by myself

All of these problems, they're all in your head

And I can't be somebody else

You took something perfect

And painted it red

He then strummed the last chord and looked to Mr. Schuester, who looked stunned at the soccer player's voice. It was so smooth and so controlled that it sounded like it belonged on Broadway. And the only male Broadway voice they had in glee club right now was Jack. And having another could add to the group dynamic.

"Verdict?" Dylan then asked, curious regarding the teacher's opinion. The Spanish teacher looked to Dylan and smiled.

"3:30. Auditorium. Thursday." Will said and Dylan smiled.

"Thanks, Mr. Schue."


"Okay, guys. Before we get started, we have someone coming in to audition. He actually came in to audition on Monday but you guys weren't there so he's here with us today." Will said and everyone looked to each other, surprised and eager to know who this mystery auditionee was.

"Alright. Whenever you're ready." Will then called out as he sat down and the blonde boy walked out from stage right towards the microphone stand sat in the middle of the stage, wearing a grey t-shirt, loose dark blue denim jeans and plain black Vans slip-ons. Finn, Puck and Mike recognised him as their eyes widened a bit. The girls (and Kurt) started to swoon over Dylan's obvious good looks, making the guys' jaws clench. Once at the microphone stand, Dylan adjusted it so the microphone was at his mouth and he cleared his throat before speaking.

"I'm Dylan Armstrong and I'll be singing 'I've Been' from the Broadway musical 'Next To Normal'." He said and Rachel's and Kurt's eyes brightened even more at the song choice, most of the others looked intrigued as to how the soccer team captain sounded while Jack just braced himself for the butchering of a beautiful song from an amazing Broadway musical.

Dylan nodded to the band, which started the introduction for his song and Dylan nodded his head and tapped his foot softly to the beat, holding onto the microphone stand as he began to sing with the pain that the character Dan would feel.

Standing in this room

Well I wonder what comes now

I know I have to help her

But hell if I know how

And all the times that

I've been told

The way her illness goes

The truth of it

Is no one really knows

And every day this act we act

Gets more and more absurd

And all my fears just sit inside me

Screaming to be heard

I know they won't though

Not a single word

The drums then started to come in as Dylan started to put more power into his voice.

I was here

At her side

When she called

When she cried

How could she

Leave me on my own?

Will it work?

This cure?

There's no way

To be sure

But I'm weary to the bone

And whenever she goes flying

I keep my feet right on the ground

Oh, now I need a lift

And there's no one around

Hey, oh, oh, oh

Ah, ooh, ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh, no

And I've never had

To face the world

Without her at my side

Now I'm strolling

Right beside her

As the black hole opens wide

Mine is just a slower suicide

The drums then stopped as the blonde went back to his tender, raw voice. It was now just him and a piano and he was determined to impress the club.

I've been here

For the show

Every high

Every low

But it's the worst

We've ever known

She's been hurt

And how

But I can't

Give up now

Cause I've never been alone

I could never be alone

The song finished with wild applause from the girls plus Kurt and minor applause from the boys. Mr. Schuester just smiled and put up his hands before saying.

"Welcome to the glee club!" he said and he shook his fist in celebration before Rachel stood up.

"I must say on behalf of the glee club-"

"The girly half of the glee club." Puck interjected before being given a glare from Quinn and Mercedes.

"Anyway, we want to say that that performance was indeed very good. Occasionally flat but we'll work on that in time for Sectionals this year." Rachel then said and everyone rolled their eyes apart from Dylan who just laughed and smiled at the diva's comments.

"Thanks. If someone would introduce me to you all, I would like to call you by your names and not just long, awkward silences." Dylan said and the girls laughed before Santana and Brittany stood up and headed to the stage.

"Allow us, seeing as we are the only ones worthy enough to even talk to you." She said as she reached the blonde boy and standing by his left side with Brittany standing on his right, who started the introductions by pointing to Artie.

"The guy in the wheelchair is Artie. He's been like super depressed ever since Tina," she said whilst pointing to the Goth girl.

"Broke up with him to be with Mike. He's the guy with his arm around her shoulder." Brittany then said before Santana took over.

"The girl with the Pinocchio nose is Berry or as stupid people would like to call her: Rachel. The ego with legs to the left of her is Jack Harmon or as we like to call him: Jack-Ass."

"Weak as ever, Dry Dock!" Jack called out to which Santana ignored.

"The guy to her right is Berry's boyfriend Finn who is the washed up quarterback of the football team. The guy next to Finn is Puck, the walking STD. The one sat 2 seats from Puck is Mitchell. The gay in the row above is Kurt and yes, Hummel, I did mean to say gay." Santana called out to which Kurt rolled his eyes at.

"The girl next to him is Mercedes and the blonde next to Mercedes is Quinn." Brittany finished.

"But she goes by Juno, Preggo and Tubbers too." Santana added on with a sneer at Quinn who lowly growled as the Cheerios turned to Dylan.

"And we're the two best people you will ever meet in your life. Santana and Brittany." Santana said with a smirk and Dylan smiled.

"Nice to meet you all." He said and Brittany clapped her hands before grabbing Dylan's hand and pulling him into the audience.

"Are you a surfer? You look like a surfer." Brittany asked and Dylan laughed a little before shaking his head.

He then started to bond with the other members, discussing Alexander McQueen vs. Marc Jacobs with Kurt and Mercedes and favourite NFL teams with the rest of the boys (apart from Jack) who started to warm to him. He then discussed Next To Normal with Rachel and Jack, who had a striking resemblance to the actor who played the original Gabe. He then turned his attention to Quinn, who was looking at him with a blank expression. The corners of Dylan's mouth turned upwards slightly before moving to the seat next to her.

"I know what you're thinking. Another walking, talking blonde stereotype." Quinn said. Dylan laughed a little.

"Oh, please. You're talking to 'Mr. Blonde Stereotype' of Lima, Ohio for 17 years running." Dylan said and they both laughed.

"I think the new quarterback of the football team will beat you to that." Mitchell called out and Dylan laughed at that.

"Let's be friendly blonde stereotypes. Dylan Armstrong." Dylan said, holding out his hand, which Quinn smiled at and shook.

"Quinn Fabray." The blonde said and Dylan smiled and Mr. Schuester then talked to Dylan about assignments and stuff before the bell rang.

"That's it for today guys." Mr. Schuester said and everyone headed out of the auditorium and split up as soon as they reached the exit. Dylan then looked at his watch and saw that it was 4:30.


As soon as he reached the parking lot, he started sprinting but was stopped by a car careering towards him. His feet froze as a Black Cadillac Escalade hurtled towards him but the brakes stopped him from becoming human roadkill.

"Watch it!" a familiar voice called out and Dylan's eyes focused on the driver. Male. Baby face. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Kurt Hummel.

"Sorry! I'm a little late for my boxing club. Coach Donovan will kill me if I miss drills again." Dylan said before sprinting off. Kurt smiled as he watched Dylan run off before deciding on something. He put his car in drive before driving alongside Dylan, matching his running speed.

"Let me give you a ride there. I'm sure it will be faster and it will save your energy for boxing." He said and Dylan slowed down.

"Well, the more people I get to know in glee, the better. Alright, thanks Kurt." He said before they both stopped and Dylan got into the car. The drive was mostly Dylan giving Kurt directions along with discussing The Sound Of Music.

Soon enough, they were outside the Johnny Donovan Gym. Dylan turned to Kurt and patted his shoulder.

"Thanks, Kurt. I owe you one big time." Dylan said before grabbing his bag, and exiting the car. As he was heading in, he looked back and waved at Kurt before heading into the gym. Kurt smiled and waved back and just as the front door closed, he grabbed his phone and put it to his ear.

"Mercedes…I think I like the new guy even more already." He said.


"Sorry, I'm late Coach." Dylan said, running towards the changing rooms.

"You're lucky you're one of my best fighters Armstrong otherwise you would've been out by now. This is the third time in a row you've been late." Coach Donovan, a 6'5" tall man in his mid 30s with brown hair and pale skin said. He was donned in a tracksuit and a cap as he watched Dylan walk into the changing rooms. About 2 minutes later, he came out in a tight white vest top, grey sweatpants and black sneakers. He was also wearing Adidas Performer boxing gloves as Coach Donovan motioned him over. Dylan headed over to the man, who had a stern expression on his face.

"Why are you late this time? If you keep up being late then I have no choice but to take you off the roster. First it's soccer practise. Then swimming. What now?" Coach Donovan asked in a stern tone. Dylan looked down.

"Sorry, Coach. I've just joined glee club. I know that sounds weird and everything but its cool and it let's me do music." Dylan said and Coach Donovan's eyes widened a little.

"Sorry. Off-topic. Umm…maybe after this session I can move my sessions to Thursday. That way it doesn't clash with anything." Dylan said and Coach Donovan sighed before nodding.

"Alright. Just don't work yourself too much. Work on the speed bags first for 10 minutes and then we'll work on the pads." Coach Donovan said and Dylan nodded before going over to the speed bags.


The next day, Dylan was walking through McKinley when he watched Quinn walk out in a Cheerios uniform. Dylan couldn't lie, he was staring but he couldn't believe she was back on the squad after what had happened with the baby. And then his stare was broken by Quinn being pushed into the lockers by Santana. A crowd soon began to form but you could hear the words exchanged from a mile away.

"You did this to me. You told Coach Sylvester about my summer surgery!" Santana almost yelled. Summer surgery? What the hell?

"You have a surgery when you get your appendix out. You. Got. A Boob. Job." Quinn replied with equal ferocity.

"Yep! Sure did!" Santana replied. And then the sound of Santana's hand colliding with Quinn's cheek was heard.

"You can't hit me!" Quinn yelled.

"Well sure I can. Unless you got yourself knocked up again, slut!" Santana replied. Okay, that was a bit far. And then the physical fighting began. Dylan don't know what came over him after that but he just heard the words "stop the violence" being said and he was suddenly cutting through the crowd like a blade and stepping in between the girls.

"Hey! What the hell? What's this about you guys being a family?" Dylan asked in a quite angry tone. While Dylan was keeping Quinn back, Santana managed to get something in: "Oh please, she has a family. She's a mother."

Dylan could tell that really pissed Quinn off because she was really trying hard to get out of his hold on her.

"Walk away! And tie up your pony before you get to class!" Quinn literally screamed as she struggled but Dylan didn't let go. They just watched as Santana walked away with Brittany behind her before Dylan walked Quinn in the other direction.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Quinn asked irately, once they were around the corner.

"Do you really think its wise having a bitch fight when you've just became head cheerleader again? What if Coach Sylvester saw it? She probably won't care that you were provoked, she'd still kick you off anyway." Dylan said and Quinn visibly calmed down.

"You're right." Quinn said and Dylan smiled.

"Breaking the stereotype." He said and they both laughed before Quinn smiled to the boy.

"You have Spanish now, right?" Quinn then asked and Dylan nodded.

"Sit with me?" she then asked and Dylan's smile grew.

"I'd be honoured, Lady Fabray." Dylan said and Quinn laughed before they headed into Spanish.


It was about half an hour into the lesson when Quinn whispered to Dylan.

"Did you hear what Rachel did?" Quinn asked and Dylan shook his head, confused and intrigued.

"She sent that Sunshine girl to a crackhouse so we wouldn't hear her voice." Quinn then said and Dylan's eyes widened.

"Oh my god. Is she okay?" Dylan asked and Quinn nodded and Dylan sighed in relief.

"No talking guys!" Mr. Schuester called to the two blondes who nodded but as he went back to his copy of 'Jazz Hands', they continued the conversation.

"I can't believe she would do something like that." The boy said and Quinn smiled.

"Everyone knows that Rachel is a giant ball of ego but I didn't think even she would go that far. I thought it would be Jack who would do something like that. In fact, when he found out and he was talking to Rachel, he said and I quote: 'That was vindictive, cruel, and completely uncalled for. I loved it. Marry me'." Quinn said and Dylan laughed under his breath before continuing on with his work.


"Hi. I'm Sunshine Corazon and I'll be singing 'Listen' from the movie Dreamgirls."

The fact that she even showed up was a complete surprise for Dylan. And the fact that she was such a tiny little thing and she was singing such a powerful song added to the levels surprise but damn! She was amazing! And Dylan showed his approval by applauding when she had finished and continued into part 2 of applause when Mr. Schuester welcomed her to the glee club. But then the news spread that she was transferring to Carmel because of what Rachel and Dylan had to be honest: he was quite frightened of Rachel.

Now in the rehearsal room, talking with Quinn and Kurt he saw the door open and Rachel walk in. Dylan watched as she stood in the middle of the rehearsal room and began to apologise. Dylan listened to Rachel unlike most of the others and when she finished and there was a silence for about 10 seconds, Dylan stood up catching everybody's attention.

"I think you're doing the right thing apologising Rachel. I just think you're apologising to the wrong person." Dylan said and Rachel's face fell. Dylan then went over to Rachel and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"And even though I've heard you're an egomaniac, a perfectionist and an attention seeker. I've also heard you don't apologise very much unless you mean it. So I forgive you. I just think that you really need to apologise to Sunshine when you get the chance." Dylan said and Rachel showed a small smile before wrapping her arms around Dylan's back. The blonde boy was a little taken aback by the sudden show of affection but returned the hug nonetheless. After everyone decided to agree with Dylan and forgive Rachel, they got to work with Dylan thinking that joining this club is like going on a rollercoaster. It'll have its ups and downs but it's always a great ride in the end.


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